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Luke's bday wishes for MFC and MFC'ers


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now isn't this guy adorable, I say..??!! :wub2: :wub2: :wub2:


(copied and pasted from my space bulletin from today).


"Sunday, January 20, 2008




Happy birthday to the MFC.


I've played for other bands and artists before and few have had fans as polite and generous as Mika's. I'm not saying though his aren't the maddest. :)


Look forward to seeing those of you in the States and Canada in the next few weeks. As you can imagine we're really busy in rehearsals right now...


Keep an eye on my myspace... I'm thinking about trying out some new tunes at some point. Might just leave them up for a day and get your opinions. :)


I hope you all enjoy whatever celebrations you have. ;)


Luke Who"

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Ooooooh, what a sweetie! He's such a nice, genuine, great guy! I really like Luke:wub2:



Yeah we're the maddest! :naughty:


I wonder if all the rehearsals mean the show is going to change.

See you next week Luke. :flowers2:


I was wondering that- I thought that they would probably do something different this time, bring new elements in and all that. I can't wait til Monday!!


He may think that of us, but my experience of the band, all of them, is that they are also polite, friendly and generous with their time.


Apart from being talented. :wink2:

Yes,I agree. :thumb_yello: They are all such nice people!!

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