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  1. Thank you! Then it's not a big loss if we can't watch the replay, I guess
  2. It's available in Italy only , did he actually was a guest in the show, or they only used that recording from Casa Mika?
  3. I suppose this is not an event MFC - related, you can find here all the informations about MFC anniversary parties: If you have any more questions to ask about Mika or MFC, you can do it here :
  4. Hi, Molly! Welcome to MFC Have fun and go for both, French and Italian, you never know which one you'll need more in Mika's world
  5. Hi,Lilla! Welcome to MFC and have fun discovering new things about Mika's work ( and don't worry, your English is fine )
  6. Mika will receive a special prize at Festival MIX Milano this evening : You can watch it Live right now on FB :
  7. Hi, Michael! Welcome to MFC You can find here the lyrics and all the infos about each Mika song, and if you need help, ask here: If you wanna chat with other Indonesian fans, here's the thread: Have fun and enjoy Mika's music
  8. Interesting interview, thanks @Kumazzz for posting
  9. In the end, I think the final results were fair and the best moment of the finale was Mika & Vincent duet