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  1. what the HECk is up!!

    Hooooowdy hooo, Bella
  2. World Reps thread

    I'm still around too :)
  3. no, just heard about her yesterday x)
  4. Mika - Questionnaire

    sent!!! good luck with your project ^^
  5. I was checking the comments and found this simonaa1308@mikainstagram "a happy moon o mia Napule"? Ho capito bene? eglantine_schonbuch@simonaa1308 "per" secondo me
  6. World Reps thread

    Congrats and welcome, Anne :D
  7. World Reps thread

    Welcome aboard @dreams :bye:
  8. World Reps thread

    I've asked if brazilians will do something on MIKA BRASIL (Facebook) group, since people are more active there than here
  9. What about us?

    About he often traveling all around the world, weeeeeeeell...I'll only believe when I see it: Mexico: only two times, one in 2009 (just for an awards ceremony, no gigs) and one in 2016, by Universal Studios (just one gig) Portugal: last gig was in May 2016, but the one before that was in 2012 South America: so far only one time in 2010, Argentina, Chile and Brazil (I haven't attended any of them btw) Nia, I understand you, here in Brazil we have a platform called Queremos! (We Want It! in Portuguese), where people ask for an artist and they might come for a show or more (we even asked Mika here, but no news from them so far). Do you know if there's anything like this in Georgia??? If not, create something alike, make some noise so events producers invite Mika to your country
  10. Is there something strange with me if I say I quite liked it??? x)
  11. Not everything needs a thread

    There's a meme of a seal playing sax and from that, another meme was created, called ''Midinight Seal'', where everyday, at midnight, a video of the seal ''performing'' a song is posted on YT and Facebook and today's song (Sepetmeber 17th) was Grace Kelly
  12. World Reps thread

    Welcome dotoli and TillyMilo