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A Message To MIKA And Everyone Here


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Heya :)

i just wanted to make an Official post for u all :)


i came here for the first time around january. just about 2 months ago and so much has hapened since than!

i moved From Israel to LA.... huge thing for me!

i met so many nice people here! its amazing :) ive been to few forums in the past and i gotta say that this place is one of the best!

thank u all for being so welcoming and nice :) u all know im going threw some hard times now with the move and leaving my boyfriend and friends in Israel...so THANK YOU!

it was great meeting some of u at the shows and i hope to meet more of u!


and MIKA! my lovley MIKA...if u read this, thank you for being SO nice at the LA show and at virgin, im glad u loved the scrapbook so much....

your music is something so special its even hard to describe the way it makes me feel...and im sure everyone here at the forum will agree :)

we all love you and SUPER greatfull for EVERYTHING you do for us.


thats all

*hugs* from me.....

and now ill let everyone write a little message for you MIKA...so maybe u could read if u come visit the forum :)... come on everyone...i know u want to ;)


maybe lets everyone post ONE post here? so mika could read everyone posts?

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that's sweet! :blush-anim-cl:


mika, if there's anything i can add on it's that you make me smile. and you never disappoint us! so polite too and incredibly sweet...even when us fans jump all over you! and...god i really can't think of everything on the spot but i hope you're having just as awesome a time as you're making us have. oh who am i kidding; course you are!


you're the first singer that ever made me go out and buy a whole CD instead of just downloading one or 2 tracks. and you're the reason why i want an iPod- have the irresisstible urge to dance to LICM when i'm at the bus stop. :roftl:


and fellow MFCers, you all make my DAY! :)

don't know where i'd be without people to relate my random ramblings with. my friends think i've gone mika crazy, and just extremely happier in general!

everyone here is SO polite, so kind...so much fun! it's not like a forum at all; more like a community. and we all have not just music taste in common, but a personality too.


sivan, glad that you feel better. :punk:

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I'd like to say thanks to Mika for showing up when he did.

Last year I had two operations on my neck, one to remove a lump and then finding out the I had cancer of the thyroid and then having to get the rest of my thyroid out and going for radiation. After that was done, I found Mika and his music, that made me feel that life was ok, and that I'm going to get out of this and get better.


Well, so far Mika, your my light, my angel, and every time I feel the need of a pick me up I think of you.


Let's just say that everyone that is following your success will see the life that you give to them.

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:band::groupwave::harp: :harp: thanks, Sivan, beautifully put!


:wub2: Hi Mika,:wub2:



We hold your music deep in our heart, you touch us, you move us, you guide us ,you're with us, all day long!


you make me happy when I'm down, your music reaches far beyond the norm, you're a person, so sound and unique, you are Mika, different to all!


For me you are the best performer, the teacher and person (even your looks are so unique!) I've ever followed so closely....



You are yourself, don't ever bend nor give in to fit the mould, stay MIka , don't listen to those who want to shape and mould you..they'll one day wake up and start to listen...so look ahead...


i love you dearly for all you have given, even your braces hanging down makes me shiver, you're so very special to me, you are my Mika!

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Ohhh hello!


Well actually I think Cherisse is much sexier than you so I cant really comment on how fantastically sexy you are :mf_lustslow:


So I hope you do come and read this cause there are a lot of fantastic people who love you and your music.Also to spare the time after the May gigs and meet some of us would be amazing.


I think you music is unique and one of the best albums for a long time , keep is going , live at Newcastle I though you were amazing.


ohh also there is a few meet ups planned it would be superb if you make a guest apperance


Keep rokin and looking in here :thumb_yello: :thumb_yello:

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I think something unique is going on in this site, people of all ages are gathering here in your name....:thumb_yello:


We all need joy and happiness in this crazy world, and you help a lot with your music and self. The younger need positive models to follow, the older a new hopeful start, and you help a lot this way too.


Thanks to you and your family, which support you so well, for being the friendly person you are...


Go on straighforward, my dear boy, but also live your life... pls. do not feel too much pressed by responsability on our behalf...we will understand if you are not making miracles!


I hug you million times....:wub2:


p.s. for all MFCers who have posted here so far: you made me cry!!!

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Thank you Sivan for the great idea!

I wanna say thank you to all of you of the forum beacause when i come here i feel at home, since everyone is so nice and share my obsession and i don't have to care that much. :D


To MIKA: i'll never stop telling you thank you for your music, cause never in my life made me feel this way! it helped me so much in hard times, i didn't even think that it would be possible! thank you, thank you!! and even i never met you (we should work on it, uh?:naughty: ) you're such a nice person, so fresh, honest, amazed like only a child can be, and so yourself! be proud of what you are:thumb_yello:

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Thx to sivan and everything she has done!!!:thumb_yello: You put so much in2 the book and your determination to make sure Mika got it on behalf of everyone here!!!

