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  1. no, just heard about her yesterday x)
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    sent!!! good luck with your project ^^
  3. I was checking the comments and found this simonaa1308@mikainstagram "a happy moon o mia Napule"? Ho capito bene? eglantine_schonbuch@simonaa1308 "per" secondo me
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  6. World Reps thread

    I've asked if brazilians will do something on MIKA BRASIL (Facebook) group, since people are more active there than here
  7. What about us?

    About he often traveling all around the world, weeeeeeeell...I'll only believe when I see it: Mexico: only two times, one in 2009 (just for an awards ceremony, no gigs) and one in 2016, by Universal Studios (just one gig) Portugal: last gig was in May 2016, but the one before that was in 2012 South America: so far only one time in 2010, Argentina, Chile and Brazil (I haven't attended any of them btw) Nia, I understand you, here in Brazil we have a platform called Queremos! (We Want It! in Portuguese), where people ask for an artist and they might come for a show or more (we even asked Mika here, but no news from them so far). Do you know if there's anything like this in Georgia??? If not, create something alike, make some noise so events producers invite Mika to your country
  8. Is there something strange with me if I say I quite liked it??? x)
  9. Not everything needs a thread

    There's a meme of a seal playing sax and from that, another meme was created, called ''Midinight Seal'', where everyday, at midnight, a video of the seal ''performing'' a song is posted on YT and Facebook and today's song (Sepetmeber 17th) was Grace Kelly
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    just looked up, can't find any single minute of him =/
  13. Mika In Mexico Press -2016

    DF Magazine Interview (TRANSLATION) Mika: multicolor music The Lebanese singer hopes to return soon to Mexico The first time Mika came in a music video surprised because of all this outbreak of happiness, energy and colors (many colors) that squanders in ''Relax, Take It Easy''. With the first single began to gain popularity around the world and, indeed, it is a song with the virtue of leaving you more relaxed and eager to dance; the single quickly positioned in our country in most nightclubs. That launch was in 2006. It took 10 years for the high vocal power brithish, which still surprises not only for his music but for his pleasant and unassuming spirit, comes to our contry excited to step on Aztec soil and willing to knock on the doors to soon conduct a concert at a major forum in the city. His first line before starting was: ''Give me a second, I have to call my mom.'' That detail caused us sympathy and made us think it was the same Mika who won a ''Breakthrough Artist'' award at the Brit Awards 2008; who also was nominated for a Grammy Award for his song "Love Today" and in 2009 released a second EP: Songs for sorrow, a limited edition which is currently sold out, among other awards he has in his list. Back to conduct the talk, it was inevitable to see their big eyes full of joy and colorful outfit with a Valentino blazer, which was an essential part of this photo shoot. How do you feel about being here? Many fans do everything to see you... It's very exciting, I want to thank the fans, and the best way to do this is with a small show. It gives me dread because I don't know how it will be, because it's been 10 years of not coming to Mexico. But offer a show here it is the best way to knock on the door again and get closer to the public. I want to do an acoustic concert to play whatever they want, it will be fun. What is the essence of ''Hurts'', your new single? It begins as a love song, but relates to all those words that hurt you because many people say they forget, but it is not true, there are things that never go away, it's difficult to forget what you feel, that's why I value the words, they are very important. This time I'm in front of a blackboard, with insults written on the wall, and in the video is shown up the story of three boys who suffer bullying, but they don't bow to this and it all ends with a big party. It is always good to see a happy ending, this is my way of talking about this. The first two albums launched had a teenage tone, and this one is a little more mature, how would you describe the album? The fourth album is the result of a much more positive, more open concept. Of course there was a change, and that after 30 years you think things differently. I promised myself not to isolate and to throw myself to things more openly, with no worries. I formed a small design studio with my sister and I started drawing again, as before in the kitchen of the house of my mother, I wanted new challenges; then this album came, which I feel with a sincere, free, direct essence. I think it's a more mature pop, I have great inspiration from the music of the 60s, which is also in my first album. One of your songs is calling to atenttion because it repeats several times ''where are all the gay guys gone?'', What did you think of writting it? Obviously it refers to the subject. It seemed fun to talk about this openly. While recording the album, at some point I looked around and said, "My God, you have basically done most of pop music in the world"; two of them had just been in the gym, and I watched them for a minute and commented: "That's fine, but where are all the gay guys gone?" And they looked at me with a blank face. When I sat down to write, I thought about that conversation and I realized it was not weird or silly as it seemed. It was almost like a message to myself. Where are the people who inspired me when I was 15, all these heroes I had kept so high? Where are they now? How do I capture that? How I can be in the canon of those men who really lived their lives without feeling the consequences? It was an exciting time for me to think, ''Well, I will. I'll go there. I'll try to be like the person who always wanted to be, to have the courage to be when I was younger''. It's the process of confrontating with yourself. Do you think the music industry has accepted this now? About 50 years ago the company was a little intolerant, there was no freedom of expression; it even had to be more nuanced in certain cultures and more discreet. Music was always a scope for political and socio-political acceptance in regards to sexuality. There are sectors, such as literature, where one can discover oneself. But in the sense of acceptance I want to be positive and believe that music is a tolerant mean to combat this. Now, from the perspective of the media, it is different. I think it's very good and is getting better, but we still have to move forward, and I am very aware of it. In the media, the ideal is a lack of reaction and not even a mention. Therefore, no matter sexuality or gender of who sings a love song, because it doesn't affect the format of the song. I think the way to get there is good music. It also highlights your taste for fashion, is noted that you're an accessories man and it's clear fo us that you love Valentino... Yes, now I like to wear colored wristbands and I love this kind of accessories from thw Muslim culture; now I bring a hand of Fatima, with colored pompoms. With Valentino I worked on my costumes for shows; I love their style and they know my style. It fascinates me that it has so much color and is a combination of something custom made. I left the t-shirts behind and use more blazers, like now. We also know about your collaboration with Swatch, and there was speculation that you would keep having some involvement... Of course, in the first collection launched with my image, I did not design watches, I worked beside Swatch; but now we had kept a secret: we will make a line that has a different inspiration; it has a kind of pyramid, I know everyone in Mexico will like it. This watch was recently launched by Swatch under the name of ''Mumu by Mika'', and has a luxurious gold engraved in its box and a striking silicone bracelet with artistics engraved on both sides that are based on a totemic mask art design; It will be a special edition. What will be for a likely show in Mexico? I like the big stage idea, I made an incredible one recently in Paris, full of lights, pyrotechnics and colors; I love that it has great energy and production, I always have an analysis of the place to make a wonderful format, so I hope to bring that to Mexico soon. In his last visit, Mika gave an acoustic concert in Mexico City, where he showed why he is one of the most acclaimed artists of Europe. In he pleased the audience with their favorite songs; It was initially scheduled to last about 50 minutes but it lasted over an hour and a half. Aren't you excited about a possible visit?