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Luckiest Mika Fans Alive!


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I have to think that me, My wife and my young son are the luckiest Mika Fans Alive after the carry on we had to see this amazing artist live in Newcastle.


After trying for what feels like forever to get tickets (and failing):thumbdown: , I was sent to collect a customer from the university as a taxi driver.


The customers in question were Cherisse(Drums), Luke(Keyboards), and Mike(Bass Guitar).


As I had the album playing in the car, I got talking to the three of them and explained how I had not been able to get tickets, I was offered the chance to be on the guest list with my wife and son. Obviously only a total fool would decline such an amazing offer so I duelly accepted :thumb_yello: :thumb_yello: :thumb_yello:


After watching one of the best gigs I have ever seen (and I have seen some very big names), I asked one of the university security to pass a message to the band to say thank you for an amazing offer and night again.


He said he would see if one of the band would come to the back door to see me. If you were amongst the people at the back door when Luke came out, you would have seen me, my wife and son escorted back into Studio 2 where Mika was milling around.


He is such a nice person.


He did not rush us at all and was willing to spend as much time as we wanted.


I also wanted to say thank you to the rest of the band aswell and Luke obliged by taking us through to their room where my son got the rest of the autographs to complete the set.


I think the lollipop girl is such an excellent and unique idea to have at the concerts.


I have included some pictures but cannot promise they work as I have never posted pics on a forum before :)


We also met some of Mika's family and they are as nice as him. I cannot wait for him to come back andthink he will be playing at least the City Hall if not the Arena next time :)






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Motley, your pics are brilliant!!!!


Wow, you must be the luckiest family in the Uk, and Mika's guys such gentlemen!


They could have just got out and left it at that or not acknowledged you at the end, but to let you see the gig, to take you all backstage afterwards and make you feel so welcome, that is amazing!!


It should make me green with envy, wishing it had happened to me, but it actually makes me feel very happy that you were treated like this, it also makes me happy because it is typically Mika (as I understand him)


(but if I'm relly honest, I do envy you!!!)

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Wow! Wow! Wow!:shocked: This story was almost unbelievable, especially the part that you really wanted the tickets, but couldn't get them and then half of the band sat in your taxi!:shocked: So lovely! Mika was lovely! And the pic of you all is lovely too! :)

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aw, that's awesome!


i suppose good things (like getting to this gig!) happen to good people (like you and your family!), and by good people (mika and his band :P)....:blush-anim-cl:


what a great coincidence. i'm happy for all 3 of you!!:thumb_yello:

you must have had a super awesome time with superstar treatment like that. and from mika, of all people! :thumb_yello:


this story is DEFFO going down in our history. :)

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