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  1. @sara09 I think he also changed the name from Gay Guys to Good Guys because of it...
  2. I agree, it's bold. I actually wanted to share the video here for those who haven't seen it yet. The song is about two men having BBB. But what I really like about his music is the fact, that the lyrics are quite clever, it's not so obvious. However, the topic and the music video still could be problematic for some people...
  3. There was an interview with Greg Wells where he said this... I know there are some gay artists in the music industry but I think the majority of them aren't what Troye calls "in your face gay". However, his music and image is quite explicit.
  4. No idea how many of you know or like this Australian singer, I'm quite a fan of him since his last album Bloom but that's not the reason why I decided to create this topic. He recently gave an interview which made me think of Mika: Singer Troye Sivan has highlighted the lack of openly LGBT+ music artists in a recent interview. The My My My! singer acknowledged the increase of openly LGBT+ musicians, but said that there is still no queer equivalent of Beyoncé, Rihanna, or Taylor Swift. “I think we’re in a really interesting time in music right now where we are seeing more and more queer artists pop up, but we don’t have a queer Taylor Swift, we don’t have a queer Rihanna, or a queer Beyoncé,” he said, speaking on an episode of Will Young and Chris Sweeney’s Homo Sapiens podcast, released on January 24. Sivan also speculated as to whether he would do better commercially if he wasn’t gay. “I have a great management team and great label, and I haven’t had this conversation with anyone else in fear because I hate it, hate it, hate it when pop stars sound bitter, or blame any sort of lack of success on anything other than for themselves,” he said. However, the 23-year-old star said: “Part of me wonders sometimes if I would be more commercially successful if I wasn’t gay or not as ‘in your face gay.’ Still, Sivan, who released his second album Bloom in August 2018, did admit that his current success could “100 percent” just be down to his music. “Maybe the music just isn’t good enough, maybe the world is obsessed with hip hop right now and I’m making the furthest thing from hip hop,” he said. “It could be a myriad other things, but a part of me wonders sometimes, is the world actually ready right now for what I’m trying to be?” (source: I saw people criticizing him a lot for these words, saying he is famous just because he is gay and that his music isn't good enough etc., but I kind of think he isn't wrong. I know it's been years since Grace Kelly was banned in America for being too gay, but I still think there are a lot of homophobic people in the society. I was just wondering what do you think about it? It also made me think of the song Good Guys...
  5. If anybody is interested, this is the Czech song: I have to say it was probably the best choice from the national round...
  6. Oh thanks, I didn't notice the giraffe even though I saw the instastories twice... 🦒
  7. Ich auch! Da fällt mir ein, welchen Cover findet ihr eigentlich am besten? Ich glaube, bei mir ist es immer noch LICM und dann mag ich auch die von Sinfonia Pop und Songbook. Aber eigentlich gefallen mir alle bis auf TOOL...
  8. I googled her just yesterday, she already worked with Mika...
  9. Hi girls! 😘

    I few days ago I've ordered Songbook from Amazon (I know I'm late as Mika...). I always thought I don't need it as there aren't any new songs (with a few exceptions, but I already own the majority of them). However, now I have it in my collection too and I have to reorganize my whole CD shelf because of the new CDs I've ordered... :naughty: This is also happening with my bookshelfs all the time.


    P.S. Feeling a bit better this week. :group_hug:



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      image.png.8758d029dde3927cce9f5e8fe354a9ad.png   :das:

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      True, true, true @Loo

    3. Paoletta


      @ loo and mikasister :lol3: true but for Mika's album every things is possible . do you feel better? very good

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  10. I'm following LP on Twitter and I saw this tweet from yesterday:
  11. Hi girls, how are you? 😘 Unfortunately I have to say I don't feel so well this month. There's actually no reason but since January I started to feel a little bit depressed, lonely and hopeless... It's sad but I don't want to speak about it with my family because they would worry too much. That's why I want to share it with you and ask you, if you ever feel the same and what do you do against it? I'd like to find some new friends or hobbies because my best friend is so busy with her job, school, hobbies, boyfriend etc. However, it's quite difficult, I don't know where to start. I'm trying to focus on studying now but it's also hard to do so. Sorry if my post doesn't make sense, I just had to share my thoughts with someone. Thank you for reading it.

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    2. giraffeandy


      @Paoletta Hi, thanks for asking, it's like weather, but I'll try to go out more next week to be more active and I also decided to contact the counseling center of our university, maybe it'll help to talk with a therapist about the feelings because now I'm not even able to learn because of lack of concentration... And my mom began to worry anyway because I'm not hungry at all, I eat a little bit but it's really hard for me. However, I'm trying my best to change it, it helps me to do some exercises and also writing down the problems right now feels better. Thank you again for your support, MFC is the best! 

