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2016 - Opera di Firenze, Italy 30 December - Reports/Pics/Vids


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I might post a full review later, I don't have time to say more right now, but it was my first Mika symphonic concert and I had an amazing time!! So happy :wub: 
Edit: review posted! here
And more pictures here





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I think, we'd better post about the party in its thread HERE.



What I posted so far: https://www.instagram.com/p/BOqUCZfAayz/





Might post a full review later. I don't have time to say more right now but it was my first Mika symphonic concert and I had an amazing time!! So happy :wub:

+ some pictures I didn't post anywhere else (it's in this topic that we have to post reviews and photos about the MFC party right? Or do we have to post here or in another topic not yet created? If it's not here that we're supposed to post about the party tell me and I'll move my pictures to the right topic):







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On 31/12/2016 at 9:33 PM, mari62 said:


I think, we'd better post about the party in its thread HERE.


Okay, I just posted my pics in this other thread instead of here :thumb_yello:

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It was a dream came true!!! I was so happy, full of joy and touched that even now I don't realize.

It was truly perfect, Mika's voice is so powerful, pure and beautiful and it matches perfectly with the orchestra...so much art!!!

I feel so lucky to have lived this magic experience...????

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okay back from Florence, full of emotions. First, a big grazie for our Italien members for organizing so much , great job :wub: :wub:

´Now, what about to say about the shows(s)?  I have been to both. Most of the time I had goose bumps, esp the parts with that great choir, had to cry full of emotion. Montreal was great,( had been there) Como as well but this time it gave an increase again, never thought it would be possible but it was, Thank you, Mika, thank you Simon Declerc, thank you orchestra and chor, :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

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I'm coming back to the reality after the two Mika's symphony concerts in Florence!! ;)

About the first concert, I adored the complicity between him and the orchestra, the chorus, Ida, Max and Simon Leclerc! It was very emotional!! :)

Mika was wonderful from start to finish!!

The playlist was like Como but the atmosfere was more compelling!!

It was a very special evening!! ❤

My pics and one photo with my friends and me in the audience: :)






















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I can't really put words on what I felt that night yet, I went out of the theater completely exhausted like I've been emotionnaly drained... exhausted but in heaven


Here are some pics:



















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And my vids (sorry for the movements I wasn't looking at all at what I was doing Xd)


Boum Boum Boum:


Love you when I'm drunk:



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Hello again! I have finally posted more :)


Photos: here (the pictures I took at the opera are definitely not as nice as the ones posted above though :P)


Review: here :)


And the video of when Mika left on the 30th!

(you can see/remember how crazy it was...)

I think that's all  :naughty:





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It was my third trip in Firenze ,one of the most beautyful town I've ever visited and this time to finaly attempt a Mika symphonic concert after missing Montréal (bad schedule) and Como (Bad ticket organisation... :wink2: )

I realy enjoyed every minute of these 3 days ,visiting the town one more time under a shinning sun ,meeting some new Mika fans at the party and NewYears eve dinner and of course delighted by every song at the opéra

The chorus was so good and I was happy we had Ida back 

I was so deep inside his world that I even thinking taking pictures  (anyway it was not allowed) ,I just made some at the very end while everything was over


Here there are:














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Hello there  :)


I finally decided to write a small (or what I intend to be a small) report of my trip to Florence and these 2 unforgettable shows.  I used to write reports for all the gigs I attended, but I have to admit that after some time, you feel like repeating yourself even if I can totally differentiate each and every gig I've been to and I have started to keep more memories to myself. Florence is a completely different experience though.  I took the opportunity of these 2 shows to plan real holidays with my partner in crime Melyssa, and even if obviously I couldn't wait to see Mika especially in such a context, I know the trip would have been worth it even without an ounce of Mika in it  :teehee:

I arrived in Florence on Tuesday night, later than planned, as my plane was diverted to Venice because of the fog.  The bus tour Venice-Florence by night could have been nice if there was less fog and if the driver was a little more careful  :shocked:  Kind of had the fear of my life in there!  :sneaky2:

