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    Mi presente

    Ciao Susi, welcome! Here’s a list of info you might find helpful to start exploring the MFC: If you need anything, we’re here to help! Have a nice Sunday, too
  2. Welcome to the MFC, Nora!
  3. sara09

    Hi there!

    Welcome to the MFC, Dillon!
  4. sara09


    Welcome Ashlyn! My name is Sara, nice to meet you The link below is a useful thread to keep an eye on future events! I really hope you'll be able to see Mika very soon Enjoy the MFC!
  5. Wow, those pics are absolutely amazing! So much talent what's your username on Instagram, so I can follow you? Here's a quick guide to give you some help with the Forums, but if you need anything, we're here! Welcome to the MFC, Shirley PS: have the best time at the gigs!
  6. Welcome to the MFC, Tanja! Wow, TOOL tour! It must be so exciting to see him after so much time! Wishing you a wonderful time at the gig
  7. Hello Nina, welcome to the MFC!
  8. Ciao a tutti e tanti auguri per un felice anno nuovo! Apro il nuovo thread italiano per tutti coloro che in questo 2020, che già si prospetta ricco di tante cose belle, avranno voglia di scambiare due chiacchiere o di condividere esperienze utilizzando questa lingua! Buon divertimento __________________ Italian Thread 2019
  9. Hello Freja, welcome to the MFC! I really love your username I'm glad you decided to join and I hope you're gonna enjoy this place I leave you a link that could be useful if you're looking for something: Anyway, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask! See you around
  10. Such a nice introduction! Welcome to the MFC, Alice! I'm Sara
  11. PADOVA, 1/02/2020 My friend has a spare ticket to sell for the gig in Padova: Tribuna ROSSA Row C Seat 218 Price: 57,50€ If you're interested, send me a PM!
  12. Of course, don’t worry! We can give it a try then I’ll wait for your update @Sweetieval and if necessary my friends and I can buy some coloured sheets, so we have more!
  13. So there's no need to buy more? I think the rainbow in the front row is a very nice idea, but maybe a bit complicated to organize during the last minutes, so maybe holding the papers in casual order would be easier and would involve everyone in the crowd. In my opinion it would look really good, even if they're mixed, it's a way to extend the effect to the whole arena. What do you think?
  14. I have another question regarding the standing area: is there something we can do to involve that part in the rainbow fan action? My friends and I would gladly help
  15. sara09

    Hello! :)

    Hello, Roxane! Welcome to the MFC, I'm Sara if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask! Have fun
  16. I asked a few friends and they told me they can't either
  17. I noticed a new blog entry under "Our Picks". When I try to open it, it says that the page is not available for my account. Is it because the page is ready but not available for us yet?
  18. YES!!!! I'm SO happy, too! @Sonelle, I remember your petition to bring him to Australia! Guess who's coming
  19. Wow, it's absolutely wonderful!! Big congrats to him! And thank you for sharing it with us
  20. Hello Francesca, welcome to the MFC! I'm Sara Here's a list of all the info you'll need to understand better how MFC works and start exploring: If you need anything, we're here to help you! Have a lot of fun
  21. Welcome to the MFC, @Eztia!
  22. Hello, Lorena! Welcome to the MFC Here's the Italian thread, if you want to chat in Italian with other MFCers: Did you attend the gig in Turin last Sunday?