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hello- i'm from vietnam


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Hi and welcome to the MFC :bye:


Love your user name :naughty:


We have just got a World Representative for Vietnam, hoangphuong, but she hasn't had time to post a welcome message yet.

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yah, i know, but now in vietnam, mika seems not well-known as you think

i just knew him when i heard 'the boy who know too much' , it's really a beautiful voice, and i cant beleive that i was impressed very much by his style on every song ..

by the way, i hope mika would be more- beloved in vietnam^^

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bienvenida! weeelcome!! :biggrin2:


Hi and Welcome...:bye:


I'm from Portugal...


Mika is now all over the world, indeed...:naughty:


exactly!!! I'm really happy for him :wub2:

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Hi Mushroom, welcome to MFC....we love hearing about Mika's increasing popularity in Asia. Maybe you can travel to Singapore to see him perform on June 14th???

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hello' date=' I am from Vietnam too;))[/quote']


Hi Annie!


Welcome to MFC! :yay:

you should start your own thread so people can welcome you properly.

They all think it is Mushroom who is the new member & are welcoming her :wink2:


if you need help on how to start a thread, let me know!

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