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  1. Hello from Russian newbie!!

    Hello Ryan, welcome to the MFC Good luck with your ukulele, hope you'll upload some Mika covers on your channel! If so, don't forget to post the link, I'd love to hear them Wish you a lot of fun here! See you around
  2. heyyy

    Hello welcome to both of you! Hope you're gonna have fun here, enjoy the MFC!
  3. Hello from France.

    Hello Loo Nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC! Have fun
  4. New(ish) member to the Fandom

    Hello Carson, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC Your painting is very beautiful, right from my favourite Mika's music video! Thanks for sharing hope to see more of your artworks! Have fun here
  5. Hi everyone!

    Hello, Laura! Nice to meet you, I'm Sara Welcome to the MFC, have fun!
  6. Mika - Questionnaire

    Just sent! Good luck with your project and your exam
  7. Yes, that's exactly true! "Napule" is "Napoli" in the Neapolitan dialect
  8. I think that one between the "o" and the rest of the letters is just a little space, it looks like one word to me
  9. I think it's "a happy moon over Napule"
  10. Ciao! Welcome to the MFC Thanks for sharing your Mika story, it was very nice to read! Fingers crossed for your plan Have a great time here
  11. Hello from Switzerland ;-)

    Hi Michelle! Nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC Hope you're gonna have fun here - and hope you're enjoying your Mumu, too! See you around
  12. Hi !

    Hello Julie, welcome to the MFC hope you're gonna enjoy it here!
  13. Hello from Switzerland

    Hello Laurence, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC Oh, that's amazing! Sinfonia Pop is a very special treasure. Each song brings you to another world, every little detail of his voice together with the orchestra make them sound like magic Hope you're gonna have fun here finding out more about Mika's art! See you around
  14. Lucie say Bonjour from France

    Ahah, cool! Is she one of the friends you mentioned in your adventures?
  15. Lucie say Bonjour from France

    Hi Lucie, nice to meet you! Welcome to the MFC It was very fun to read your introduction, thanks for sharing your Mika adventures with us - unforgettable experiences, indeed While waiting for more, I wish you lots of fun here! See you around