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The Penniman Posse


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This Thread is dedicated to those of us who will follow Mika to as many concerts as they can afford and fit in to their schedule.


We are the PENNIMAN POSSE!!!


we have no member numbers we just are "The Penniman Posse"


Eventually Mika will get so used to seeing us randomly appear at all of his Concerts / signings he will Have to give us Vip Passes... (i wish)

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Top Posters In This Topic

Guess I'm a part of this :blink:


Guess so Kata..! :naughty: Is two gigs enough from me to be a part of this? :mf_rosetinted:

(Considering that Mika never has landed on my country...)

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i would say anything more than one qualifies you whether you have attended them already or are yet to :wink2:


Yay, great!

A V.I.P pass is on it's way! :sneaky2: Lol!

Wish it was heh...


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But y'know maybe Mika will eventually Know us all and expect to see us there at everything ...im sure he is half way there to knowing us all already :naughty:

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i shall be apart of this!

Entered Myspace Comp

Won Myspace Comp

Went to gig!

Made a love today fan video

took part in the scrapbook


the man definitely knows who i am LMAO so count me in! I just have to meet him now! GRR!

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im going to somerset house ofcourse...then to v festival ......want to go to t4 on the beach aswell but im really not so sure about that now....

i want to go to the art exhibition aswell but same problem as the beach ...its too close to somerset house...Sooo you see my dilemma unless there is an invention that can transport you to places at the push of a button in seconds LOL

If that cant be invented i am going to start living on virgin trains :blink:

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I WISH I could join. Sadly, I have exhasted my funds to go to see Prince in San Francisco tomorrow, and to visit a friend. I am totally pondering whether or not to fly back to SF for the Mika gig in June, but I'm not sure if I can do it... :(

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Been to:



Leeds :sneaky2:




Going to:


Roskilde (if I learn to travel faster than time :blink: )

Somerset House

and hopefully a hell of a lot more :wub2:

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if you have even the smallest opportunity to go and see Mika live i would definately 100% tell you to gooo for it because you will never regret it he is soo amazing :wub2:

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maybe someone could make "other badges" that read Penniman Posse?




Perhaps we dont need any identification we are known by looks alone :naughty:

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Oh...I would like to be part of Penniman Posse!


..but I don't know...I've been just in Milan, even if I'm planning to see him in Florence and, maybe in October, if it's true that he will come back again here in Italy :wub2:


But I just don't know, because my parents are so strict!!!


They can't understand me :crybaby:



Maybe I shall come back in this thread in the future....:(

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