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  1. [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    ils ne sont pas du tout gentils avec le siège de MIKA, ça doit être chaud
  2. [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    I can't see any reason for all this polemic just because she is muslim and wear a scarf there are a lot of haters, they're even now trying to interpret what she sang in arabic , she has the right to defend her opinion, if she is with palestine it's justified, a lot of international civil actors defend the same position openly and it's ok, why should she apologises according to some press articles. I hope she is gonna be supported
  3. On twitter, he gains followers, it was 1,38 now it's 1,4. Instagram, actually I don't know Facebook: It's true, maybe because he is not active on facebook, no personal publications, he doesn't publish himself
  4. MIKA in French Press - 2018

    ça n'a rien à voir avec notre MIKA, vos remarques m'ont poussé à chercher le film et j'ai vu quelques photos(I shouldn't) une autre personne qui s'appelle Mika just calm down
  5. [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    C'est marrant, J'ai hâte de suivre cette saison, apparemment MIKA et Pascal vont pousser le jeu plus loin
  6. Thank you @sara09 for you help with italian, aujourd'hui on a présenté le projet, on a parlé quelques minutes puis on a diffusé la vidéo de CasaMIKA, "madama butterfly", it lasts for about 10 min, personne n'a osé interrompre ou d’arrêter la vidéo même si on a dépassé le temps prévu tellement c’était beau.

    et la réaction de notre prof d’italien, une fois il a vu MIKA il l'a reconnu immédiatement, il a demandé à la classe s’ils le connaissent ,apparemment non, on est que 10 en cours d'italien, puis il l'a présenté, il a dit que "MIKA parle parfaitement l’italien et qu'il fait the voice en français et la même émission en Italie en italien".


    MIKA nous a sauvé, car on n'a pas vraiment bossé pour le projet mais "Madame butterfly était  juste un moment sublime!!!!!! et on a terminé la présentation sous les applaudissement de tout le monde.


    j'étais contente de regarder MIKA en classe et de partager ce moment.

    1. sara09


      Quel beau moment, je suis super contente pour toi!! Ça me fait énormément de plaisir de lire comme ils ont tous apprécié "Madama Butterfly" racontée par Mika! Merci de le partager ici :wub2: 

  7. [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    MIKA et l'italien, apparently it became a part of him and he enjoys expressing himself in italian
  8. Andy did few months ago an interview promoting his documentary "Andi" kind of biography, he keeps on working and promoting his project in greece, best luck, if anyone is interested, here is the link:


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    2. Amy hudsone

      Amy hudsone

      Yes, especially at the begining !!! unfortunatly we can't understand what they are saying, but I'm so glad to see him working on his career.

    3. Loo


      Yes, it does so mainly in Western Europe.

      It's easier to see the shyness on redheads, the neck quickly reddens under the emotions!

    4. Mikasister


      I've seen him playing football. He plays as porter soccer in a greek local team.

  9. I've just watched Beyonce's super Bowl show:cloud:, what a performer :tears:!!!! Can we have such a big performance by MIKA one day. (OK, no pressure on the boy, just waiting for the new album)

    1. Ewa12


      That was one of the best half time show I ever saw. Absolutely perfect :cloud:  I'm sure Mika would make a great performance as well. Maybe one day... :wink2:  Now can't wait for the new album!! ( And the Voice next Saturday :thumb_yello:)

    2. Amy hudsone

      Amy hudsone

      Yeeeeess!! :thumb_yello: It was fascinating, she killed it !!


      Sure, it reminds me his performance in Rock in Rio, I got the same feeling of excitement :cloud:

    3. Ewa12


      Oh yes, this performance was amazing! I loved his live version of Promiseland! What an energy!! :wub2: btw Beyonce performed at Rock in Rio also! I love her live performances :cloud:

  10. Lot of singers prepare to release new albums in 2018, we already had some first singles: Maroon5, kylie minogue, enrique iglesias, waiting for MIKA, fingers crossed:mf_rosetinted:

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    2. Dominika


      @Mikasister @giraffeandy I don't want to rush him. Better he takes his time to make somethig really good. But you know, I just can't wait to hear something new, that's all... I hope that he'll present a new song during The Voice

    3. giraffeandy


      @Dominika I know, hopefully it'll happen but I want to be rather surprised than dissapointed and frustrated when there won't be any new music soon...

    4. Amy hudsone

      Amy hudsone

      You're right girls, but still keeping hope, in fact, this is the first album that I'm waiting for from MIKA, since I became a fan 2 years ago only, so I'm still having patience.

  11. Mika's collaboration with Pilot! Mika, nouvel ambassadeur de Pilot LE 16/01/2018 Campagne anniversaire 100 ans : Perfect Match Pilot & Mika - PILOT - agence Nouveau Monde Comment booster la notoriété de la marque PILOT en Europe à l’occasion de son centenaire ? Développer son influence et sa visibilité grâce à un partenariat artistique exceptionnel qui valorise l’image de Pilot, 2e marque mondiale d’instrument d’écriture créative et contemporaine. La stratégie POWER LINK : Nous avons créé un lien puissant entre la marque, MIKA, un des artistes les plus talentueux du moment et les consommateurs. Un lien affinitaire (valeurs et cibles), humain, artistiquement créatif. MIKA, et sa sœur Yasmine (Aka DAWACK) ont participé au côté de l’agence à l’ensemble du processus créatif qui a conduit à la création d’une collection capsule de stylos, boîtes et packs collector ainsi qu’à la campagne publicitaire.
  12. can't get enough, each time i discover the meaning of MIKA's lyrics I get surprised, it's stunning, so deep meaning and truthful, it makes you love the song more than ever :cloud:

    1. giraffeandy


      Exactly! I remember that when I was younger and started to listen to Mika I didn't think about the lyrics (the hidden meanings etc.) and later I was really surprised that there's always a true story or experience behind each song. Unfortunately I think it's how most of the people see his songs, just superficial, but there's so much more than only nice tunes... What song (or better its meaning) did you discover now? :wink2:

    2. Amy hudsone

      Amy hudsone

      Yes exactly, I remember the first time i looked for the meaning of "toy boy" i was amased, it's just genius and sad, it makes me cry, he's honest in every single word, it's magic, how he projects his life through his songs, i got obssessed with this song for a very long time, and these days, i discovered the meaning of "Tah dah" and "stardust", i'm not a native english speaker, so when I heard a song even hundreds of times I don't pay attention to the meaning. I'm so pleased :cloud:

    3. Dominika


      Agree with you two! The lyrics and their meaning, hidden or not, are the primary reason why I fell for Mika :wub2:

  13. You can watch it here:
  14. Yes it's already there thank you, I love her reaction "Oh!!! he's hansome" hhhh those only words that she keeps on repeating
  15. Thanks @Boucarilla and @krysady Soooo proud of him he deserves it