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MFC World Representatives: Newbies, please read

Rainbow Sky

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Please note: This is not a thread for discussion or random comments.


ONLY MFC World Representative introductions may be posted.


Your understanding and co-operation is appreciated.



This thread is designed to provide information on World Representatives for the MFC newbies. :)



The role of the World Reps includes (and is not limited to) the following:



* Welcome any new members from your country.

* Provide the link to the specific thread for your country, if there is one.

* Introduce the new member to other members from your country

* Attempt to answer any questions new members may have.


Where appropriate:

* Help organise a meet-up of MFC fans. Organise a time and place to meet others before or after the gig.

* Interact with other fans- including non-MFC members. This is an opportunity to spread the word about the MFC and enlist new members.

* Actively promote the fan club with banners, t-shirts, badges, flashing hearts etc





Below, you will find a current list of Reps. This list will be reviewed and periodically updated by me.


If you find that there is currently no representative for your country and you would like to offer your services, please PM me or check out the Rep discussion thread: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8867



MFC World Representatives:


AUSTRALIA: Rainbow Sky




CANADA: Western: carrinevie

Central: Suzy

Eastern: Cassiopée






SPAIN: Queenie


ITALY: Robertina


WALES: Mikafish


ENGLAND: daisylou



BELGIUM: niki27


USA: HollyD



ARGENTINA: marlau_20zr




POLAND: Grace Ally


JAPAN: Blue Sky



GERMANY: Mellody








ROMANIA: Vanessa




EGYPT: Lilly




BRAZIL: sweet




LATVIA: sesil17aa




SWITZERLAND: violetsky


HUNGARY: suzie


ESTONIA: -LolllipopGirl-


CROATIA: chechy










HONDURAS: samantha who?


NORWAY: Savage Beauty


ICELAND: sonjalovestoday


URUGUAY: gasjetter


SOUTH AFRICA: Mika Freaka =)


SLOVENIA: annabelle





DUBAI: racha


SERBIA: Vedrana


COLOMBIA: KaryLovesMika!


LITHUANIA: Karolina!.


LEBANON: cubitus


MONTENEGRO: daniella92


SLOVAKIA: sunshine18


MALAYSIA: kaeryana


TURKEY: dilek


AUSTRIA: ircazo


ISLE OF MAN: Rubytuesday


FRANCE: Axie Dentelle


PERU: juliana penniman


GREECE: nikoulini


CHILE: maar_penniman




I now invite all MFC World Representatives to post an introductory message to new members of their country. :)

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Top Posters In This Topic







Hi guys, I’m Rainbow Sky, the MFC World Representative for Australia.


After joining the MFC in March 2007, I created the first Australian Thread. Home to the Australian fans, many of us gather here daily to chat about Mika and any other random topics. We are currently chatting in The Australian Thread: Part Twenty One:



We have many Aussies here on the forum, and are known as the Aussie Mikamites. We have a fantastic group of people here, and many have become good friends.


My desire is for all Australian fans to feel at home here. Mateship is a big part of being an Aussie, and if you stick around long enough, you are guaranteed to make friends here.


Joining a fan club can be intimidating and overwhelming at first. My advice is to just start posting. The more you post, the more people will recognise you and come to know you.


If you feel more comfortable, I can personally introduce you to other Australian fans.


My role is to make all new fans feel welcome. If any Australian needs any help, has any questions, or just wants to chat to someone, I am available at any time. Please PM me, or find me in the Australian Thread.


I would love to meet each and every one of you, and I hope I have the opportunity to do so at any future Mika gigs or appearances in Oz.


The MFC is a wonderful and exciting community, and I hope all new fans enjoy their time here.

Edited by Rainbow Sky
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Hi there, I am Elanorelle or Suzanne and I am the Western Canadian Rep of the Mika Fan Club.I hail from Victoria on Vancouver Island. I am here to welcome any of you into our Forum and make you feel welcome and have some fun!

:) You can PM me, send me an email via myspace , facebook,or private email (just ask me).


Mika is coming to Vancouver on Feb 15th at the Orpheum and I hope that you can be part of this experience in whatever way possible!


