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12.04.07 MILANO report - It's kind of magic


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we could not. He was standing at the threshold of the exit, pushed and pressed by the crowd. We were opposite him, I'm afraid with silly faces, trying to get the most of the situation.


well, that is too bad.....

(about not getting to be in a picture with him)


but just think -


he is wearing a beautiful new necklace

-that was assembled and created with MIKA-LOVE!


he has a piece of you now that he can wear close to his body!!!!

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from the pics the stage seems so far from you, don't u think? is it just my sensation?:blink:


actually we were 2mt from the stage, maybe less...

we were in the front row, but when i zoomed on him the pics didn't turn up clear....but i'm sure it's only my fault because i don't know how to use the camera properly. You'll see better pics form the others!!!!


that's the problem to be a goofy clumsy oldling!

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oh i didn't said it because of the photos, which are amazing! u're a good photographer robertina!:thumb_yello: it's just that in the other gigs fans could touch him, he was closer...always differences between italy and other countries!:thumbdown:

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Right, you got the point...yesterday they were all crazy about security preventing ANYONE from seeing the big star...not knowing he's so friendly he does not care about all that fuss....


and photographers have always the best positions!!!

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these photos are truely great! thanks!


mika is a people's man, he'll do anything to get close to those that matter, us, he would be hearbroken if he couldn't chat to his friends..(by that i mean fans).


that's what makes him so real, so human, so mika!

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hi everyone!!

I have just registered in this forum so this is my first real post after the introductions one...! however... I went to the concert yesterday and it was really amazing, simply wonderful!!!!!! I'm a bit stunned yet...! I had such a great time!!!!!!!

I also want to say hello to Robertina because I saw her yesterday at the concert! I didn't know you until last night but I recognize you visiting this forum and looking at your pics! I recognize your shoes obviously!!! I don't think you remember me (I was the girl behind you with curly brown hair)... but maybe you remember my friend Michele, the boy near you with glasses. ...We were the ones with the big lollipop! ahaha!!!

I also have some pics of the concert that I'd like to share with all of you... but unfortunately I don't know if I'm able to do it...sorry!

(I'm sorry for the mistakes, I promise I'll improve my english..eheh!)

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Hi Illy, you were fainting yesterday for the hot air, weren't you!

Pls. share your pics with us as soon as you can, we are HUNGRY!!!!


Hope you enjoy your time in this forum with all over the world fans of Mika, visit the Butterfly Lounge Bar and the Tee Total Thread, they're full of nice people!


Are you going to Florence on July 19th to see HIM at Wave festival? look out for the thread!


Ciao bella!

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@Robertina and Mirtilla: I know it's a bit late, but I'd like to tell you anyway that I absolutely LUV your concert report!!!!!! Mille grazie!!!! :thumb_yello:


I think it's sooooooo cool that Mika is wearing the necklace you did for him!!! *amazin*


bisous to all of you!

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What page are the pics on?


Robertina that is absolutly brilliant! I kept waking up in the night thinking of you but I never imagined that you had SUCH a brilliant experience! Thank you, and to the others, for such great reports!

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I was there too!!!

But I'm crying because I couldn't stay there till late night, I went away at midnight desperate because I couldn't meet him and take a photo or an autograph...


...so sad...:crybaby::tears::sad: ...I can't believe it...




...well, the concert, anyway, has been wonderful, I can't describe the sensations he gave me last night!


I was near the stage, but not in first line...It doesn't matter, I saw him perfectly and liked every single second...YES I'M IN LOVE!!!


I also met WhiteQueen there!


ok guys, I'll go to break my head on the wall because I didn't stay more waiting for him...so unlucky!


kisses to everyone, baci! ciao!

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