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Mika Fan Club Get Together - Anyone interested??


Where to hold the UK get together  

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  1. 1. Where to hold the UK get together

    • Brighton
    • Edinburgh
    • Leeds
    • Newcastle
    • Nottingham

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I would go to London, and hopefully my friend Charlie could come too, but doubt my parents would let me, as I don't know anyone personally and because I've met you all through the net :S Parents are very protective!!

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I think it's best to go somewhere where people know good places to go. What I mean is, it would be awful to go and trail round bars that are dire. The thing is, we can't please everyone and it may mean that some people can't come this time, but why not make it a regular thing where we go to different places each time? If it's just UK folk mostly, then we don't need that much notice each time. Even if just a few folk meet each time, eventually we will get round everyone!

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Come to Hull!!!! Its awesome!!!

(haha, no seriously...dont.... im joking...you might get mugged....)


But I suppose Nottingham would be a good choice cause thats middle of the country....


errr....is it??? (Tell me if im right because i thought Shropshire was in Ireland and Bristol was in France....)


You're Jade Goody and I claim my £5 :naughty:

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Just thought, bars maybe not a good idea with younglings in tow! Maybe go for leezy's idea of function room of some sort??


That's a much better idea.

I don't want to go somewhere where I have to shout all evening. (us oldlings can be a bit deaf!) and we want to dance to Mika don't we???

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Please come Mika Mad, I don't know a huge number of people on this forum but you are one I do know and would like to meet!


Hope we can fill a function room - much better idea. I was on a hen night a couple of weekends ago in Edinburgh and it was a nightmare trying to talk to people! Too old and deaf....

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Oh this is such a great idea!

I was planning to go to London this summer and stay there about 2 weeks but then I had some problems and I had to give up.

But it would be great having a meeting with the members of MFC... well, I dunno if I will be able to come but I will be positive about that!!!

of course I won't ask you to do this in Italy..:naughty: :naughty: :naughty:

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Based on what I am reading, and the ideas, why not just do Butlins? A holiday camp in Bognor Regis. Famous place, you stay in mini apartments (so no tents) there is plenty to do, sea side etc too :)


Or, the new forest. Rent out static caravans or go to Sandy Balls (yes, it is a real place) that has plenty to do.


Or, Cornwall? Lots of amazing beaches, many places to camp, some with static vans and on site clubs, bars etc.


Just a few more ideas for the pot :)

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