Things I like to do to make this stay enjoyable for you:


1.Welcome you to our forum !!!!! please visit the Canadian Thread and say hello! http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3359

2. Let you know what is happening locally and internationally with regards to contests, shows, concerts , fan gatherings, news bites. I check on this daily !!!!!!!

3. Try to organize a bunch of us when going to a concert .

4. Dinner parties! (I have one planned on Feb 15th in late afternoon)

5. Meet ups: coffee talks!

6. Get to know your fellow Canadians and International MFCers!

7. Ensure safety around gig time ( if you are going to a gig I will give you contact details so you can let me know if you need help if lost or just want to report !)

8. Having fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9.Spreading the Word about MIKA across this part of the world!!!!!


so hope you like it here and LOVE LOVE TODAY!:punk: :punk:

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Benvenuto/a in questo Fan Club di Mika!

Spero tu possa capire/leggere/scrivere un po’ di inglese, così questo sito potrà essere per te un autentico divertimento ed una esperienza unica ed esaltante. Se invece parli solo italiano, potrai trovare informazioni e una chat attiva nel seguente topic (che qui si chiama ‘thread’)

The Italian Thread - part 3


Io sono Roberta e sono la Rappresentante per i fan di lingua italiana. Vuol dire che sono qui per rendere facile la tua permanenza in questo sito, posso darti informazioni e tradurre per te le cose che non capisci.

Mandami un Private Message (messaggio personale) cliccando sul mio nome e ti risponderò appena possibile.


Ti invito comunque a iniziare un thread per presentarti nella sezione ‘Introductions’ e a scrivere un post anche nell’ Italian Thread, dove troverai sicuramente qualcuno collegato pronto a darti un caloroso benvenuto. Non essere timido/a, vedrai che entrerai subito in questo pazzo vortice di divertimento legato a Mika….ti pare poco! Dai allora, scrivi adesso!


Inoltre, sono qui per organizzare eventuali incontri prima dei concerti sia in Italia che all’estero

e magari anche qualche incontro fra di noi fan durante l’anno.


Fra i miei compiti c’è anche quello di tenere qualche contatto con i fan di altri forum italiani: se fai parte di uno di questi e vuoi comunicarcelo, sei libero/a di farlo e potremo interagire in modo fruttuoso!


Pronto/a per tuffarti in questa avventura? VAI!

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Jamen hej dav og velkommen til :yay:

Vi er ikke så mange danskere herinde, så vi deler tråd med de andre vikinger - kig endelig forbi :mf_rosetinted:http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9962

Der er ingen grund til at forsøge at skjule det, jeg er uden tvivl fanklubbens sløveste repræsentant, så jeg opdager sjældent nye medlemmer med mindre de gør opmærksom på at de er her - det bedste råd jeg kan give er at du bare skal kaste dig ud i det og begynde at snakke med folk, de er allesammen søde og hjælpsomme :arf2:

Hvis du har spørgsmål så er du naturligvis altid velkommen til at sende en PM :mf_rosetinted:



MFC repræsentant for Danmark :yay:

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Bine ati venit la forumul Mika !Va rog vizitati threadul romanesc si vorbiti cu fani romani !


Rolul meu este sa primesc fanii romani si sa-i faca sa se simte comfortabili cu fanii straini !Daca aveti intrebari trimiteti -mi mesaje (PM-uri)si va ajut cu orice si va stau la dispozitie mai ales ca eu sunt aici online mai tot timpul !:biggrin2:

Sper sa va distrati aici dar sunt sigura ca o sa va placa la nebunie !Nu va fie rusine sa postati in threaduri !

Sper ca intr-o zi o sa-l vedem si pe Mika la noi !!


Representatul roman la MFC !

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Eastern Canada





Bienvenue sur le Mika Fan Club (MFC), le meilleur endroit pour tout connaître de Mika et rencontrer des gens fantastiques!


Je suis Cassiopée et j'habite Montréal. Je suis devenue accro de Mika puis de ce site. Je suis ici pour vous faciliter la tâche pour comprendre le fonctionnement du forum mais aussi pour vous aider à vous y intégrer.


Si vous avez des questions concernant les sujets, des sous-entendus (inside) que vous ne comprenez pas ou des questions de traduction, n'hésitez pas à m'écrire un message privé (private message). Vous n'avez qu'à cliquer sur mon nom puis choisir send a private message to Cassiopée ou aller dans votre boîte de réception en cliquant sur Private Messages dessous Welcome, ... en haut à droite de la page.


