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MIKA @ Manchester Apollo


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There's Helen too - she said in the Oldlings thread - but hasn't posted here.


One a day, we'll get there.


I've got someone happy to come with me -

Even on a Monday night

Even after work

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you're lucky Ruth!

My Mika-hating friend doesn't even know she is coming along with me yet:naughty:


I will just have to convince her... otherwise I might have to take my husband...yikes:shocked:



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My Mika-hating friend has agreed to come with me - she says she'll be on a mission to convert us all "back to sanity":sneaky2:


Ha ha, too late for that I think:roftl: ! I'd like to see her try.


She says "You'll have gone off him by November anyway". Poor deluded woman!



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I'm going!!!!


Wooooooo so excited!


Anyone dressing up?


I'm going as Lollipop girl I hope, can't get a pink dress so so it'll be red and white...still gonna look great tho I hope!




Good news Mikafish!


More! We need more!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, I'd still like to go, if I can find 2 x standing tickets preferably. Prefer standing rather than sitting ...


We were away on holiday when the tickets went on sale. So, altho a very good friend (Andi) from on here ordered me tickets for Doncaster Dome, I'd still like to do Manc, as well, if poss.


If anyone has any for 19th November for which good homes are needed, I would appreciate first refusal please (I've posted on here before about this :thumb_yello: but just want to bump it up).


I won't be getting any off Ebay - well, not at ridiculous prices anyway (Ebay sharks, grrr!).


Thanks if anyone can help.



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