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Hello everyone from Czech Republic <3


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My name is Jane and I am from Czech Republic. Even before I registered here a while ago, I always used to come to MFC to read what's new,  just like a guest. Creating an account then was the first step- since then I was creeping around this Introductions topic haha, but I have always been too shy to post anything. At last I had enough of time to read how it works here in the meantime (?). But I just decided that the time to introduce myself is now *finally, Jane*!! So hello everyone????!

Now I should/would like to tell you my "How I found Mika" story and some of my experiences since then, I hope it won't be too long, well, here we go:

I firstly came across Mika on the internet, I don't exactly remember how, it was on Youtube, but I am sure that the first song I knew was Lollipop????. Just a week later, we had to do projects about our favourite musicians at school and as I never listened to any artist properly until then and I just discovered him, I choosed Mika. You see, school is good????????!! However back in those days while searching info about him I had absolutely no idea that one day this man is going to mean so much to me. Time was passing by and I was slowly getting into this whole thing, the wonderful world of Mika, then, a few months later, I preordered my NPIH, in those days I was already informed about him more than enough, hehe..

A shift came when I found out that Mika is going to appear on the Colours of Ostrava festival. Through everything, things were very complicated and I couldn't attend the gig, I stayed at home????. It was even harder because it was the first time ever he came here and I don't live that far from Ostrava????.

But only half a year later- I always get so emotional while talking about it, even after all the time- it was my birthday????- and on that day, Mika announced HIS FIRST EVER GIG IN PRAGUE????. On my birthday! It was one of my biggest dreams and it came true, I still don't understan????. I cried so much and when the next day my tickets were ordered, I couldn't believe that it's really happening. I have never been lucky and always thought that I am going to watch Mika gigs just on Periscope (thank you for them!!). The next months were very difficault for me☔, let's say that I was in the gutter and the fact that I am going to see him were my stars.

I am sorry, I just really enjoy writing, and once I start I can't stop ????.

Then May the 25th came and I don't think I need to describe how I felt- it was incredible, literally. And, after seeing him live, I finally believed that Mika was real (too perfect to be real, I always thought????). I have already written a lot about this experience, I guess it will always be my favourite topic to talk about. It was wonderful, it warms my heart to see him happy❤, the atmosphere was magic and everything about that night was just perfect. I have seen many of you there, but I, again, was too shy to talk to anyone, plus I felt like I am dreaming the whole time, so I was just watching you *blush*. But believe me that it made me happy, that gig was.. for the first time ever, I felt like I belonged somewhere????. I was fangirling seeing somebody with MFC badges cause until then I have never seen any fans of Mika in real life (!!). So it all felt so extraordinary.

It took me a long time to carry on, the morning after the gig it was so incredible, I was in trance, I hope you know what I am talking about????. However, it gave me so much positive energy that it made me happy for the next.. weeks, he put a little stardust in my eyes✨ and besides the other things he gave me hope that my dreams can come true one day, if I wait and try hard enough????.

Now, shortly about me, because this is already too long: I am friendly but rather anxious????, quirky and loving, I like to do everything on my own better than ask for help but I am always willing to help everyone????. I do not trust people easily but once I do, I really care about them. I enjoy reading???? and writing, I also like drawing, once I am in that mood. I call common things art, can't stand mess in my room and always spend all my money for presents for the others. I like old things, always take a lot of photos, not only when I go somewhere, but also at home, whenever I find something interesting, I take a snap. My favourite place on earth is theatre and library????. I am always up at night, and that's when I usually do all those things ⬆. I laugh on my own jokes loudly and get emotional easily.

This is much longer than I expected, I hope it's alright????..

Well, now when the tour is over, I couldn't be more grateful that I was a part of it all and am excited for whatever new is coming, and thought that maybe I could come here because that's where I feel comfortable????.

Hello everyone!????

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Hellooooo ! Nice to meet you Jane ! I really like your introduction it is really awsome ;-)

Enjoy your time here ????

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