J'organise également certaines activités et j'assiste aux plus grands nombres de spectacles dans ma région!


Visitez le Canadian Thread pour rencontrer d'autres membres canadiens et être au courant des activités du forum.Vous pouvez écrire en français dans le Canadian thread mais c'est mieux de le faire en anglais pour que tous les membres comprennent.


Si vous voulez écrire en français, je vous suggère le sujet francophone où des francophones du Québec, de la France, de la Belgique, etc. peuvent discuter en français.



English version coming soon....

Edited by Cassiopée
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Laat ik beginnen met jullie welkom te heten op het forum!

Ik ben heel slecht in het schrijven van die soort stukjes dus ik ga het kort houden. :naughty:


Als je vragen hebt over het forum, over hoe dingen werken, hoe je een thread moet starten or gewoon algemene dingen.. dan kun je daarmee bij mij terecht. Ik zal je zo goed mogelijk proberen te helpen. :)


Er zijn een hoop Nederlandse mensen op dit forum (allemaal even lief) en we zouden het leuk vinden als je je bij ons voegt in de Dutch thread! Deze kun je hier vinden:


(Dit is een link naar deeltje 13.. Als die vol is dan wordt er een nieuwe thread gemaakt.. misschien is die thread er al wanneer je dit leest, dat zou best kunnen!)


Nou ja, dat was het wel zo'n beetje. Veel plezier op het forum en als er iets is dan hoor ik het wel!


xxx Diana

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United States of America


Hello! My name is Holly, and I am the MFC World Representative for the U.S.A.


First of all I would like to welcome ALL the newbies. You can always find fellow Americans here: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11573&highlight=american+thread


I joined the MFC in June of 2007, after discovering a new pop star that lite up my world. Mika instantly became a HUGE part of my life and over the past year he has become an everyday part of my family. *Some people take longer to convert than others* LOL


There are ALOT of Americans here and everyone of them are just a joy. I have found that everyone is extremely friendly and helpful.


Mika is about to start his North American Dodgy Holiday Tour and will be in the following cities:


Philadelphia, PA- January 31, 2008 :Electric Factory.

Boston, MA- February 1, 2008 :Orpheum Theatre

New York, NY- February 2, 2008 : Terminal 5

Chicago, IL- February 5, 2008 : House of Blues

Minneapolis, MN- February 6, 2008 :First Avenue

Salt Lake City, Utah- February 8, 2008 : The Venue

Los Angeles, CA-February 11, 2008 :The Wiltern

San Francisco, CA- February 12, 2008 :The Warfield

Seattle, WA- February 14, 2008 :Showbox SoDo.


I hope that all of the Americans can make it to one of the shows. I will be at Terminal 5 in New York on February 2.....HOPE to see you there!!!!!


If there is anything you need at all I am avaliable via PM or you can find me in the American Thread.


We are so glad you joined the MFC, and look forward to getting to know you!

Don't be shy!!!!!

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South africa


Welcome all newbies i am sure you will all enjoy yourselves here!!!


Im Shameez aka Mika Freaka =) the world representative for South Africa, so if any newcomers are from SA, feel free to pm me... unfortunatly there arent many Sa fans, so a thread of just south africans wasnt created. But either way, im here if you need help:wink2:

Edited by Mika Freaka =)
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Hola! Soy Queenie, y soy la representante del MFC para España.


Llegué aquí hacía Mayo de 2007 y decidí crear un tema unicamente para españoles y hispanohablantes. Ahora mismo estamos en la segunda parte del mismo :wink2:



En este foro hay muchos hispanoparlantes y bastantes españoles (sobre todo españolas) que hemos creado auténticos lazos de amistad gracias al mundo de Mika.


Todos sois bienvenidos a pasar por nuestro tema. El motivo con el que se creó este club de fans no sólo fue por hablar del maravilloso Mika, sino que también es una gran comunidad donde se puede hablar de cualquier cosa y se crean muy buenas relaciones. No tengais miedo a entrar en el tema español y preguntar lo que querais. Como he dicho anteriormente, sois muy bienvenidos.


