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  1. sara09

    Hello From Turkey!

    Hello Irem, welcome to the MFC! Nice to meet you, I'm Sara I really hope you're gonna be able to see him live once the tour starts! Have fun here
  2. I've written down a quick and rough translation of the video: "Stasera Casa Mika is an original format by Mika, Ivan Cotroneo, Tiziana Martinengo and Giulio Mazzoleni. It was produced by Rai2 in collaboration with Ballandi Multimedia. In each episode, Mika looked at Italy and Italians through his unconventional gaze bringing the viewers with him in a journey made of music, fun, national and international artists and very special stories. Mika is in London, it wasn’t possible to conciliate his professional commitments with our invitation. (…) However, he wanted to be present and he sent us a video.” “Hi everybody, I’m sorry I can’t be there with you tonight and thanks to Gianluigi for being there, representing me and my whole team. I’m honored to receive this prize from you. Most of all, this work was a collective work, with every author, the whole Rai2 crew and also the crew of the centre of Milan. So, thank you. I had so much fun. We put a lot of our hearts there. I put a lot of my life, of my fantasies, of my dreams in this program. I really found a house for two years. It was really, really beautiful. It was such an intimate and personal thing, in tv, but yes it was very intimate and personal. I’m very happy to receive this prize tonight, for me and also for the whole team. Thank you." At the end he expressed a thought for Bibi Ballandi, who passed away on February.
  3. sara09


    Hello Blandine, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, nice to meet you hope you're gonna have lots of fun here!
  4. sara09


    True will season 3 be aired right after season 2 ends?
  5. Happy birthday! :D

  6. sara09


    I'm asking myself the same Exactly, I mean the last one excluding the extra episodes, 3x24. I found them quite boring and confusing, I would have preferred 3x24 as THE ending. Plus, as you say, it would have been pretty disappointing if it was the last we saw of Lucifer. Luckily we're gonna have another season
  7. sara09


    I realize just now that I missed this thread So glad to see other Lucifans here! I'm very excited to see how the plot will be developed in the forthcoming season, mostly after seeing the finale (which was epic, but no spoilers). About the show, I love how they put emphasis in every character's story - and, as you say, the dialogues are pure gold! Also, Tom Ellis! He's fantastic. I could never get tired of his voice, so charming. I can't think about someone more perfect to play Lucifer.
  8. Happy birthday! Wish you a lovely day :D


  9. sara09

    Mika in Italian Press 2018

    It says "Mika is a fan of medical checks, too", not much about the others as well, just that they're very health-conscious. They probably wanted to make the article "more interesting" by adding some pics and captions about celebrities
  10. I'd like to spend a few words and share a bit of my experience with you, even if I suppose the majority already saw Mika's performance hope you'll enjoy it anyway! The crowd was huge, as you can see from the video. I was practically at the end, but my friend and I managed to find a good spot, we had a good view on the big screens and some space to breathe and move in the middle of the chaos. The Cathedral was just next to us, you just had to lift up your eyes and it was there, magnificent. Mika's performance was so, so beautiful. What I'd like to describe is the atmosphere, what you could feel as part of the crowd. When he started singing, even the guys around us who were not there for him were very excited, they sang along to every song (even trying to catch the words when they didn't know them, they really wanted to be part of it ). My favorite part was Mika singing "L'Italiano", it was very special, touching and meaningful, one of those moments you know you won't forget. In fact, the response of the crowd was amazing. Actually, not only in this point, but for the whole performance. Seeing all these people so involved, singing, dancing, it really meant so much, there was actual joy around. He shared a big amount of love and I'm sure he could feel it back, which makes me extremely happy
  11. sara09


    Hello Chelsea, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara, nice to meet you Finding friends and being able to share your passion with them is really one of the best experiences, hope you're gonna make many good ones here! Have fun
  12. sara09

    Hey Everyone! c:

    Such a nice introduction Welcome to the MFC, Olivia! I'm Sara, nice to meet you Hope you're gonna have lots of fun here, discovering more and more of Mika's world with all of us
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    New member

    Hello Tom! Welcome to the MFC