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Hi im sookiee im new and from chile


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Well , well .... Im sookiee am from chile and im new

im here because i really hope found someone else from my country, i mean more people.

Becuase i know Mar is out there. but i cant believe we are the only ones:thumbdown:

..... i hope that someone just pop out :naughty:


anyway i so happy to join this amazing group , and if you're from chile

please let me know, we are making a count down



and visit our thread:




But if you're from some other place you're welcome too :thumb_yello:




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Guest juliana_penniman

Hola Sookiee!




Que bueno que hayas creado un thread Chileno, ahora me paso por ahí! Mar estaba emocionadiiisima porque encontró a una compatriota que le gustaba Mika!! :thumb_yello:


Un beso enooorme!

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