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  1. Ahah, cool! Is she one of the friends you mentioned in your adventures?
  2. Hi Lucie, nice to meet you! Welcome to the MFC It was very fun to read your introduction, thanks for sharing your Mika adventures with us - unforgettable experiences, indeed While waiting for more, I wish you lots of fun here! See you around
  3. Hi Molly, welcome to the MFC I'd be glad to help you with Italian if you want to start learning or practicing it! So, whenever you like, feel free to ask me Enjoy your stay, I'm sure you're gonna have lots of fun here! See you around
  4. Hello Lilla, welcome to the MFC Hope you're gonna have fun! Everyone here is very nice, I'm sure you'll like it! See you around
  5. Hello Michael, nice to meet you and welcome Hope you're gonna have fun here, enjoy the MFC!
  6. Hey, @gracelise Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed watching your video!! Very well done
  7. It's been a while since the last radio interview, can't wait to listen! Thanks for the link, @Kumazzz
  8. Hello Didit, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara and I'm from Italy, nice to meet you
  9. Hello Roselyne, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC thanks for sharing your Mika story, I enjoyed your introduction very much - and it's fun, I had a very very similar experience with EMD and school I wish you lots of fun catching up with all Mika videos, and of course here with us! See you around
  10. Haha, I'm sure that you're gonna get back everything very soon! As @crazyaboutmika pointed out, Mika will help you brush up a bit
  11. I think it's the supplement of a sports newspaper
  12. Hi Nat, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC When you press play you could never imagine the amount of happiness Mika's world can give you, the nicest surprises are also the most unexpected I guess I'm very glad that your rediscovery of Mika's music brought you here, hope you're gonna have fun with all of us! Also, if you need a little hand with the revision of your Italian, my PMs are always open! See you around
  13. Thank you both
  14. I was wondering the same! The digital version will be available on the GQ site, for a paper copy I could only find this: (seems it could work? ) maybe someone else can give us more info
  15. Hola, @Ika! We already follow each other on Twitter and I saw many of your posts in the Forums, welcome to the MFC It's always good to read stories about how people found Mika and how much he means in each one's life. So, thanks for sharing it with us! I really hope everything's okay now Have fun here, see you around