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new fan from pakistan :)


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:bye: Hi and welcome to the MFC.


If you're looking for something at all MIKA or MFC related, don't hesitate to tell us what you need.

come to the thread and ask please.

The Looking For Something Thread


and here is

Mika Encyclopedia

The better you get to know Mika, the more you'll like him. Have a lot of fun here. :mika3:

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thankyou all for your warm wishes. 

My MIKA story is that i found him just a few days ago when one of my friends sent me "Grace Kelly" on whatsapp . I didn't even noticed it. One day when i was travelling across two cities( it was 5 hr trip), i was listening to my music and this song played. I instantly fell in love. How awesome this singer can be? Such an intermix of high and low notes and every note is perfect. i listened to the song almost 5-6 times over and over again. Then i searched about MIKA online. Honestly, I didn't do anything but to listen his songs interviews live concert video on youtube the whole weekend. And yes the more I know him, the more i fall in love with his perfection. Then I found this forum. I am looking forward to make new friends and discovering more cool things about MIKA here I wish he would have been more popular worldwide. He deserve this more than anyone.

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