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2015 - Den Atelier, Luxembourg 25 September REPORTS/PICS/VIDEOS


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I'm going to try and sum up my experience.

My dance lessons started precisely on Friday, which is why I wasn't able to be at the venue before 8:45pm. Thank god the dance lessons were only about 10 minutes away from the venue, otherwise I wouldn't have made it.

But it was probably for the best because I can't stand for too long anyway (and I was kind of relieved to read in this thread that I'm not the only one with that problem).

So anyway, the gig started at about 9:15 and we had quite a good view because I guess at den Atelier you kind of have a good view everywhere :) I absolutely loved that gig because there wasn't really a big show, but Mika made the show himself. He was very spontaneous and was just chitchatting between the songs. I thought it was so funny when someone in the crowd screamed something and Mika said he never understood anything because of the "oreillettes de merde". To him it apparently just sounds like someone is dying and he said he felt like in Game of Thrones.

To be honest I hadn't been following Mika too much recently and I don't even own his last album, I only knew a few songs from youtube. But since the very beginning of the gig I felt the same as at the numerous gigs I had been to a few years ago. I had never heard "good wife" before, but I fell in love with it when I heard it sung live. To me it's almost as good as "Grace Kelly" and "Relax" and I've been listening to it non-stop since Friday!

I enjoyed the entire concert although I was a bit mad that when I was younger and could stand for hours his shows only lasted about an hour and now that I can't stand for that long anymore his gigs of course last two hours lol

No, seriously this concert was amazing and when he started to sing "Happy ending" without the microphone I was like "What the hell is he doing?" but it was just so amazing, you could here him as well as if he had a microphone. The crowd went nuts after that! I also really liked the way he sang "Relax".

I loved that at the very end he was joking about how he's always wondering why they never get any drinks at venues with a bar. He then ordered a drink, which he did get in the end.

We waited for him for about an hour after the gig but he didn't show up, or at least he didn't show up while I was still there. Who can blame him, there were still so many people hanging around there because there was a food truck and the bar was still open.

My boyfriend took a few good pictures, so here are some of them:








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The show was absolutely amazing, one of the best I've ever done!  :wub:

I took some videos (and, for once, the sound quality is good!)


- Happy Ending (with the accapella part  :wub: ): 


- L'amour Fait Ce Qu'il Veut: 


- Promiseland: 


- Boum Boum Boum: 


- Relax: 


And the pictures I took: https://www.facebook.com/vanessa.hamm.96/media_set?set=a.10204799622777200.1073741836.1437138365&type=1  :)

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Yeah, in that video of BBB Zel posted you can see me on stage. :naughty: It's embarrassing to see the video (tho nice to have a memory), but it was so much fun to be up there dancing with Mika. :fangurl: only after i got off stage, my knees were a bit weak. :naughty:



Migoodness could you sleep that night? So much fun! Memorable to the max!

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Here is a new one in HD!


Mika singing Talk About You with music note glasses on he got from a fan!

His face when the glasses end up on the floor...priceless ;-)



All the other one's are uploading...

The fan who have him the glasses was looking for this video, dunno whether she's on MFC

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As promised, here are my videos in HD: 


Intro of the show (No Place In Heaven):


Intro of BBB (Mika talks a lot, lol):


Dancing with a fan on BBB...and we all know who that is ;-) :


Happy Ending A Capella part, without microphone...pure magic:


Underwater, Mika is having a lot of fun with a phone:


Intro of Grace Kelly (Mika talking AGAIN, haha):


Mika explains what happens in his headS when singing L'Amour fait ce qu'il veut...soooo funny:


Love Today (final part):


Talk about You part with the glasses of a fan:


I have some other videos of this magical and funny evening (shouldn't have watched all the vids again, lol)... I'm uploading them.


Have a nice monday everyone...

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Here's my vids:

Good Wife


talk before GK


talk & Good Guys


talk about "L'amour..."


