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12.04.07 MILANO report - It's kind of magic


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thanks so much Robertina!! you're really nice. I'm happy that you remembered me! I'll try to post the pics as soon as possible!

oh and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to go to Florence this summer 'cause my dad lives there! heheh.. how lucky!! ..can't wait to see Mika again!!!!!!

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What page are the pics on?


Robertina that is absolutly brilliant! I kept waking up in the night thinking of you but I never imagined that you had SUCH a brilliant experience! Thank you, and to the others, for such great reports!


from page 6 onwards! enjoy the boy!

speak later on oldlings!

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just amaizing. it sounds unreal. the shoes are gorgeouse, and the necklace is soooo sweet and simple just like mika. what can i say about pictures? are simply fantastic." protect them with the law of copyright" just kidding:blush-anim-cl:

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thanks Thanks Thanks for the pics!!!!!! I didn't bring the camera because I knew I would have danced and jumped all the time...whitout time for taking pics...


Thank you!!!!


What about meeting before the concert in florence?? maybe next month?just to talk a little bit with mika's fans?!

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eh eh eh I took those pics just for you undy-fans to check! :naughty:


Now that got me interested! :naughty:

Thanks for the reports, I'm glad you had such a great time!

It's also kinda nice that people from MFC meet up as well, I wish we could all meet really - at one big Mika gig just for MFC members! :roftl:

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wow robertina this is sooooo cool ! I'm so happy for you !! Can you believe he was actually looking for you ! This shows how thoughtful he is and in touch with his fans.


The pics look fantabulous I must say and I love this shirt he's wearing !


And your Lollipop shoes are so cool :mf_rosetinted:

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" Best moments of Love

are that in which you feel a calm and sweet melancholy...

...when you cry, and you don't know why"

(Giacomo Leopardi, italian poet)


I'm writing from the middle of my return to Naples, while I am in Florence to my boyfriend's home, just to share with you my confused emotions(about concert, Mirtilla and Robertina have said everything perfectly).


...I woke up early in the morning, this morning, in the dawn. With no other sleep, even if yesterday I went to sleep at 2 a.m.

Eyes looking the ceiling. My minds was empty, like a feeling of "cosmic" emptiness...

...I was very euphoric before the concert...too euphoric...and after, like the withdrawal after using a drug...depressed...(it will be also because next monday I have an exam?)


...I already said it, I ache for Stendhal's syndrome! So, instead to let loose myself (Me, my boyfriend, Dpl, Mirtilla, Robertina e Avoca were under the stage!)...I stood to contemplate -except two songs, the great performance of "Love today" and "Grace Kelly".

I wasn't able to do nothing else except singin and taking pictures - security men have prohibited films :(


...Taking pictures. Like I was trying to stop the Perfection in a picture. But isn't possible...


And outside, after the amazing concert, when he met us to sign autographs, I looked not very nearby him. Mirtilla for me asked for an autograph to my booklet and one for Sou (I've to send it to you :) ). I wasn't able to approach him. I was like pietrified. The only two things, again, i done were to contemplate and take pictures...

...Tha causes?

A bit because my english...but I had no words in that moment, not even in Italian, I'm afraid. I've had only eyes (and a room in my mind, where i was listening echoes of his songs...)


...This is my double nature. Very flamboyant in some situations but...in front of art and her personifications...I stay like a stupid, with no words.


As a philosopher, I try to find a reason to these strange feelings: but for some questions (like: why a talented 23years music artist with his colorful and out of schemes sound makes you out of mind???) there are no answers.

It's just like aesthetic philosophers called The sublime


Luckily, the great friends I've found thanks to Mika (A great huge for my sister Robertina and Mirtilla, but also for Dpl and Avoca) comforted me about the same "day after"...Stendhal's syndrome has gone away, leaving place to a sort of "abandon syndrome"...

...So, my sympathetic boyfriend (who now, at the end, likes Mika!!!!) cheers me with his hugs and his humours...and finds for me a great solace: the shopping.

