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  1. Mika is Back to The Voice France in 2018

    When you talked about the song "je veux te voir" that mika sang a part of it in the voice for Obispo and his reaction, I get curious to know more about the singer and the song, and how come that Mika know that song, cause the lyrics are quit weird but funny and I like it finally, so i found those videos, you may already have seen them
  2. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    The last part is so emotional and sad, never thought that i'm gonna cry, but yeah, i'm crying, can't help it,
  3. Mika 's wonderful quotes

  4. yes, it's on spotify, I don't know how come, How can they do such a mistake on the name of the singer I love the song sooooo much The voice of Mika sounds amazing
  5. Mika is Back to The Voice France in 2018

    Oui apparemment, voila quelques tweets
  6. Mika is Back to The Voice France in 2018

    Bonsoir tout le monde, j'ai hâte de lire les rapports des premières auditions à l'aveugle. J'ai lu sur twitter (pas mal de tweets) que certaines personnes ont essayé de monter dans la voiture de MIKA hier soir, qu'est ce qui s'est passé? quelqu'un de vous a été présent?
  7. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    ciao a tutti, un articolo è stato pubblicato due giorni fa, non sapevo che ilaria abbia fatto un anno come direttore di rai 2 ha rassegnato le dimissioni dopo alcuni conflitti. il programma è puramente italiano e Mika lo vuole in questo modo e lui lo è a conoscenza. ha persino insistito che Ilaria sia al suo fianco per ricevere il premio cosa ne pensi? come può un rettore che vince la Rose d'or può dimettersi? Pensi che ci siano persone contro il programma MIKA all'interno di RAi? Ho appena letto queste informazioni e non so cosa pensare
  8. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Hello everyone!!!! Mika published an article from republica italien press, I wonder if someone can translate it. I'll be grateful
  9. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    gli italiani condividono con noi la tua opinione , ho guardato senza veramente capire, e mi adoro.
  10. Mika in UK Press 2017

    Thanks for sharing this article Mika is Mika, whether he expresses himself through his music or through a tv show, I'm glad to watch him since I know that it's his idea and it's written by him, and I'm happy that he got the opportunity to do his own show in Italy, it's a big program, and italian fans are just unbelievable and they deserve him. He got the idea of the tv show from the begining, and now here is the opportunity and he's realising his project.
  11. Hello everyone !!! I have just found this tweet, It's late,I don't know if i really have to share it, but I find it so beautiful
  12. Mika in Spanish Press 2017

    Hello, here I want to share with you this article, I think it's from spanish press, they wrote about what happens in UK, not good,nId,2456863
  13. I've just seen it, life in cartoon motion #50 iTunes UK, After X-Factor tonight
  14. Thanks for reposting How did you get to show the picture and the video that way, I just copy/past the link
  15. MIKA as usual is Nervous