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Fans older than Mika (but just at age;-))


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October 1970 here, don't worry kasia there are a bunch of us much ooooolder than u, relax ;)


I'm not stressed at being 'old', just have read so many posts of parents banning MFC ot internet that it made me wonder... I' far from considering myseif older so smarter though:bleh:

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lol....im 80 ;)


i mean year 1980! not 80 years old! :naughty:


EDIT: and omg! i just noticed this was my 8000 post! haha how funny is that!??!?!

Hahahaha!! it's a sign that you'll live until you're 80 or die in 2080. :naughty:


I'm September 1977. :punk:

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