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Hello everyone !


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My name is Prescillia, I'm 25 and I live in Lorraine, France.


I'm a fan since 2007, but only since 2010 I'm on the forums. I listened Mika for the first time in 2007, it was immediateley very powerful for me and I became fan quickly, I was 13.

I had very big problems, and he helped me a lot, I even started to play music because I loved so much to seeing him playing...


My first gig was in 2010, in Strasbourg, my first M&G in 2010 too, in Colmar. My fan's life had a very good start. :)


I can't go to a lot of shows and I will never -since I have a strong agoraphobia and autistic spectrum disorder -but when I am, it's a great joy and often, the better times in my life, and I participate a lot so you can counting on me for everything !




Nice to meet you, I'm happy to see you in my part of the world. I feel like my "handicap" will never be a problem and it's why I'm here.

See you soon !




P.S. Sorry for my faults.

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Salut Prescillia, it's really nice to meet you :D You've had a great start, indeed!  :wub:

I'm really glad you shared your story with us! I think music has this strong power to help you and give you courage, even when an obstacle seems to be insuperable. It can make you feel understood and sometimes a song can be a turning point, because it speaks for you, it can explain the things you can't, and by having that you feel you're not alone :)


I'm curious, which instrument do you play?  :original:

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Hi prescillia !

I'm Déborah from région centre and i'm really glad to meet you ;-)

I can understand your story 'cause my mum is agoraphob too but she came with me at every Mika's gig so I know how it is to be in this situation ;-)

I'm really happy that you came here and I hope I'll talk to you soon ;-)

Déborah <3

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Hi there! 


Welcome to the MFC  :thumb_yello:


I was in Colmar too in 2010. I'm from Belgium and I speak French too. If you want to speak French on the MFC you can go to the French Speaking thread. 


Will you see Mika in Strasbourg? 


I started to play the piano thanks to Mika. Which instrument do you play? 

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Hi and welcome to the MFC :bye:


Agoraphobia must make things hard for you, but I am glad you have been to some gigs.


And there are lots of videos to watch here :naughty:

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Hey !


I'm sorry for not coming, I felt sick all the month in May (it was neurological), and I had little relapses.So, I couldn't even stand up when I had my big crisis... I was vertigos, my eyes were stranges... and I had a lot of medical examens. I was very stressed until now. The doctors don't know what I had, apparently, my optical nerves were a little bad, and one vestibular area too (um, it's good in english ??) , but we don't know why. But now I'm fine. My MRI are completely goods ! :)


So sorry.

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