Si teneis cualquier problema adicional, sólo teneis que poneros en contacto conmigo, mandame un PM o encontrandome en The Spanish Thread (Part 2). Queremos que la comunidad de Mika siga creciendo internacionalmente y queremos que tú formes parte de ella.


Espero que Mika vuelva pronto a España y así pueda conoceros a cada uno más personalmente, haciendo quedadas para los conciertos y otras actividades.


Sentiros como en casa :wink2:



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Hello, I'm Mikafish also known as Vicky.


I live in the hills of Snowdonia in North Wales.


Unfortunatly Mika hasn't played in Wales yet but I remind him and John (his tour manager) that he has Welsh fans whenever I get the oppurtunity. So keep your fingers crossed maybe on the next tour!


At the moment there don't seem to be enough Welsh members to have our own Welsh Thread but hopefully more Dragons will see the Mika light.


I try to get to as many Mika gigs as my boss and my wages will allow me and please fel free to approach me! (I'll either be in a Tophat or a Jesters Mask!)


So whether you are Welsh by birth or you just live in the glorious Country please get in touch!




Diolch yn Fawr!



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World Rep for Scotland


Hi, I am Kath and I am the MFC world rep for Scotland.:thumb_yello:


I am totally useless at fancy graphics or flags or anything like that so I will apologise now :naughty:


However, I aim to be as helpful as I can be!:thumb_yello:


I am on here most days and if I haven't seen you do please feel free to drop me a PM and I will reply as soon as is humanly possible!:wink2:


Whenever Mika plays Glasgow, (so far his only Scottish venue other than T in the Park) we have a brilliant time and we will be delighted for you to join us :punk: Last November we had a fantastic MFC meet up when we had peole joining us from the US, Italy and all parts of the UK.


I am, of course, totally mad, but please don't let that put you off! :shocked:


There aren't loads and loads of fans yet here in Scotland.... however, we may be small but we are VERY mighty!:naughty:

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Moje ime je Ana in sem MFC predstavnica za Slovenijo...no, ni tak uradno kot zveni.:roftl: Tu sem pač zato, da se lahko kadarkoli, če imaš kakršnokoli vprašnje, če te karkoli zanima ali če ti kaj ni jasno, obrneš na mene.

Na forumu sem kar dosti (pač nimam življenja:naughty: ), tako da bom ti poskušala pomagat v najkrajšem možnem času.


Prav tako imamo svoj ''thread'' v katerem debatiramo o vsem mogočem...Vas moram opozorit, da se ne bi kdo prestrašil, ko bi bral naše ''bedarije''.:bleh:

Evo, in tu je link do našega svetišča- http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13836. Ne se ustrašit, da je večinoma vse v srbo-hrvaščini, to je zato, ker so le-ti v večini in smo si ga postavili za nek uradni jezik. Ampak seveda- brez skrbi pišite v slovenščini!:wink2:


No, kaj še o meni- da bo v teh dnevih preteklo eno leto od kar sem prvič slišala za Miko in njegovo glasbo, marca sem se pridružila tej veliki 'družini' in to je nekak to.

Do sedaj mi je uspelo prit na samo en njegov koncert, upam pa (in tud resno načrtujem, haha), da se to spremeni z novo evropsko turo.


Za takrat upam, da ga prineslo kar se da bližu naši državi, morda kar v Slovenijo. To bi bilo (pre)lepo!

V vsakem primeru- če bo kjerkoli v bližini in če ste seveda zato, se lahko dogovorimo, da jo mahnemo na koncert skupaj. V tem primeru bom organizirala naše srečanje.


To je to za enkrat!;)

PS: Sedaj pa upam, da se bo sploh pojavil še kdo iz naše male kurice.:fisch: Koliko vem iz glave so se do zdaj opogumile samo punce in sicer Freya, Zalika, Pozna in pa moja malenkost!


Obilo zabave!



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Olá, o meu nome é Mariana (aka Mary), tenho 23 anos e sou a representante de Portugal aqui no MFC.


