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Who loves Mika then?

Mika Mad

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Ok, I'm not talking about who loves his music, because obviously we all do. Who in their right mind wouldn't?

What I mean who really fancies Mika in an "Oh my God, look at those eyes, isn't every single thing he says or does so gorgeous" kind of way?



Own up now and we'll see how many of us there are here!


(Count me in, by the way!)

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I think he's completely adorable but when I look at him I think 'hmmm he's very thin..hope he's eating enough' ..and 'it's chilly out ..hope he brought his coat '

sorry he just arouses very maternal feelings in me,well given I'm twice his age anything else would be a bit odd! !:roftl:

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Guilty!!!!....I'm completely besotted..

The other night, I couldn't sleep!! Images of Mika and his music filled my head!! I was thinking about the BBC Culture Show shoot... how lovely he was! He is so gorgeous!! I thought I was well beyond teenage crush.. but this is what it feels like!

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Are u kidding me? Mika is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I mean that mouth & those eyes & that hair. Oh, he just makes me melt. *sigh*:mf_lustslow: Too bad he's 2 old 4 me. :tears: Oh well. A girl can dream, can't she? & I've noticed I have a soft spot 4 English guys so that might have something 2 do w/ it 2/ But he is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! I love Mika!!!!

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