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Mika performs on 'Good Morning America'


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No he looks dead and worn out.


ENJOY A DAY OUT IN A SPA Mika by the looks of it'll do you a world of good.


BTW he is getting more exposure in the USA. People are getting more curious about his music!!!


You are right there , he looks totally worn out , compare the pics from JAN/FEB to now ......

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The notes may be the cutest/sweetest gesture I've seen him do.


(Look, I'm just stating a fact, Christine.)


What's that stuff in his ears?





Arrgghhhh!!! You know I can't hate this man. I can't. He's just too f*ing adorable.

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Wow! Fabulous pictures. Thanks to whoever posted them. He does look "Jeeeez, how much longer do I have to keep smiling and looking like I'm enjoying myself".

I don't know who his management team are but they're working the boy too hard. I know he's young, but he'll burn out before long and then who'll be sorry.

I just hope he has a real good rest between 19th Aug and the start of his Autumn/Winter tour.


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