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a little youtube news.

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I noticed this last week. It's pretty amazing.


I put up videos of Tonight Show appearances from Mika, Paolo Nutini and Lily Allen and Mika's video has ten times as many views as the other two even though they've all had similar (limited) success in the US.

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:thumb_yello: :thumb_yello: :thumb_yello:


Go Mika! That is really cool.


I am happy to watch it a few more times for you Mika. :naughty: That is when I fell in love with our Mika.


I love when he does the little smile at the little girl at about 44 seconds.

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Grace Kelly is the 23rd most watched video on youtube with 12,489,644 views. and it was added 6 months ago! just thought yall would want to know.


Thank you for posting! :biggrin2::thumb_yello:


That is fantastic! Wow, it's in the top 25 after six months? Incredible.


Kudos to Mika! :cheers:

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