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Article/Blog Tour Diary written by Cherisse


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Please excuse me if this has been already posted and close if you have to


but saw this on line:)





touring diary:)


an interview:) ( just noticed it! its probably quite old,,but a goodie! :)


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Here's Jolene's link: http://mikedolbear.com/story.asp?StoryID=1354&Source=Search&txtSearch=cherisse|osei

It had a space in it :wink2:


Awesome! It's great to hear her point of veiw! Love it! She's great, too.


Here's my favourite bits:


"Mika is unbelievable live," she says. "He is classically trained and his vocal range is ridiculous. He''s got to be one of the most exciting artists live and he''s really nice. He wants you to be involved, listens if you''ve got ideas. It''s very rare you get real ''stars'' these days, but that''s what he is and I love being part of it."



My favourite part was where me and Mika had a massive drum jam where he played the congas with some sticks (which you’re not really meant to do with congas but hey) and then started joining me on my kit.



Greg had to learn the whole set in a few hours on the plane and on the phone to me singing him the drum beats!

:shocked: I thought he already knew the songs or something! That man is a genius!

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hi can you please tell me where i can find part 1, sorry to sound stupid?


Ha ha, I was just about to ask that.

Both interviews are brilliant, loved her reaction to Paul McCartney.

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