But mine was a particular shopping: I went in a wonderful Milan shop, full of musical instrument of every country...Now I'm "elaborating the mourning" with good buy of a harp with 19 chords...


...so, next days, when I'll wake up early in the morning because of my Mika-unsleepness, I'll try to play "over my shoulder" with my harp in the colours of the dawn, dreaming another concert, and the courage to tell him how he has made my life special, with more consciousness about goals and emotions, and with the great friends I've made here...


I love you all (and above all, I love Mika!)




ps: I've a lot of beautiful pics to share with you, an autograph for Sou and a special thanx for the whole forum to scan for you...but you have to be patient. I must to return to Naples :)

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It's also kinda nice that people from MFC meet up as well, I wish we could all meet really - at one big Mika gig just for MFC members! :roftl:

that's a great idea!! a gig only for MFC members! we should suggest the idea to him:biggrin2:

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hello everyone, pretty tired and pretty much excited, so sorry if I don't make sense and for the typo. I have not read the posts before mine, no time, so sorry also if I repeat something it's been said before.


it was an absolutely AAAAAAAA_MAZINg concert!! go and see him, everyone who can! the CD/clips are NOTHING compared to his voice live, esp. when he starts jamming!!! I was like blown away, honest! unbelievable!!I am so giddy i can not post some proper report just a few impressions here and there.

he's the sweetest person, HONEST, I never ever thought he'd be so sweet and kind and down to earth with us all!!!

the whole eve and day was so surreal, I still can't believe it.... :shocked: :shocked:

ok, I'll try and make more sense than this, sorry..


I came at 3 amd smt pm. there was only one guy before me, this guy called PIETRO (sp.?) who promised us some fab pics (HONEY, DO NOT DISAPPEAR, PLS) and a girl. shortly after robertina came with her 2 adorable sons. we waited for hrs and hrs but honest it was just FUN. we chatted and put together the necklace and got to know eachother a bit and then we heard this news a few lucky fella would get to meet him as part of a competition they won (smt to do with Universal). so we discussed this throughoutly and decided we'd try and give those people the necklace we have put together (which i have pictured and will post the images asap), so at least he'd get it 100%, if everything else failed as far as about meeting him.


hrs passed by and we got to 7,30 pm when the hall doors were opened for public. our boy had been rehearsing inside for the whole afternoon, we could hear very far some glimpse of music and soundcheck, but really little.

jasmine and his mum kept passing in front of us queuing a few times. jasmine is such a cutie and his mum looks like a sweet person, though I didn't speak to her personally. robertina did, I got to know afterward.

we also saw a few times mr hudson and the library walking past us: I must admit I didn't know them before, but they are rather good. I love the lead singer, great voice and a cute guy as well


anyway, we got to the time of entering the hall doors, had to drop the water bottles for security reasons (my god, we were thristy by the end!) and reached our place in the front row. we got to know by mika himself (when he was on stage) we were actually 2000 people.

I tried a few times to approach the security people cause, you know, my daughter made some drawings just for him and I HAD to give him. LOL some were kind and tried their best, some were rude. anyway, all efforts lead nowhere. I returned my place, front row, next to mirtilla and robertina's sons, who are really adorable and so patient all throughout the event!


mr hudson's & the library's performance was actually appreciated (not as much as our boy o.c. but still..) and they thanked a few times the audience for beeing so warm. I personally liked them. after the concert I got all their autographs, but the lead singer (damn!) and they were all like "whose? mine signature? are ya sure..?" LOL

I even got the guitarist plectrum (the guitar "thing": is it the correct word..?). LOL


back the gig, when he finally came on stage, he was wearing his brown jacket with hood and all sequins and though he looked tall from stage, it wasn't until I had him in front of me (yes, a heart attack, I agree) and stood to speak to him for a while that I realised how tall he is!! I am sure he's more than 1,83 cm, though I wanted to ask him, but conversation was driven to other topics.


he sang ring ring as 1st song (right? I make no sense I am still catatonic..).

then he removed his jacket and he wore underneath a white tee with sequins and orangish braces and black trousers. we had bet beforehand what would he wear for the night and all of us were mistaken ;)

he wore the gray pants LOL which he was in danger to expose a few times, not that we'd complain about it..ooops! :blush-anim-cl:


he's an INCREDIBLE energy on stage and dances in the most sexy way. I have more comments on his look, but will save it for later.

