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  1. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    I was thinking the same! Also because they will announce winners the day after the contest close maybe they'll read and select every day while mail arrives, so they'll have less work at the end and they just have to random select winners?
  2. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Have you checked out all your mail's sections? Like Spam, or similar? I had difficuties in finding it and I haven't understood yet where my mail stored it; I found it only because I searched for "Mika" in the research bar
  3. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2018

    Come ben sai è la prima volta anche per me, per cui non ne ho idea! Però per quanto riguarda quello di quest'anno, diceva Deb che lo ha consegnato al team di Mika, chiedendo più volte aggiornamenti: ad oggi non si sa se l'abbia ricevuto fisicamente
  4. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2018

    Oddio, il calzetto corto bianco mi sa molto da calze da nonnetto poi mi avevano insegnato che assolutamente un uomo non deve mai mettere i calzini bianchi con i completi ma sono gusti
  5. Hello Everyone!

    Ooops, sorry in my head it was a male name
  6. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2018

    Secondo me non l'ha fatto, ma avendolo letto forse questo ti ha condizionata (?) Boh, probabilmente ero anche mezza addormentata quindi potrebbe benissimo averlo fatto, ma in questo caso le pantofole dove le teneva? In tasca? (Oppure erano semplicemente le sue scarpe che possono essere scambiate abbastanza facilmente per delle ciabatte da vecchio, col calzino bianco poi...) Io nada de nada, né in promozioni, né in spam, da nessuna parte! Però mi fa fare log in e log out quindi boh!
  7. Mika 's wonderful quotes

    I hope you know that's false. Mika didn't finish his book yet and don't recognize any biography about his life. If you are not convinced you can have a look at vids from The voice's recordings: someone wanted him to sign one of those books and he refused, saying "it's not about my life". Some older fans told me he is quite annoyed by those books.
  8. Hello Everyone!

    Hello Ronnie and to MFC! I'm Sirielle from Italy, and -as Cat said- we love to have new middlelings joining our "complaining about college and real life" group and your presence could encourage other male fans in this forum (I know you exist!) coming amongst us too. We don't bite, I promise
  9. Tech Support - 2017 Style

    Thank you anyway *damn technology*
  10. Tech Support - 2017 Style

    After one tag the list doesn't show, and sometimes it doesn't show at all (even with the first one) if I don't tag immediately. Maybe it's a problem of page loading (?)
  11. Tech Support - 2017 Style

    I wrote quote but I mean tag sorry!
  12. I need help!

    I already knew him because of several commercials he did here in Italy, and of course knew his most famous songs, but I never searched for more infos. Then I discovered his world with "vivement dimanche" while I was at my house in France
  13. Tech Support - 2017 Style

    Hello! I can't quote more than one person in the same message both with my phone and pc (I'm using google chrome). To tag two people I have to tag one, recharge the page and continue writing; and then again for three, four... I don't know wheter it's me or technology that hates me
  14. I need help!

    Hello Eva and It's funny because normally it's the opposite, new people introduce themselves in the "introduction" section Anyway I discovered Mika in France as well, but not with The Voice Have fun here