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  2. I've seen it ! Finally ! I saw it yesterday and it is really good ! Way much better than the last one ! The story is really good ! I love this add ! It is not really à new one but everytime I see it I stop and watch XD
  3. Oooooohhhh I want to read it SOOOOOOO much !!! Woaaaa that's really a good way to wait for Mika's book ! Oooooohhhh I really want to have it !
  4. Yes me too !!!
  5. That's what the interview in the Télé 7 jours magazine says ... I hope it's true though😂 it's a little while that we're waiting my dear Mika😉
  6. Coming back home for a little three months😭 can't wait to be there but I can't wait to come back !

  7. I'm up on a cloud... At last feeling good and happy, ready to face anything.

    If today is my last day on Earth, I Will easily die in peace because no matter what anyone says, I realised my dream, reached the goal of my life. 

    And then come EXAMS 😭😭😭

  8. Hold me in your arms I'm just a boy like you 😂
  9. It's so shame that there's no more chat I would really like to have one rn 😉 How's everyone doing ? It's been ages that I haven't talked to actual people !!!
  10. Wow... now the London party is the first on the MFC list ! Omg this is VERY exciting !

    1. teenagedreamer98


      Soo exciting!  See you there :excite:

  11. Two weeks until the London party !!! 

    Very excited 😉

  12. I can't wait to get to London ! 

    This MFC party is really EXCITING !

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Enjoy yourself in London Deborah  :cheer::hug:

    2. frenchfan84


      Thank youuuu ! Don't worry I will ;-) 

  13. They are just AMAZING 😂
  14. Ludovico Einaudi - Run
  15. Can we please talk about Audrey ? And emilyana ? Of course Vincent is Really AMAZING and I'm looking forward to see the battle ;-)