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  1. Thank you both
  2. I was wondering the same! The digital version will be available on the GQ site, for a paper copy I could only find this: (seems it could work? ) maybe someone else can give us more info
  3. Hola, @Ika! We already follow each other on Twitter and I saw many of your posts in the Forums, welcome to the MFC It's always good to read stories about how people found Mika and how much he means in each one's life. So, thanks for sharing it with us! I really hope everything's okay now Have fun here, see you around
  4. Sarah, I love it!! It's very beautiful all goldish and with one of my favourite suits! Thanks a lot for sharing, hope you will upload more (ps: I've checked your Instagram and I love your drawing style, so cool!)
  5. Yes, exactly! I mean, I can see why he chose her, she has a great voice and I enjoyed her performances so far! But I agree with you, Juliette rocked it last Saturday, her performance was amazing. Right! I think it's gonna be very interesting and nice to see how her path will continue
  6. I know, I liked her very much as well He chose Imane! He made a comment about each one of the three performances and then he told Imane that he's very interested in her voice and excited to see what she can do during the live
  7. She didn't I was hoping for someone to "steal" her, but unfortunately no one pushed the button!
  8. Aha, yay! I'll be patiently waiting
  9. Hi Sarah, welcome to the MFC I'd love to see your drawings when they will be ready Have fun here! See you around
  10. Oh, Xenia. What a wonderful introduction! I deeply loved this part: "Like opening your eyes and seeing the world again for the first time...or seeing a whole new world you never knew was there, and immediately plunging headlong into it." I relate so much to your words, it's like you put down my feelings in a sentence, so thanks a lot for writing this beautiful intro I'm very glad you both found Mika and this site, to share your passion and excitement with all of us! I can't wait to hear more about your impressions, and I'm also very interested to see your fanart A big welcome to the MFC and see you around
  11. Hola Karla! Nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC
  12. Hi @Panduck, I've read your tweet this morning, it was great to find your introduction when I logged in! Welcome between us It was a pleasure to read your feelings and thoughts about Mika, so thanks a lot for sharing them with us!! I really hope you're gonna discover more and more of our wonderful good guy in this site, and I also hope you both are gonna have the chance to see him live soon, for words can't describe the experience. Enjoy the MFC
  13. Hi Rachel, welcome to the MFC! Ahahah, you've perfectly described the feeling Hope you're gonna have a lot of fun here, see you around
  14. Why don't you like me? Why don't you like me?
  15. Ciao Emanuela, benvenuta