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Have You Met MIKA In Person?


Have You Met MIKA?  

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  1. 1. Have You Met MIKA?

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No, I haven't. Unless you count that one time where he was on the stage and I was in the public! lol

Anyway, last night I dreamt I had a meet&greet with him after a concert held inside a church. If that was a premonition, I guess my chances for meeting him are quite dim... :P

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yesyetrday itried to meet him, but the rude staff of HMV Oxford Street London did not allowed me to meet him because i had Mika's album with me that i havn't bought there... It's crazy, man!!


Mika, i wanna meet you! Please help me!!

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no, unfortunately not. :crybaby:

but my friends' fortune telling ball (it's a ball with a smiley face you have to shake and turn around, then it gives you yes/no answers to questions :wink2: ) told me i will this year, so there's still hope lol :biggrin2:

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Have met him twice!! and been in very close proximity at an after party!! Yay me! Still not enough though... want more!!! :naughty:


oh you're soo lucky!!! even twice!!! i've never met him... :tears::sad::no: you're sooo lucky!!

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