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myspaaace ????

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Well.....I only have 60+ in my friends thingy

Can anyone add me pwiiiis??? :wink2::blink::bleh::blush-anim-cl:

and if anything happens...my add is in my sig????


muahxx // mewissa<33 :D


i have 5 friends :|

I'm a beginner :blink:

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i am a myspace newbie too, not many Freinds as yet, apart from Mika!

I'm older than your average myspacer so don't know many people 'in the real world' to add and would like some mikamaniac 'friends' so anyone feel free to add me :wink2:

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haha I need glasses to read that page :yikes: but I've added you :mf_rosetinted:

I know the colors are horrible :)

I just tried around a bit, I have no idea how to make nice myspace pages, though I am studying webbdesign at school :P

Someday I'll try and make a Mika-ish myspace :D

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