Sou fã do Mika desde Julho de 2006, e desde essa altura que tento "espalhar a palavra" por todo o lado! :roftl:

Fico contente por ver que cada vez aparecem mais Portugueses aqui no fórum, e espero que tenhamos a oportunidade de, em breve, ver o Mika ao vivo e fazer-lhe uma grande recepção! E claro, aproveitar para nos conhecermos pessoalmente! :thumb_yello:


Temos um tópico português aqui no fórum (ou melhor, um tópico EM português), partilhado sobretudo com os nossos companheiros brasileiros, e onde podemos debater tudo na nossa língua (por isso, mesmo que não se sintam à vontade com o inglês, não se inibam de participar!!!)

Aqui fica o endereço: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18176



Aproveito também para dar a conhecer os sites portugueses dedicados ao Mika:


Mikalândia (FÓRUM): http://mikalandia.forumup.org


Mikalândia (BLOG): http://mikalandia.wordpress.com


MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/mikaportugal



Inscrevam-se, apareçam, participem e sobretudo...DIVIRTAM-SE!


Qualquer dúvida, podem contactar-me por PM ou no tópico português! :wink2:





Edited by Mary
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I think I'll write this more for myself than for anyone lol, but I'll do it anyway!!

Ech schreiwen dat elo op franséisch, fir dass jiddereen et versteet, mais ech schwätzen awer och lëtzebuergesch do as guer kee Problem :wink2:


Je sais bien que les Luxembourgeois ne sont pas très adeptes des forums etc. mais s'il y en a qui traînent sur le forum sans s'inscrire ou sans poster, je vous dis: postez!!! vous verrez c'est super, vous n'allez pas le regretter! et puis j'adorerais parler avec des gens qui viennent de mon pays :D


Si vous hésitez ou si vous avez des question n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer un message privé je suis là pour vous aider!!


Comme il y a beaucoup de francophones au Luxembourg qui ne se sentent peut-être pas si à l'aise en anglais, je vous mets le lien du topic où on parle en français! topic francophone


Wi gesot ech schwätzen och lëtzebuergesch, mais ech hun dat lo op franséisch geschriwwen, well een hei am Land jo nie weess wéi eng Sprooch ee soll schwätzen :wink2:

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Hei, og velkommen til alle nye medlemmer fra Norge.

Til tross for Mikas overveldende popularitet på Norske hitlister, er det ikke mange fans som har funnet veien hit, men vi er desto mer glade for de som gjør det. Og sammen kan vi nok få opp øynene på andre nordmenn om at dette stedet finnes :)


Vi Nordmenn har i tillegg til det generelle forumet, 2 egne tråder å boltre oss i:


Vikings United som vi også deler med de andre Skandinavene på forumet, og


Vår egen Norske tråd. Er du usikker på engelsk eller bare har lyst til å prate med likesinnede fra ditt eget område, er disse trådene geniale, der snakker vi på våre egne språk.


En god del av oss har allerede møttes på tidligere Mika konserter, og vi håper på at den gjengen skal bli veldig mye større på fremtidige konserter i Norge- for DET må vi få til at det blir!! ;)


Hvis det er noe du lurer på på forumet, om menneskene her el.l, er det bare å sende meg en pm, så skal jeg se hva jeg kan hjelpe med :)



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Ha magyar vagy és szerencsésen rátaláltál erre az oldalra, akkor ne menj tovább! Különböző életkorú és érdeklődési körű emberkék látogatják ezt a honlapot, és biztos akad olyan téma, amihez szívesen hozzászólnál.


Ne aggódj, ha nem tökéletes az angolod, megpróbálok segíteni, amiben csak lehet. Általában minden nap bejelentkezek, de ha véletlen nem vettem észre az első kommentedet, és jól jönne az extra segítség, nygodtan küldj PM-et (private message).:wink2:


Ha azonban egyáltalán nem boldogulsz az angollal, akkor ajánlom Mika magyar rajongói oldalát, amelyet Zsina, az MFC tagja készített és rendszeresen frissíti is azt. Íme a link:



Jelenleg egy kezemen meg tudnám számolni azon magyarokat, akik valaha írtak erre az oldalra, az aktív tagokról nem is beszélve, így nagyon úgy tűnik, hogy a külföldi MFC tagok utazási infoval való ellátása lesz a fő feladatom az idei évben, főleg, ha tényleg lesz Mika koncert a Szigeten. ....




