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  1. Welcome all newbies to MFC!!!

    I see your English is good enough, you don't have to be worried, we will understand you The official language for this forum it's English, you can use French in the French Speaking Thread or Personal Messages
  2. Welcome all newbies to MFC!!!

    @Happymika_by_celine Welcome to MFC! You could start by opening a thread here introducing yourself, telling us a bit about you and your interest for Mika's music
  3. Where in the World Are You?

    Welcome to MFC, enjoy!
  4. Rich Isaacson Mika's American manager to Def Jam

    I also don't get what this means ...
  5. Tour rumours 2018

    He already said that the releasing of the new album won't happen in the first part of the year, so I suppose we can expect the gigs in the autumn, indeed, if not even later. At least now he has plenty of time to work in the studio until April
  6. Where in the World Are You?

    Welcome to MFC! It seems you are the only one from Algeria, enjoy the forum!
  7. I love how he matched his tie with the Florence flag.