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  1. I could be brown
  2. Hello Audrey, welcome to the MFC Oh, I agree ahah you're definitely not alone with this feeling Hope you're gonna have fun here, see you around
  3. Hello!! I guess you're in the right place then, welcome to the MFC What's your name?
  4. Walk out the door!
  5. Hi Lise, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC Thanks for sharing your story! You wrote so many beautiful and relatable things Enjoy it here, the Forums are full of info that will help you getting to know better Mika and his work, so I really hope you're gonna have fun checking them out, and for any question feel free to ask us!! See you around
  6. I could be hurtful
  7. So I tried a little Freddy
  8. Me too!! There are so many good talents this season, it's gonna be quite hard
  9. I tried to be like Grace Kelly
  10. Why don't you like yourself?
  11. Getting angry doesn't solve anything
  12. Ciao Melissa, benvenuta nel MFC
  13. Gotta be mean
  14. Hello Demi, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC