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  1. Aaaw I wish I could hug every single person who feels that way 😟
  2. It is always good to have kindness around us 😊 I learnt that this place is full of love and have plenty of kindness to give to anyone who diserves it 😘
  3. It's not that special 😊 Welcome to the MFC πŸ˜‰
  4. I can help as well 😊 I'm a French living in England, knowing a bit of Spanish and a bit of Italian 😎 Anyway if you need help you will always find someone to help you
  5. Silarities between people is a very interesting topic for a thesis ! To me, similarities allow people to connect with each other because most of the time the human being is looking forward to socialise with people like him in a way. It can be a similar life goal, or a similar Hoby, or even a similar friend ! But in the same idea, a lot of people are trying to be different from those they know . But it can be true in order to do/be sth like someone else or just in order to be the only unique human being to be like this. Humans are naturally curious and easily go to people that they rely to. But sometimes we want to get our own voice and be the different one, the Unique one... In most species of animals this is also true ! Our best friend is very often the one we want to be like or its complete opposite, the one we absolutely don't want to be like 😊 This so interesting, it's really a good topic, if I wanna do or debate or sth like that I am sure that it will be an awesome one ! Good luck for your project ;-)
  6. Wow people ! It's been ages I haven't been here !

    AmyeTheMikaFan is sending you a huge hello btw ;-)

  7. I am really sorry to hear such a thing.... I really hope it will get better for you... Saddly, my financial situation doesn't allow me (AT ALL) to buy your stuff even if I would give you as much as you need even higher than the actual value of these things.... Once again it's all about money isn't it... I am So sorry to hear that ... Wishing you the best of luck for all of this, with a lot of fondness, Frenchfan84
  8. Hi Deb ;-) Thanks for telling us ;-) Just one question here. Will there be a chat or has it been completely removed with the last upgrade ?
  9. Well, as a French, I don't think that he has got all the support that he should have at all. I mean... Everyone knows him as the one who's talking too much in The Voice (Even if nobody remembers that he was the only coach to turn his chair for kendji who is now quite famous in France and won the season two years ago). It's so sad to say that this is the only way that people remember him... BUT there is quite a big Mikafan community in France (which is awsome)! Living in the UK I've also been able to see if he was well known over here as well. The answer is no. Definitely not. Some devoted fans are here (the bests ;-)) but nobody remember him. Most of the people that I asked only recognised him when I played Grace Kelly or Lollipop but didn't know it was him ! I agree with @teenagedreamer98, He should do a UK tour and meet his fans ;-)

  11. I've seen it ! Finally ! I saw it yesterday and it is really good ! Way much better than the last one ! The story is really good ! I love this add ! It is not really Γ  new one but everytime I see it I stop and watch XD
  12. Oooooohhhh I want to read it SOOOOOOO much !!! Woaaaa that's really a good way to wait for Mika's book ! Oooooohhhh I really want to have it !
  13. Yes me too !!!
  14. That's what the interview in the TΓ©lΓ© 7 jours magazine says ... I hope it's true thoughπŸ˜‚ it's a little while that we're waiting my dear MikaπŸ˜‰