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Mika Vision (Fan Art)


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Yes! I finally finished! =D

I call it.....Mika Vision! :mf_lustslow: lol.




This has been colored with colored pencils only.

I was dedicated to finish this peice of work so I stayed up until 2:00 AM coloring. I think it turned out pretty good.


The backround is supposed to be all rainy and gloomy, but when you look into these special Mika Vision Sunglasses (MVS) all your troubles disappear! :biggrin2:


Ugh...my computer seemed to have killed the quaility of the picture. It's not supposed to be all blurry. :(

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very very good!!! LOVE it! :thumb_yello:


hey you!!

what time are you leaving?

we are waiting for you!!!

thrilled? excited?

OMG words cannot explain the feeling, sorry, I am popping in every thread with my anxiety for tonight :mf_lustslow: :mf_lustslow:

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Aww, geez. :blush-anim-cl:

Thanks guys. I glad you all like it.

I read everyone's comments and alot have to do with wanting to actually have the Mika Vision Sunglasses (MVS) or Mika giving them away at his concerts.

That would be so awsome!

Hmm...I didn't send the idea or drawing to Mika yet.

But I will today...right now...I already started. lol. :naughty:

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