And to Mika, your a wonderful singer/song writter. We all love you very much, you should be so proud of yourself, you've done so much already and you've so much still to do, we all look forward to what may come in the future and I know everyone here will support you.

I hope you do visit MFC often and read our threads it shows how you have brought all these people together from all over the world, its a great place to be.

And lastly cant wait for you to start the Uk tour, so many people here coming to see you all over the country, many for the first time!!! We cant wait!!!!

Best of luck to you MIka, stay true to yourself and your music and don't ever change!!! xxxx

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to sivan: you're simply brilliant and all i can think of to somehow repay you is a big big heart-meant thank you!


to MFCers: i love y'all! you're all really really special people, each and every one of you and you make this place so addictive it's made me stick around waaay more than i should, but i do my best not to care:blush-anim-cl:


and to the main man(sorry, FD, not you this time:P): you've changed me and not that many people have been able to do this. i sometimes have these moments when the world lets me down, when i become disappointed in people, and it seems everybody's taking turns to kick me while i'm down. you know what i mean? anyway, when i would have a day like this, i used to go to my room, turn off the lights, pick up my guitar, play some sad songs and cry until i could cry no more. but for some time now, when i get to this point, i put the world on pause, turn my brain off, put your music on as loud as i can and smile. i think that says it all. thanx for being yourself and not being afraid to share who you are with the rest of us. <imagines giving mika a big fuzzy hug>

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to sivan: you're simply brilliant and all i can think of to somehow repay you is a big big heart-meant thank you!


I will absolutely echo that 100 percent! Thank you, Sivan! You bring such a wonderful positive energy, and I'm so thankful you're here!


As for Mika -- well, I realize that at my age I'm not supposed to be so into pop music or anything so "frivolous." I'm supposed to be a sedate and dignified middle-aged suburban mom, cleaning the house, shopping for groceries, listening to stodgy, bland oldies, and doing all those mundane things that being "normal" means. I'm certainly NOT supposed to be listening to anything fun and funky, something that makes me want to dance around the house with the stereo cranked up to "11." But you and your music touch me, uplift me, inspire me to buck the norm, and make me remember what it was like to be 18 and idealistic and free of all the constraints that society wants to impose on a person. You wouldn't think a handful of innocent little tunes could have such an impact, but yours definitely have. Thanks for sticking true to your vision, and for being such a powerful influence on my life. And thanks for being so sweet to Sivan, when she met you with the scrapbook -- you not only made HER happy, but all of your fans as well!





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Sivan, I do know what you think when you thank the people of this forum.

I'm not a member since a long time, but I've suddenly felt addicted to MFC. and not only because I'm a Mika fan, but also for the incredible feeling of being involved in something huge..I mean,I can talk to people from every country, language, traditions and culture just writing something here!

that's fantastic, isn't it? the power of internet!!


and to Mika... well, if you ever read this,I think you should know how much I admire you for being such a nice person..it may sounds stupid because I've never met you and maybe it'll never happen, but it's something that I felt the very first time I heard your music.

and music has always been a huge part of my life,so important.

it's only playing guitar or listening to music that I feel better, I feel the REAL ME shivering inside.

Your music makes me feel this way... it was such a great surprise!

your talent and ability to describe life in its essence and reality... you do this just singing and playing the piano.

carry on Mika, you'll always have me to your side.

me, just an italian fan, an 18 years old girl wondering what it would happened if I had the courage to do what I really feel like.

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For all the members of MFC:

I love you all!!!:wub2: I feel really at home overhere, it's like having another family around me who I can share my laughs, troubles, angryness (is that a word??) and anything else with.. Thank you all for that!!:thumb_yello:


For Mika:

I want to thank you for your beautiful songs that really express the way that I feel... Everytime I get depressed I play them and immediately feel better... When I'm happy I play them too ofcourse :wink2: and dances around the house together with my little daughter... You always make me happy:thumb_yello:

Please stay the way you are, don't change for anyone, because that only make you sad... and you're perfect in the way that you are!!:wub2:

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I wanna thank you too Mika for everything you do and everything you are!

I know it sounds stupid but since the day I discovered your music I haven't been in a bad mood yet! (okay apart form yesterday when I found out that the concert in Paris in June is sold out :crybaby: ) anyway your music makes me happy like nothing else has ever managed to do! thank you for introducing this important change in my life!! I think I really needed it!

I've been listening to your album for about 3 weeks non stop now and I'm still not sick of. That too is sth I think could only be achieved by your music!

I know people tell you this all the time, but for me it's just very important...



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Hey Mika!

Can't tell you what your music has done for me, not been through the best of times recently and listening to your songs has helped more than you can imagine. Thank you so much.

Not had the pleasure of being at one of your gigs yet (was going to be at Dublin but couldn't get there in the end) but I'll be at Birmingham in May so really looking forward to it.