If you are Hungarian and lucky enough to have found this site, you are more than welcome to stay and join the conversation. There are threads for all age groups and different interests, too, and I am confident that you will find many interesting topics you want to discuss.


Don’t feel intimidated if your English is not perfect, I will do my best to help you.

I try to visit most days but in case I miss your intro somehow, feel free to send me a PM. :wink2:


However, in case you are completely at a loss with English, you might want to visit the Hungarian Mika site that Zsina, an MFC member created last May and updates it with news on a reguar basis. Here is the link:



At the moment, one of my hands would be enough to count the number of Hungarians ever writing to this site, let alone the active posters, so helping MFC members from other countries with any info on travel and accommodation looks like the most important activity I should be engaged in this year – especially if Mika comes to Sziget festival in the summer...

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Hola!!! que suerte que encontaron éste sitio!!! yo me llamo Ana vivo en Cancún y soy la Rep. de México!!!, bueno pues yo me uní al MFC (Mika Fan Club) en Agosto cómo 2 semanas antes del cumple de Mika, jaja.


Yo estoy aquí para ayudar a todos lo nuevos y darles una buena BIENVENIDA!!!, por favor si tienen alguna duda, comentario, o simplemente quieren platicar, no duden en mandarme un PM (Private Message).


Éste es The mexican thread, está en mika forums/general chin wagging:


Entren, ahí están los demás mexicanos, más demás personas geniales de otros paises. Estoy segura de que seguirán llegando más!, si tienen vergÜenza de empezar a conocer a demás personas, díganme y yo con gusto les presentaré!


También tenemos el MMFC(Mexican Mika Fan Club) es un myspace:


y tambien http://www.mundomika.com

que recién se creó por un MFCer mexicano!!!, ese no es exclusivo de mexicanos, pero está en español!! ahí se pueden enterar de las noticias más recientes y no tan recientes sobre Mika, si es que no se les dá muy bien el english, pasen por ahí!


Cuando venga Mika, que esperemos sea éste año, organizaré las reuniones con MFCER'S, y también pueden comentar y mandar fotos si es que se reunen con otros fans que vivan cerca de uds.


No olviden unirse a proyectos!! y sean pacientes!. Apropocito ya casi somos oficiales!!!!!!!



saludos, Ana.

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היי לכולם!

אז אני הנציגה של גולשי האתר מישראל ולכן אני כאן כדיי לעזור למי שצריך הכל שאלה או בעייה :) או סתם אם בא לכם לדבר בעברית.


!האתר אולי נראה בהתחלה קצת מבלבל אבל אם טיפה נסיון תראו שכייף פה והעיקר כולם אוהבים את מיקה


אתם יכולים גם להכנס לעמוד הישראלים באתר אם בא לכם לדבר עם עוד ישראלים מהארץ או מהעולם.



אני אישית כרגע גרה בלוס אנג'לס אבל מגיעה לארץ מידיי פעם :)


בקיצור! אני פה בשביל לעזור!

אשמח להכיר עוד מעריצים ישראליים אז קדימה!!! תתחילו לכתוב בפורום... :thumb_yello:

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Hola! soy Sofi, la representante de Argentina.

Al 1º Thread lo creo Nadu (lollipop_dealer) hace ya unos cuantos meses! Ahora ya estamos en la parte 6... :bleh:




Sientanse como en casa! sepan q gente nueva es mas q bienvenida!

En este momento somos 54.. y tenemos varios visitantes de otros paises!

Esperemos q Mika se de cuenta q por aca se lo esta esperando hace mucho y de una vez por todas venga!!


Cualquier duda o problema que tengan no duden en mandarme un PM o hablar por MSN :thumb_yello:


Bienvenidos!!! :thumb_yello:



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Welcome to the MFC!


I am Charlotte (aka Charlie) and I am one of the United States representatives for the Mika Fan Club.


I've been a fan since July 27, 2007. I would have been a fan longer but somehow, he was off my radar!! Not sure how that happened..but it did.


I first saw Mika on "So you think you can Dance." I record the show every week and when I saw Mika, I started fast forwarding. I know, slap my hands, but I did it to every act! However, my fast forward wasn't working...so, I was made to watch him. All I can say about that is...."Thank you God!" I was completely mesmorized and ended up REWINDING about 10 times to watch him over and over. And now look at me.....I'm a U.S rep. LOL! Wow, how quickly one's life can change.