    3. Dominika
    4. sara09


      If you feel like sharing, keep us updated on how you’re doing! We’re here if you need to talk :)

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  12. It works on a computer this way but not with the mobile app, there you have to play songs on shuffle if you don't have premium... But the computer app works well even without premium.
  13. I just opened Spotify and saw this... I've listened to a lot of music this month, not just Mika, but it seems Spotify knows me better. :lmfao: (Golden is my playlist full of Mika songs that are on Spotify but aren't on any album I own.)



  14. Tbh for me it's impossible to choose, it depends on the mood... Also it's hard for me to choose just one because I often have one favourite upbeat song and one ballade on each album. And it changes everytime.
  15. Ehrlich gesagt weiß ich es nicht, über den deutschen Amazon geht es bestimmt, aber bei den französischen kenne ich mich überhaupt nicht aus.
  16. Hoffentlich für uns alle. Ich werde zwar im Sommer sowohl in Frankreich als auch in Italien unterwegs sein, aber das ist zu früh für die Tour und ich bin mir gar nicht sicher, ob zu dieser Zeit schon das neue Album raus ist. Ich könnte mir dann zumindest die jeweiligen Editionen vor Ort kaufen. Eigentlich wäre ich auch bei keinem anderen Sänger bereit, wegen einem Konzert auszureisen, aber Mika ist halt eine Ausnahme. Ich kaufe mir auch bei anderen Künstlern normalerweise keine CDs mehrmals.
  17. Ich würde sicher auch nach Ausland fahren, es muss nur in einem vernünftigen Umkreis sein, da ich wahrscheinlich alleine fahren würde und ohne Auto.
  18. Ja, falls ein Konzert in der Nähe stattfinden wird (oder gerne auch mehrere), dann sicher, leider wäre für mich Frankreich und Italien schon ein bisschen zu weit, also kann ich nur hoffen, dass auch andere Länder auf der Liste sind...
  19. Ja, ich weiß, und ich kritisiere es auch nicht, es ist nur für mich persönlich nicht so interessant da ich die Show selber nicht verfolge und auch kein Französisch spreche, deshalb kann ich mich nicht darüber freuen, dass war aber nicht schlecht gemeint, Mika kann natürlich tun, was er will... Und für andere Fans ist es sicher interessant.
  20. Ich mache mir schon darüber Gedanken und obwohl ich Spotify benutze, kaufe ich mir immer noch CDs von meinen Lieblingskünstlern. Erstens weil ich sie einfach gerne sammle und abspiele, zweitens weil ich sonst nur durch das Streamen selbst nicht das Gefühl habe, die Künstler wirklich zu unterstützen. Ich weiß, dass da auch viel Geld die Plattenfirma bekommt, aber immerhin bekommen sie ein bisschen mehr als durch Streamen allein. Allerdings ist Streaming heutzutage sehr wichtig für die Charts und ich muss auch zugeben, dass ich, seitdem ich Spotify habe, viel mehr neue Musik höre und entdecke. Was Mika betrifft, verstehe ich, warum er all diese Werbungen, Privatkonzerte usw. macht, dennoch kann ich mich nicht über eine neue Staffel von The Voice freuen, weil es bedeutet, dass er für eine längere Zeit nur in Frankreich beschäftigt sein wird, aber aus der finanziellen Sicht (+ auch Promo) kann ich es natürlich nachvollziehen...
  21. I turned up the radio but as usual didn't really enjoy the music there so I was listening to Sinfonia Pop the whole evening... :wub2: When both CDs were over, I was going to turn off the CD player but before that I decided to switch to the radio first. And guess what song I've heard: 




    1. Paoletta


      This is the way you left me,
      I'm not pretending,
      No hope, no love, no glory,
      No happy ending :serenade: i love this song...

    2. giraffeandy
  22. Mika is like a drug, once you've tried you need more and more... It all starts with one song and then you end up here.
  23. Hallo Graciosa, ich glaube wir sind uns hier in dem Forum noch nicht begegnet, schön dich kennenzulernen. Übrigens München mag ich sehr, als Kind lebte ich eine Zeit lang in Bayern und war auch später mehrmals dort.
  24. Hallo, falls es euch nichts ausmacht, würde ich mich auch gerne an der Diskussion beteiligen, es fällt mir immerhin einfacher auf Deutsch als auf Englisch zu schreiben und auf einen aktiven Thread in meiner Muttersprache kann ich kaum hoffen...