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Thank You StandardToaster!


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I know some people mentioned it in the "It's good to be back" thread, but I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated thread to thank Andrew, AKA StandardToaster for his efforts in getting us back online.


It seems that this weekend, the MFC was more broken than ever! There were issues with the server that were more complicated than any we'd ever experienced in the past. That's why some of you might have seen some weird error pages when you tried to get to the site, especially on Sunday.


But StandardToaster kept at it, spending nearly 8 hours on Sunday to get us back up and running. :thumb_yello:


So thank you, Andrew! You're the tech hero of MFC. :flowers2:

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Thank you StandardToaster!


ST: Thank you for all your very hard work in getting MFC back for us before we all became a twitching little mess on the floor!:wink2:

I think you deserve an extra long weekend this week!


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Adding a thank you since this is now the first post due to a time glitch
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thank you andrew for your hard work on a sunday! it is very much appreciated by us poor addicted people. i'm sure you could have thought of 1000 better ways to spend a sunday! (ie christmas shopping for mana!! :naughty:)


merci beaucoup monsieur!!! :punk:



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