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Happy Birthday mandilambi!!!


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Happy Birthday, Mandi!


I still remember Grandma Dixie's way/wake,

I never really known anybody to die before

Red white and blue upon a birthday cake,

And my brother, he was born on the fourth of the July...and that's all

:punk: :punk: :punk:

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Aw, I just arrived home from work and saw this topic! Thank you, everyone for all the kind birthday wishes and the great birthday/Gwen pictures! You all know me far too well! Many thanks to all of you! :)


Mana, that Mika/Gwen picture really made me giggle. I will have to print that out. :D


Sarie, I didn't mean to leave you out. lol! I had mentioned in the American thread last night about today, but I guess you weren't around yet. Oh well, now you know!


dcdeb, I guess so! There's a 5 year old at my work that calls me "Old Lady," so I am preparing myself for the inevitable. :)


Thanks once again! I am off to start the festivities by seeing Juno with Christopher in a bit.

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