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  1. God but he really looks so thin
  2. Yes true, work and travelling
  3. Amy hudsone

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Where in France ?
  4. watching again the voice france last season, MIKA we need you here

    1. Dominika


      Agree but this time his own music please :biggrin2:

  5. MIKA back in the USA may be
  6. is there any way to watch it may be?
  7. In the pictures Mika has a mark on his forehead, may be it"s from the motorcycle helmet
  8. ukmix, popjustice, chartsinfrance




  9. Amy hudsone

    Mika at Radio Italia Live - Milan 16 June 2018

    wondering what he is gonna do in Rio He said that he was talking english, french and spanish last weeks, so may be for the promotion, or coming concerts
  10. Amy hudsone

    New Album this year?

    I've just known that jessie j made an album of 4 Eps released 22/23/24/25 May, and each one contains 4 songs, what if Mika is gonna do the same with his record company, especialy that he talked about an Ep and then said that it will start by the end of this year. Reflexions, just by curiosity
  11. Yeah the image is much more better, but the sound I think is the same
  12. I'm sorry, fortunatly, cause really some comments offended me
  13. Ils ont changé la vidéo sur youtube
  14. Merciii, c vraiment bcp plus mieux, pour moi la voix ça va, c'est le live, mais si seulement la vidéo ne bug pas
  15. the video posted on youtube, the image seams to stop from time to time, I don't know it's not fluent, like if there is a problem with the recording