I am honest, I am so gone with the wind I cannot remember the exact song list (whom robertina's youngest son got BTW, by mika's express wish: how sweet!!!!), but they were all absolutely breathtaking.

he jammed a lot and my god, you have NO IDEA (the one who have not seen him live) what notes and power his voice can reach. :shocked:

he sang over my shoulder, which I personally love and some new songs and everybody's talking. he sang over my shoulder with martin and it was such an intense moment.


and my moment came when he sang... *sniffs* :tears: stuck in the middle: I was like in another world.. mirtilla was next to me and she knows. I just say ya I have been listening to him for 4 hrs on a row in the afternoon (on my mp3 player) and all the times I hear it my eyes go wet.


grace kelly was unbelievable live. I now recall satu's post about sweden concert when she says they all jumped up and down: we did so, LOL it was crazy. he didn't go KETCHINNNNG in the end, we all missed it ! :naughty:


the encore was lollipop, which they played wrapped up in the funny fancy costumes. he was the monkey, my god we were all sweating like.. so he must have died inside that costume, his hair was all very sweaty, between that and all the jumping, dancing, screaming he did. he got rid of his costume amidst the performance and then the balloon started to fly and band and audience started to throw them to each other, as usual, also confetti were thrown from the above and it was a funny, magic, beautiful atmosphere. VERY good way to end a show. I got my big balloon (red) which my astonished friend (who picked me up after the concert) had to squeeze in his car luggage room LOL: today I sadly had to make a hole in it in order to take it home. it was huuuuuge. LOL

after the concert we tried and wait for the security people, to see if we could get and meet him, but nothing was to be done: no pass, no entrance. needless to say, we were rather sad about it.



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Esperia/Amy, your English is charming and I am sure that Mika would find it so.


I would love to see you/hear you play your harp! Your boyfriend sounds like a good guy, to take you shopping to cheer you up!

Thanks for the interesting report! :)

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE ITTTTTTT!!! *faints* THANK YOU AMY!!! *faints again* Omg...I'm so excited I stopped breathing for a few seconds!!!!!!!!!!!


YOU SHOULD'VE APPROACHED HIM! I TOLD YOU TO BE CONFIDENT!! Aww, Love, it's okay, there's always July :wink2: Your English is good, I told you it is!! I guess we'll have to work on your confidence from here till July!!! :huglove:


After re-reading your experience, it seems that you had such an emotional and moving one! Wow...what has Mika done to us? hehe


'Over My Shoulder' on your harp? You've got to record something for us to hear!!


Waiting for the pics!


Love, love...:huglove:

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i have read your reviews right now girls! Amy dear as i told you: we need to work on that, ok? the next gig you have to talk to him and show your love!

Avoca you had to make a hole in the baloon? what a pity..



And now what you all are waiting for:


they're 42: i've uploaded them here for the moment. then i'm gonna update the link asap!



- Holy Johnny

- Autographs 1: he loves our necklace!

- Autographs 2: he talks about his performance at Sanremo Festival last march

- Autographs 3: still talking about Sanremo Festival

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got a few glimpse of pics of robertina: INCREDIBLE!! can ya believe how close we were..?? :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:


I'll just add before of finishing my report of the stunning evening I have had, that all girls and boys I met from the fourm and outside (mika fans) were great! robertina, you are priceless, honest! miss popularity!! :thumb_yello:

mirtilla: how cool was to meet ya finally!! you should have told him about the website!! I didn't hear you saying it, I hope eventually you did say him. but since he reads our forum, yes it's officially true, he said so, he knew therefore of the necklace, I tell him now. go and check mirtilla's site, cause it's great! :wink2:

esperia, sorry we could not speak more than we did, same goes to hotdlp.