Anyway, after this misadventure, everything went well; so well I'm still wondering if this wasn't a dream.  Melyssa and I had 2 full days to discover the city and oh my, what a city  :wub:  We were struck by the beauty and grandeur of the whole Piazza del Duomo, so much that we wanted all of our fellow Mika fans to get the same view from the exact same street when they arrived on the day of the show  :naughty:  I'm glad that I managed to climb the 400 steps or so of the Campanile on the first day and of the Cupola on the 2nd, what an amazing sight of the city and its surroundings we got from there :wub:  Unbelievable. We were lucky to have time to wander around all famous buildings (Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella), to get another very pretty view of the city from the other side of the river at Piazza Michelangelo, and even to visit twice the old Pharmacy Santa Maria Novella (it was fun to tell our friends that we wanted them to visit a pharmacy :teehee: )

On the 30th my feet were already killing me as it was time to welcome our close friends coming from Paris. I'm glad that most of them had time to visit Florence a bit before we had to get ready for the MFC Party.  I arrived there quite early and the atmosphere was already really good.  I met some fans for the first time, saw some I've met before, it was lovely. We took pictures, danced and sang a bit, had a piece of that gigantic cake. Thank you so much to all the people involved, it was a big success and I would have stayed longer if it wasn't for the show after xD

Now, about the show itself. I was so eager as it was my first symphonic show... I was very happy with my seat on the first night, I was quite close to the stage and could see every expression on Mika's face.  I was totally absorbed in his performance, I almost didn't look at anything else around.  His voice was so powerful, every single word he sang sounded so 'true' and emotional, the arrangements and the choir made it all so beautiful that there are moments I swear I wasn't breathing anymore.  My favourites were as I expected Heroes, Origin, Last Party, Over My Shoulder and Happy Ending; but also more surprisingly Any Other World (had me in tears on the 1st night) and Good Guys (which I had forgotten he also sang at these symphonic shows) Ok that's a lot of favourites :biggrin2: The whole show was just so spectacular my neighbours and myself simply almost created a shortage in tissues in Florence  :mf_rosetinted:  I appreciated the moment of 'craziness' allowed on EMD, and the encore with GK, I wonder how we all sounded from the stage xD

After this 1st show with friends we went back to the nice restaurant where the MFC Party was held and we had pizza, of course.  I had trouble getting to sleep on that night, with my feet hurting as hell but mostly because I was reliving the concert in my head xD I couldn't believe that there was a second one coming.

The 2nd show then.  My seat was not as good as on the 1st night and we were separated from most people we knew but I believe it was the exact middle of the Opera (from length and width) and well, I wonder whether the venue isn't made for the sound to be perfect right at this place because OMG the sound (and view on the orchestra BTW) was just a-maz-ing  :shocked:  I looked at Mika much less than on the 30th and that was good, maybe I noticed less details in his way of interpreting but getting the whole view made the experience even more impressive to me.  I heard Ida more on the 2nd night, the choir as well, and some gestures that Mika made matched so well with the violins right beside him at the same time I found it all very poetic  :wub:  My favourites were the same than on the 1st night but I also very much enjoyed Overrated and Make You Happy, that I don't particularly listen to in their album versions. I forgot to mention Mika's monologue, he really is a very good orator, I didn't get all the words in Italian but he transported me elsewhere on both nights. I feel quite lucky to have seen this in front of me. I expected a crazy EMD as an encore and instead we got that nice moment on Underwater and then it was the end with him asking us to make as much noise as possible in 15 seconds to celebrate the New Year.  Sorry Mika I tried but at this point in the week I had been outside walking too much and had been through so many emotions I almost didn't have any voice left   :P

After the show I just managed to get a glimpse of Mika behind the grid and my friends told me later that he thanked Italian fans and MFC for their organisation and generosity.  He seemed very happy from what I could see.  Then we went back again to the same restaurant by the Opera and we welcomed 2017 there watching the fireworks  :yay:

I really don't regret that little 'madness' (I've always thought that if I had to take the plane to see Mika somewhere I would reach a turning point), the thing with Mika is I never regret anything I've done to see him... On the contrary, I'm just having the time of my life!  I will never forget that trip.  Thank you to everyone I met along the way (and we missed those who couldn't come)  :wub:

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