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Mika Fan Club Get Together - Anyone interested??


Where to hold the UK get together  

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  1. 1. Where to hold the UK get together

    • Brighton
    • Edinburgh
    • Leeds
    • Newcastle
    • Nottingham

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Hi all, have been chatting in the TTT, and have just decided we should have an official Mika Fan Club get together.


Would have to be a place that is easy enough for people to get to, London perhaps???


How good would it be to get as many of us together to swap Mika stories, photos, listen to his music, and MIKA, if you are reading this, you could even come along too!!!



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Top Posters In This Topic

GREAT idea!!!!! Im there for definate! :thumb_yello:


Can we do somewhere higher than London?


What about Blackpool, or somewhere else, help me out!!




We need a place that you can fly to cheap or get a train to!


Glasgow, Edinburgh???


Have even spent a weekend at the Marriot in Sunderland a few years back.


First thing, where is best location?? Suggestions!

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Ooohw, I really really like that idea!!! :thumb_yello:


I only have no clue to get there.....:blink:


I mean, Amsterdam is already too far for me, so London or anywhere else in the UK???

But if you got a date, I'll try...

Maybe I should give a very very nice look to my almost-hubbie......:wink2:

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Perhaps Brighton? Nice seaside, the lanes for cheapo shopping, the pier for amusement and drinks over the ocean etc. :)


We tend to have the meet ups at the gigs but I think this is a good idea. London I can do, though I think brighton may be easier and more fun than the stinking city of london ;) lol

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How do we decide.


I will be happy as long as I can either fly or get the train (if it's newcastle, great, can even just drive there).


Maybe the first question is how many people and from where are they travelling, that way we can find out about flights etc and decide then where the best place is to go??? What do you think?


The summer is too soon me-thinks. How about November, after the wedding season, before the Xmas night outs start???? Gives plenty of time to organise, save, plan for babysitter etc.


(Sunny, funny that you would choose Brighton!!! :naughty: ) Never been, sure I would love it!


Freddie, re Newcastle, agree, totally rocks, always had good times there!:thumb_yello:

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