pietro you are a sweet guy, I wish you all the best for your projects, please do drop me a line if you log in the forum eventually.

robertina's sons: you are two sweet kids, truly lovely to meet ya!


ok, here we go with the rest of the report.


my bloody camera plainly sucks when has to take pics in the darkness, so at a certain moment I decided to stop taking pics as they weren't just worth it. but others did, I know a few of us did, so i hope they'll all be posted.


we went out side the disco, chatted a little with eachother and I grabbed a few autographs from the opening act band members (nice guys).

we saw jasmine again and mika's mum and a few lucky ones who had passes to enter. when it seemed he may not come out after all, the girls who won the contest came out and told I think, not sure, all was so thrilling, I am confused, that they had given him necklace and that he was filmed while taking it and say thanks.


a few moments after, he appeared on the entrance and first thing he said was "where's robertina and the necklace people?" so I shouted at her (I was in the vicinity but not next to him) and I ran to first row like 15 cm to 20 from him :shocked: where mirtilla was. a crowd started to run to him o.c.

there was a body guard between us but he was most close and friendly and I didn't realise how long he stayed with us but my friend waiting for me said quite a while.

people started handing him frantically things to sign and he always politely asked for the spelling of the name, which I found marvellous as it's not the usual "I won't bother to spell your name right, I am a star" attitude.

there was a few french speaking people and a girl with the lebanon flag who had it signed, which i found cute. he speaked in his perfect french to them and robertina, who had approached in the meantime, melted hearing him speak french LMAO


mirtilla gave him her tee, the one she made for him and had smt signed and then I handed him my gifts, which was a box with his name in wooden letters on, the letters are in shape of colourful clowns. he loved it and showed it to the crowd. :wub2: I was all blushing. and I told him it contained a few things, inclusive of a letter (I hope he got to read it) and esp. the braces I had embroyderied for him, blue with his name on (I'll post pics) and a few lollies sewed on, which he found very cute and said thanks many times and if I am not mistaken, he said he'll wear them. LOL

then I said there were also my daughter's drawings to him and he asked me a little about her, what's her age and stuff. he signed a special card to her which I gave her today and she's over the moon, absolutely! she's just 5 y.o. and it's her big day! he said thanks a whole lot and that was very sweet of her and of me and I was so glad he appreciated it.


he kept signing stuff for a while and talked to me and mirtilla in the meantime about a few things: next gigs, about san remo song festival and its back stage and how poeple were stiff and very posh in the audience, when he was finished performing grace kelly. poor thing, it must have been a shock for him! LOL

and he said a few things about seeing us in the frent row and asked if robertina's son got the song list: he said last thing to her when she finally could approach him, as he said he was going, so I shoved her forward. and he was all glad to see her and said thanks many times for the necklace and he's talked about it on a interview that will air on channel 4 in may (WATCH OUT PEOPLE FROM THE UK, WE WANNA HAVE A CLIP OF IT!! PLS...!!!! ).

and she said it was from us all and we showed which pendant was which and he hugged her and said thanks again. she asked him how he knew of the necklace and he said in a kinda oops, you cached me.. way, "I read it on the forum.."


it was SO surreal to stand there talking to him for a while, getting 3 autographs. one he gave to melissa, my daughter, one to me and one I asked for my friend in israel who's a fan too, but could never see him live: it was a too white sheet so he drawed some flower on it! priceless!


he had to go afterwards and I cannot say anything more than this: it was the most different concert experience I have ever had and not only the show was a blast but he's such a lovely person, even more than I had imagined.


on the looks side: he's got some slim hips and long slender legs, but his shoulders are wide and he's not so skinny at all. very big eyes, more brown than green I'd say, VERY VERY tall (I am 171 cm), he was way taller than I had expected.


k, that's all that comes to my mind for now, but I could go on blabbing for hrs, so just stop me

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