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New Message from Mika - Talking About The New Website!


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I can't wait to see how the new website will look like!!!! All the new stuff he's talking about, hmm it just sounds awesome!!

All this means a more involving participation by the man himself, the blog, the mini-docs, comic strips...Aaaaaah, can't wait can't wait!!!!:woot_jump:


...and doesn't he say "over the next 2 weeks"? :das:

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That just made me so happy.

I've missed that boy.




how could I forget to add, that even just the homepage looks amazing.

Can't wait to see the rest of the site.



How cool is that? He has like his own little entourage of creative people to design his own little world.

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I wonder if he read all the b*tching on the Luke is no longer a band member thread? cuz there was a looong bit on how Mika should be keeping us more updated...



that smile at the end, I couldn't stop smiling.

and his shirt :D

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