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Mika Radio 1 - 7/5/07

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So at least if his music doesn't work out he can be a DJ!!

He only wants to go back to Ibiza and spin the tunes instead of having to sing 'em!! He knew the hoodys would come in helpful!

Yo Yo MIKA!! xx

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Of course someone from the states has to ask...can anyone record it???


LOL! That's usually my line :)


I actually should be able to hear this twice -- once live through the BBC Radio site, and then a few hours later on Sirius satellite radio. They air the programs

on a 5-hour delay, so that we hear what the UK heard at noon at our noon -- if that makes sense.


But a recording is always nice, too :)



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oh cool thx freddie that should be great!! I had radio 1 on most of the day and managed to miss that:doh: Great 4 all the readio 1 DJ's that love him so much!!!

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o hang on what will the date be in the states on july 5 then???? dont i have to listen at a differnent time?!!


Lol, in Europe we do day, month year, not month, day, year.


Thinking about it doesn't it make more sense?

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