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  1. krysady

    Hello From Turkey!

    Hi Irem! Welcome and enjoy the forum! I hope you'll manage to make your dream come true and see Mika in a concert soon, last time he was in Istanbul in 2013
  2. I'm pretty sure he knew about the prize since June and recorded the video those days.
  3. They are perfect for that suit, I like them a lot!
  4. I love that suit, I remember he was wearing it during Over My Shoulder performance I think you're right, blame it on the Italian food
  5. Initially I thought the same as you, but now I don't know anymore...
  6. It's not him the driver, you can see on the reflection of his glasses that he is holding his phone with one hand and the other one is on his legs. He is the passenger. The video is reversed, you can see the label on T-shirt is in the opposite side ( and the moles on his neck as well ) This is the right image:
  7. krysady

    Mika in Italian Press 2018

    I hope someone will have time and translate the entire article, it's hilarious
  8. krysady

    Mika in Italian Press 2018

    Here's the article, thanks to @AntonellOrsin7 for the pictures I love it!