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Hi everyone, I'm Franzi


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Hi there,


My name is Franziska (though most people just call me Franzi), and I'm a 25 year old Mika fan from Germany. I re-discovered Mika last year through the ESC and decided to get tickets for the concert in Colmar in July 2022. Well, that was the moment when I became fan, the show was just amazing! My first contact with Mika's music, however, was in back in 2011 when I did a school exchange to France. Back then, Elle me dit was played a lot on the french radio and TV, and I remember how much I loved the videoclip! Unfortunately, I never really looked up the artist, so it was only last year that I discovered the full Mika universe. I'm really looking forward to the discussions and exchange in this forum, as well as to connecting with other fans (maybe even some people from (southern) Germany?)




PS: The foto attached is from my very first Mika concert in Colmar last year (I was lucky enough to be in the very first rows). Regarding the upcoming concerts, I am planning to attend the one in Berlin and I would love to meet some of you in person there!


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9 hours ago, Littlelady said:

Hi Franzi, welcome, woher kommst du? Freuen uns über deutschen Zuwachs, du bist also auch in Berlin?

Ich komme aus dem Nürnberger Großraum, also Süddeutschland. In Berlin bin ich aber auf jeden Fall mit am Start! :) 

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Franzi, I am new-ish here too…this is a very welcoming bunch of people with great taste :mikasweat:and there are more resources, links, videos, and conversations here to enjoy than you can imagine! Welcome.

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