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What Is Your-


What's Your Sexual Orientation?  

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  1. 1. What's Your Sexual Orientation?

    • Male; Straight
    • Female; Straight
    • Male; Gay
    • Female; Gay
    • Male; Bisexual
    • Female; Bisexual
    • I Don't Know
    • Other

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Top Posters In This Topic

I was doubting with I don't know and female and bisexual. I went for the latter.


It's not like I had a real relationship with a woman yet, just guys for now. But I do believe the statement that you just fall in love with a person for who he/she is. And how can you know who's going to be your true love? I don't want to discriminate haha lol.


I do have to say I'm more attracted to guys, and then mostly the big hairy manly guys you know? LOL. But there are so many gorgeous women too. Oh well, I'll just see what life holds in store for me :P

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4 people voted "other".. :blink:

Including me.


Because I don't fit into just one category (actually I hate categorising) and 'I don't know' doesn't fit for me either.


I know what my feelings are like at this moment, but like Droopy says: I'll just see what life holds in store for me. :wink2:

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am I really the only queer here? lol :naughty:

I've never really fallen for a girl so far, only for guys, so I guess this makes me kinda gay, right?


Weebee! We got a boy who likes boys! :thumb_yello:

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Yayy! :mf_lustslow:


*I Voted!!*


Hmmmmmm i couldnt live without guys, im sorry but i just couldnt!!! but i also think Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women alive........ so what does that make me........??


I do not like animals.... i am not Trisexual.......


This is a right weird thread!!

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