We are looking forward to your being a part of the MFC. Don't be shy about checking out the threads. Just jump right in and introduce yourself. You'll find everyone here to be warm and inviting.


You can find me in the following threads:

The American Thread: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/sh...merican+thread

The Oldings Thread (A place for those 30 and above..of course, any age is welcome. We don't act our age in there.) :naughty:



The North American Tour:


Philadelphia, PA- January 31, 2008 :Electric Factory.

Boston, MA- February 1, 2008 :Orpheum Theatre

New York, NY- February 2, 2008 : Terminal 5

Chicago, IL- February 5, 2008 : House of Blues

Minneapolis, MN- February 6, 2008 :First Avenue

Salt Lake City, Utah- February 8, 2008 : The Venue - I'll be in attendance

Los Angeles, CA-February 11, 2008 :The Wiltern - I'll be in attendance

San Francisco, CA- February 12, 2008 :The Warfield

Seattle, WA- February 14, 2008 :Showbox SoDo.


I will be at the Los Angeles show on February 11th and I may be at the SLC show. Please look me up or PM me to let me know if you are going. I would love to meet you there.


If you have any questions, please PM me anytime. If you are unable to reach me, please contact HollyD, who is also one of the US Reps. She'll also be glad to answer any of your questions.




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Germany / Deutschland




Ein herzliches Hallo an alle deutschen Mikafans! :original: Ich bin Karin aus München, seit Anfang April 2007 hier angemeldet, und stehe euch gerne bei allen Fragen rund um Mika und den MFC (Mika Fan Club) zur Verfügung. Schreibt mir einfach eine PM (Private Mitteilung), ich helfe euch gerne weiter. :wink2:


Ansonsten könnt ihr auch jederzeit im deutschen Thread dieses Forums um Hilfe bitten oder einfach mit anderen deutschen Mitgliedern chatten: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2087 .


Viel Spaß! :original:

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My name is Daisylou and I along with Cazgirl are your ENGLAND REPS!!!!

Basically if you have any problems at all....we don't mind how small..if we can help we will! If one of us isn't here the other one usually is but just pm us and we will get back to you.

Your best bet is to have a nosey around to find your feet then just post away! Our forum is your soapbox!

If you are not aware already....do you really come from ENGLAND or Mars?

MIKA! is playing 25,26 and 28th February in London!!!!

If you want tickets check out the spare ticket thread you never know your luck!

Hopefully if you are going to the gigs will see you there! if you are just posting on the forum sure we will bump into each other somewhere along the line!

Take Care

and remember this is what you need to make you happy....

.......LOVE, LIFE and LOLLIPOPS!!!! and MIKA! of course that goes without saying!!!


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Hoi liebi Schwiizer Herzlich Willkomme uf MFC (Mika fan club) :wub2:


Ihr sind hie genau richtig :biggrin2: MFC isch zimlich es grosses Forum, aber ihr gwöhned üch sicher schnell dra.

Wenner irgendwelchi Frage hend, chönder üch immer a mich wende.

Wenn ihr uf min Name klicked, chönder dete "send a private message to violetsky" wähle und mich so am schnellschte kontaktiere.


Falls ihr am Konzert gsi sind in Winterthur lescht Jahr, denn findeder hie Infos und Bilder und chönd au über üchi eigeni Erfahrig dete schribe Mika in Winterthur



Es gid au en Thread extra für d Schwiizer, aber de isch chli usgstorbe, will mir so wenig sind ;)Schwiizer Thread


Drum gönder villicht besser zum Deutsch Thread, wenner chli uf Dütsch schribe wend: Deutsch Thread




Bienvenue sur le MFC (Mika Fan Club):wub2:


je suis la représentante suisse mais étant donné que mon français est plus que médiocre, si vous avez des questions, il est préférable que vous vous adressiez à la représentante belge Niki27.


French Thread: The French Thread




Ciao membri Svizzeri benevenuti nel MFC (Mika fan club) :wub2:


Sono la rappresentante per la Svizzera ma non parlo italiano. Perciò se avete domande è meglio chiediate alla referente italiana Robertina.

C'è anche un thread in italiano: The Italian Thread







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