I was at the Culture Show filming and you were really nice to everyone, which impressed me since some musicians can be a bit diva like and unapproachable. Also saw you at HMV and although you had to rush off you were very polite to everyone.

It's really good to see a musician sticking to his guns creatively and at the same time being good to the people who support him, it's heartening to see.

Don't ever change we love you for it.:thumb_yello:

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Doesn`t it amaze you that ppl from all over the world and of different ages meet here because of your music:thumb_yello: I think your album is unique. You are incredible performer/songwriter/singer!!!! I look forward to May concert in Shepherd`s Bush

We all here appreciate your style, voice and the fact that you are genuine:mf_lustslow:

Your music gives me a lot of positive energy and is an inspiration. I look forward to what comes in the future for you. All of us will certainly support you all the way:thumb_yello:

What do you think of the Scrapbook?


To everyone:

It is the friendliest- uncertain about spelling here:wink2: -forum EVER. Love you all!!!


thanks again for everything

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Wonderful idea this sivan :blush-anim-cl:


Well first of all i want to thank Sivan for taking time and money to make the scrapbook because without her there wouldnt have been one.

Also i would like to thank Mika for giving me back my faith in modern music because i was begginging to think all there ever were was manufactured boy bands and girl bands out there.

I think Mika has souch a wonderous voice and his song writing is just the best i have come across in a long long time .....hence this is why i am such a big fan

but not only this Mika himself is gorgeous and he has taught us all it is ok to be ourselves we dont have to conform its ok to be different :thumb_yello:


We think you are awesome Mika :punk:

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Well.. I hope Mika read this..


Mika, I just wanna thank you for your music. Last year my dad died and nothing could make me smile.. I always loved music, but this year I only listened to the depressed-songs.. But then I heard your song.. Grace Kelly.. I listen to your album every day, every morning before I go to school.. It makes me happy.. I'm really happy with your album and I'd die to see you live and thank you. You've done something really important for me. Thank you so much!


Aileen <3

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Mika - I hope you liked the scrapbook. Sivan put alot of work into it - just so we could show you what you mean to us all. I thank you for your music - the thoughtful, as well as light-hearted songs. They have brought a colour to my life that was not there before. You have re-coloured my rainbow. Thankyou. :wub2:

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Thank you for your wonderful music. They make me happy anytime like magic!! I listen to them every day and each day I love them more. I don't know how you can make things such exciting, beautiful and very unique.

I hope that some day, I have a chance to see you live.

Thank you so much. You're fantastic !!! :blush-anim-cl:



I love this site and I love you all !! Thank you for everything !!

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Great topic Sivan :thumb_yello:


First off this forum is totally addicting, I really love it, everyones so warm and friendly :) Thanks for making new Mika fans like me feel welcome! :)


and Mika, you are truely a gifted person!! Although I may not ever meet you or see you in concert, you will always remain a favorite singer of mine, you seem really down to earth and friendly. I hope you continue making great music and always have time for fans :):thumb_yello:

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Another brilliant idea from Sivan!


It is hard to find the words (without sounding soppy!) to explain how I feel about this place. I am the last person in the world who would be likely to end up spending their time with a virtual family and virtual friends, but here I am!



and to Mika:


I have never been as deeply affected by anyone else's music before. You can make me happy, mad me sad, make me want to dance, make me feel young, make me feel sexy(!). Life in Cartoon Motion really is the perfect album.


and at last I've found music that my children and I can enjoy together!


Thank you for everything, I love you.

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You have everyone going towards putting there thank you's in here. I would like to give you a good note. Everyone is friend on this site, young or old. I'v never had this many friends in my life even though I can't see all of you.


And Sivan, thank you for putting your thank you's here(if you can understand that one..)

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Thanks Sivan! Very nicely put and I hope everything goes well, no not well, great in LA for you! Brilliant idea about this thread. I think Mika Mad said it; that we created a virtual family and virtual friends and that's what we are. I truely haven't felt this close to virtual people and for all of us to come as a community for the same reason is pretty cool in itself.


and for the tall guy himself:


Mika, Mika, Mika..what can I say that hasn't already been said? Well, I can say that because of your music, I finally found independence in something that everyone else likes. People still think I'm crazy because I listen to you but that's the point: to let them think what they think and not care. You produced such a vibrant album and now I feel like I'm discovering soccer again, something new, exciting and you just can't help but feeling proud to have found that something new.


Thanks a mil! and much love to everyone,

dal x

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Heya :)

i just wanted to make an Official post for u all :)






Dear Sivan,

i feel everything as you...

...Mika has changed my life...but also you all. :)

I has been in other forums...but I've left all...But here there is a strange air...a magic air...of friendship, perhaps because of music...I like to say...In the name of Love...In the name of Mika :wub2:

So, I want to thank you to be here and other members to share with me this magic...

...And I hug you all...

...Expecially Mika :wub2:

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