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Which vid ??


Which video is the best ?  

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  1. 1. Which video is the best ?

    • grace kelly
    • love today
    • relax
    • big girl

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Grace Kelly, easily.


Polished production, very glossy looking, and with nice deep saturated colors--it's just lovely to look at. More than that, I love its quirkiness: the little "creepy" girl sitting on the piano and singing with Mika, the mic stand in front of the fireplace, the christmas lights draped over the walls. Mika is pouty, preening, gorgeous and hilarious. The light show at the end is cool because, again, it's all in the apartment--I love fantasy-tinged interior spaces. It looks a bit like the setting of a modern fairytale--that mix of reality and spectral strangeness.


Honestly, I want his future videos to be a bit more setpiece oriented. He likes BWO so much, he should take a note from their book--their music videos are great.



Like this:

And this


I want something weird and awesome and pretty like that. Except with less blood, and more dancing and balloons.



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The first love is obviously "Grace Kelly".

But I prefer "Love today" as Video :)

And I like "Big girls"...but I don't like a lot "Relax" video.


It's the same for me!


I loved grace kelly because it's fun and so colorful and happy.....


but Love Today has hit me the first time I saw it and he's so.....dunno :blush-anim-cl: intense!


And the end with the party in the french café...the big letters...the colors in the background...Carolina...Rafa in the cake! I love it!



Relax is beautiful because is very Mikaish, but I would have preferred if the images of Mika were made on purpose...no pieces of a gig...

Maybe a piece from every gig he has done would have been more original!



And Big Girl is wonderful..it's funny ans people seems to really enjoy the time..but I still prefer LT :thumb_yello:

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I want something weird and awesome and pretty like that. Except with less blood, and more dancing and balloons.




Yeah I agree.


Grace Kelly is a masterpiece for me musically. It's hard to imagine how he'll ever top it. I like the video too but I expect him to keep stepping it up visually as his career progresses.


My favourite part of the Grace Kelly vid is when he points at the little girl to emphasize a note. It's such an aggressive move but she doesn't care because she's above him, wagging her finger and giving him a lecture.


I also love the fairylights. It reminds me of London because all the trees lining the streets are covered in them during December.


Love Today isn't that great artistically, but you get more of a sense of Mika's looks and style as we've come to know them. I think the editing is excellent and Mika comes off looking pretty cool with some good dance moves.

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