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  1. They are just AMAZING 😂
  2. Ludovico Einaudi - Run
  3. Can we please talk about Audrey ? And emilyana ? Of course Vincent is Really AMAZING and I'm looking forward to see the battle ;-)
  4. I'm comming home, I want the whole world to CELEBRATE !!!

  5. I really like your story, this is a beautiful way to re-discover Mika ! I really wish you to have a lot of fandom moment such as concerts and many others ! Welcome 😉
  6. Would you like to write a review for Bourges, as no-one else has volunteered?

    1. frenchfan84


      Yeah !!! I'd love to just let me a bit of time but it should be done by the end of the week as well as the one for Avoine;-)

  7. Back in my country ! One week left and I'm comming hooooooome ! 

    I want the whole world to celebrate !

  8. That's amazing XD No I won't it don't worry about that
  9. Does anyone know when will the next episode will be displayed ?
  10. Btw sorry for non-french-speaking people but I don't have time to translate all of what I wrote XD Still working on my first episode translation tho, maybe one day you'll be able to watch it XD
  11. Salut ! Je viens de France aussi et je te souhaite la bienvenue ! Il y a un sujet ou on parle que français dans les forums et pour The Voice maintenant il faut attendre les directs parce qu'avant, tout est déjà enregistré. Si tu t'inscris sur le site de l'agence Cassandra, tu pourrais être tiré au sort et être capable d'y assister ;-) (Ps: ça m'est déjà arrivé deux fois sur trois tentatives 😉) J'espère que tu passeras de bons moments avec nous ;-) Welcome on the MFC😉!
  12. Sounds really exciting ! New design, new MFC ;-) Can't wait to see the new one ! Thanks for the warning Deb ;-)
  13. Ooooow that's really exciting why am I not in France for that.... I'd watch all the adds just to see and hear him in this one !
  14. I made a topic about it and i'm really waiting for it too. I sent an email to the editor of the book a few weeks ago and He told me that they don't have any news from Mika yet so I guess we Will have to wait a little while...
  15. Yeeaaaaaaah that's an amazing news !! !