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Do you have braces (suspenders)?


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No braces for me... The reason? I quote myself from another thread:


Girls, remember this: with curves in all the right places it is such a tough job wearing braces... :stretcher:


It is a tough job even if you have curves in all the wrong places. :boxed::biggrin2:

Well, I used to have a pair when I was about 13. I think they were white with blue polka dots. And they were quite fashionable at that moment.

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i found a pair last week when i was looking through my old stuff in the basement, they're dark red. i was wearing them when i was a child so i don't think they'd fit me anymore... normally i would've given them away now, as i'm currently sorting out all my old stuff - but for a certain reason (i.e. a certain person they remind me of :wink2: ) i decided to keep them now. :biggrin2:

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