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  1. The second one works for me, thanks Eriko I love this new single, a lot! It brings so much energy and joy
  2. new here:

    Hello Rossana! Welcome
  3. Heyy

    Hello Margaux! Welcome to the MFC have fun here
  4. New song snippet

    Thanks a lot for this! Keys!! That's right!! You just gave me the solution for a big question mark, great job
  5. Hello from Paris/ Moroccan fan

    Hello Amy, welcome! I'm Sara, nice to meet you That's the perfect place for sharing your enthusiasm for Mika, hope you're gonna enjoy it here And if you need some help or if you want to chat a bit to practice your Italian, my PM are always open
  6. Hej from Sweden!

    Ahahah then nice to meet you Simone have fun watching the last episode
  7. Hej from Sweden!

    Hey, hello! Welcome to the MFC enjoy Casa Mika what's your name?
  8. Buon salve dall Italia! ā¤šŸŒˆ

    Ciao Federica, benvenuta What a nice introduction, thanks for sharing! Every single part of who you are makes you a special and unique human being, and by reading your message I definitely imagine a sweet and thoughtful girl behind it if you have any question about the Forums and how MFC work, feel free to ask! We'll be glad to help you Have lots of fun here, see you around
  9. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Studio Job has uploaded another gif, similar to the post they deleted! It was the same item, but seen from the front
  10. Greetings from Spain!

    Hello Vireo, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, nice to meet you It's a very nice introduction, thanks for sharing! If you need any help with the Forums, feel free to ask Have fun here, see you around
  11. Hey, hi, hello!

    Hello Dominika, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC Loved reading your introduction!! I really hope you're gonna have fun here
  12. Hi from Poland :-)

    Ciao Ewa, what a nice introduction!! Welcome to the MFC I'm sure you're gonna like it here, the Forums are full of info that will help you getting to know Mika better Wish you lots of fun, see you around
  13. Hi

    Hello, Alex! Nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC Hope you're gonna have fun here
  14. introduction

    Hello, nice to meet you! Welcome to the MFC
  15. I've sent you my answer via PM, hope it can help somehow good luck with your study, Nie!