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Hi, I am Lars! :)

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Hi everyone,


My name is Lars, I am 28 years old and from Germany.


I became a Mika fan in 2022 when he performed at the Eurovision Song Contest and I realized how many of his songs I already knew and enjoyed.


I registered here shortly after, but was only kind of a quiet reader so far.

 I have seen Mika live once in Strasbourg this year and I will see him again in London (Kew Gardens) and Schwetzingen later this year.


I love watching live performances and have already watched many recordings of Mikas live shows.


I am looking forward to becoming a part of this community.

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Hi Lars and thanks for posting :bye:


Mika is amazing to watch live.  (It might rain at Kew so make sure you have something waterproof to wear :naughty:)

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Hello and welcome! :welcomeani: 


I hope you have a wonderful time in London and Schwetzingen and enjoy being a part of the MFC! 

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Hi @SirPumpkin :welcomeani:


Seems like you've caught the Mika bug, for which there is no cure. You'll just have to continue going to gigs to get your fix!


Have fun here and I'm sure you'll get to know more fans within the community! 😊

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Hi, Lars! :bye: I see you've been here for more than two years now, so keep enjoy the place, and Mika live as well! :thumb_yello:

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