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MFC Mod Team Changes

The Mod Team

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As we announced some weeks ago, The Mod Team has been thinking that we could use a few more helping hands. So we asked those of you with an interest in volunteering as junior moderators to submit your names. Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest!

After long and careful consideration, we have finally decided on some new additions to the Mod/Admin Team. Please join us in welcoming silver as a junior moderator for the Mika Fan Club! :clap:

Silver has been a member of MFC since late 2007, and has been helping us for several years as the leader of the World Rep Team. She lives in the UK and so is in the GMT time zone (that is, one hour later than those of you in Europe). We're sure many of you already know her, and will feel free to go to her with any forum issues you might have. :thumb_yello:
We are also adding a few new "aides" who will be able to help us keep an eye on specific threads and will perform many of the same duties as a moderator. We'd like to welcome the following:
camille* - who lives in France, and speaks French and English

Léna Machu - who lives in Belgium, and speaks French and English

Sabine64 - from Germany, who speaks both German (obviously!) and English

For those of you who submitted your names but were not selected at this time, please don't be disheartened -- we will be keeping an eye on how busy the MFC is in the coming months, and may add another junior mod or aide as time goes on. We'll keep all of the entries that have been submitted on file, just in case! :original:

With the addition of these fans, the current MFC Mod/Admin Team is:

dcdeb (Admin)

guylainem123 (moderator)
mellody (moderator)
mari62 (moderator)

silver (jr. moderator)

Eriko (moderator aide)
Lena Machu


Please contact any of us if you have any problems or questions regarding Mika Fan Club. You can send us a DM, or post a question in the "Ask the Mod Squad" thread HERE.

Many thanks to all of you for helping to make and KEEP the Mika Fan Club the best and friendliest place to hang out on the Internet! :group_hug:

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Yeeaaaaaaah !!! Congratulations silver ! I think that we have such a beautiful mods team and I'm really happy to have you as mods (all of you even junior mods XD) wish you to have a great time and keep this amazing website on forever <3

Love you all !!! ????

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