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  1. sara09

    Hola ! Soy nueva en el club de fans de Mika !

    Hola María Fernanda! Welcome to the MFC
  2. sara09

    Hello from Switzerland!

    Hello, welcome to the MFC I'm Sara, nice to meet you! What's your name?
  3. Happy birthday, Léna!  :happybday:

    1. Léna Machu

      Léna Machu

      Thank you very much Sara ♥

  4. sara09

    Hi from a new member

    Hello @Thiz W! I'm Sara, nice to meet you I'm glad you joined us, too. This is a perfect place to make many friends to share your passion with and also discover new things about Mika and his art! Welcome and enjoy
  5. sara09

    Hello Everybody! :)

    No way, I live near Florence too, actually I study there! It's so good to meet someone from "my parts" here Welcome to the MFC Verdiana, hope you're gonna have lots of fun
  6. sara09

    Hello Newly Found Friends!!!

    Hello Olivia, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara I hadn't been part of any fan club before as well when I joined, or felt a strong need to share my passion with other fans so much, so I really understand. I've been nervous for a lot of time, but it slowly became easier and I really think time and friends helped feeling way less of whatever I was feeling at the beginning. The best thing is that you get to know people who understand what you're feeling and share wonderful experiences with you. So, I really hope you're gonna find the same and enjoy this place
  7. sara09

    Hello Everybody!

    Hello! Nice to meet you, I'm Sara! Welcome to the MFC Hope you're gonna enjoy it here - and also your new set! If you need any help for practicing the language, I'll be happy to help you See you around!
  8. sara09

    Hello, everyone!

    Hello Agustín, welcome! I'm Sara, nice to meet you enjoy the MFC
  9. sara09

    Mika - Questionnaire

    I've just finished reading it! First thing I want to say is congratulations for your result, but most of all for this beautiful work you've made! I feel very moved right now, (I actually had goosebumps a few times), how I wish Mika could read this! Thank you for sharing it with us and for letting us be part of it
  10. sara09

    [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    Thank you! Penultimate week of April, then! I wasn't sure about the length of the "Audition Finale"
  11. sara09

    [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    Does anyone know, more or less, how many episodes there are left before the live shows?
  12. Tantissimi auguri di buon compleanno :flowers2:

  13. sara09

    Greeting from Thailand!

    What a nice introduction! Welcome to the MFC, Pear! I'm Sara, nice to meet you
  14. sara09


    Welcome Pat, I'm Sara! It's nice to have you here Enjoy the MFC!