Underwater & talk


intro EMD


talk & Happy Ending


talk & intro Lollipop


end of Lollipop (love what he sings there now! :wub2:)

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My "little" report of that day  :)


It was such a memorable day! Unforgettable!  :wub:
Angele (my daughter) and I arrived at around 2PM and we had our number in the queue (36 and 37). The weather was very beautiful and the workshop yard was clean and quiet, it' was a very pleasant wait.
We made the line by numbers. People were preparing the entrance with printed tickets  or  presale tickets. The following moments were less fun. I have a better memory of 2012. They made us come in and we were piled in the small lobby of the venue where there was the bar. We've had one more hour to wait. The opening of the doors was catastrophic: They unleashed everybody at once, that pushed a lot and Saskia finally fell on the ground and was trampled, she spent her concert upstairs, alone ... I put up my hand to protect Angele and it was scratched against the door. We finally ended up second row on the left, a very good place.
We were still waiting one more hour listening to music mixed by a DJ ...
Then Mika arrived. 
He came on stage on No Place In Heaven. Mellody's clouds were held in the air, it was pretty, it seemed to please him.
He explained that as the room was small, the decor had remained in the trucks and that the concert would be a bit special, that he would all be turned upside down. There would only be him, us and the music. :fangurl:
Big Girl set fire to the audience that started to jump. The woman next to me stopped to push me as I was jumping, I got some more place!
Mika went on with Good Wife and Grace Kelly.
He said that he had all his time and he slowed down the song! it was funny!
Then came BoumBoumBoum which was introduced by what  there was before "love" and was valid in every language ... Thank you Celine, yes, sex hahahaha she was spotted by the boss who found the rest of the audience too shy!
To show us how to make boom boom boom, he invited Mellody to come on stage and they made boom boom boom together in front of 700 people!  :das:
Then, it was Talk About You, Origin Of Love, Good Guys and Relax turn.
Then, L'Amour fait ce qu'il veut. Mika explained  what happened in his headS haha ​​(they are several into it), when he wrote the song. He imagined, on L'Amour fait ce qu'il veut, little birds singing "L'Amour, la la l'Amour" and therefore, he made the birds with his hands, that's the explanation of the gesture that we also do like idiots ... hahaha
Mika was very chatty, it's great to see him like that explaining a lot of things and anecdotes. He took his time, wonderful! He explained that he liked to steal stuff from the audience and pointed at was he liked or didn't like and told us the story when he was singing at a private gig with lots of women with beautiful jewells on stage and he started to steal a ring, a bracelet, ... than he'd sung Love Today sparkling like a downright b*** his changing room was a kitchen and he had been searched naked ^^  :naughty:
After that, he continued with Staring at the Sun and Promiseland.
And then, Underwater. Hihihi as nobody wanted to turn the light of their phone on, I thought I'd show them what to do. I took Angele's phone that had a flashlight and I held it in the air ... what didn't seem to please the guard whom I took his torch in my eyes asking to stop! I tried to tell him that it was for Mika, he didn't care. So I wanted to switch off the phone explaining to Angele (our Zabeille) that I wanted to do as usual on Underwater. That's when Isa said "give him the phone!" Mika was standing above us his hand outstretched and he caught the phone. Sweet revenge on the bad security guy :naughty:   Mika thought the phone was filming so he  filmed himself, his nose and his ass (but it wasn't filming, so we have no video of Mika's nose and butt...). Mika played the maestro with the public taking the role of choir choreographer and light movements. :wub:  People followed him it was beautiful, I felt less alone than at the beginning of the song!
Mika then sang Elle Me Dit.
And then it was the climax of the concert, the summum: Happy Ending.
Mika first sang "normally" but in the end, he left the microphone and sang acapella with us as choir. I was  invaded by emotion! Wow!  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:
Finally, it ends with Love Today, the hall was unleashed and Last Party.
Throughout the show, Mika tried stuff like glasses in the shape of treble clef, he especially loved Mellody's crown,  he kept it almost all the time on his head. However, Isa, your cap got knocked back!!
And it was over ... boosted by Lollipop Mika left. We were all on a cloud, because even without decoration, this concert was really great and we were in paradise for 2 hours.
We could not see Mika after the concert, he left by the back door directly.
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:thumb_yello: Thank you SO much for all these lovely pics Melyssa and Karin!!  :hug:  And your crown is totally amazing Karin - it's easy to  understand that MIKA wanted to wear it, really funny!!  :teehee:  :wub:




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