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mika Talks about us!


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does he meen us MFC ppl???:wub2:

and how do u listen too it???:biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2:


YOU DOWNLOAD IT!!! I dont know what programs it does/doesnt work in though!


i think he is talking about his Online fans in general but im sure many of the fans he is talking about will be on here! No boubt!

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ya, i'm dowonloading it aswell, i didn't know that he loved this, i thought he would feel kind of...."controled" or that would come here to love of all our crazy things......can't wait to hear it!!!

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*downloading* ....waiting impatiently.....*still downloading*....


Oh, BTW thanks a lot for posting the link, can't wait to listen...


Oh, it's from January.... so I'm not quite sure if he still has time to read our stuff...

Don't know if that is good or bad ...LOL

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