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Hello from the South of Italy! Happy new year!


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Ciao a tutti i membri del mfc! Hi to all club members! 

What a better way to begin the new year than introducing myself into mfc forum?

I signed in this forum some times ago but I didn't have time to explore it, so I only found out a few days ago that I should have introduced myself. 

I'm Clelia and I'm from Calabria in the South of Italy:italia:. I'm a university student in Pisa and I'm 24. I speak Italian and English, because of Mika I'm also trying to understand a bit of French.

I never 

I met Mika's music in december 2007 during my cousin's birthday party. My friend offered me to listen to "Relax, take it easy" on his phone and from that moment I began to discover and listen to Mika's music. It was like the discovery of America: a beautiful new world opened up before my eyes and my ears :D *-* 

I have always been a discreet and silent follower of Mika. I recently discovered the fan club and recently found the courage to join it and be relatively more active fan.

Unfortunately I never had the chance to participate in one of his live shows. The only opportunity I had to hear Mika sing live was in Livorno (on 17 October 2019) when he busked with a guitarist from there. It was a special moment and listening to him without any microphone and speakers was so so so beautiful, even though there were a lot of people and the traffic. In Livorno I also met some of you and it was a pleasant discovery.

I've never been part of an online forum so I'm not sure how it works but I have read the information in the rules and I hope you can be kind to me and correct me in my possible mistakes.

I apologize in advance for any mistakes made, but in my defense I tell you that it is a long time since I wrote in English. 

With the hope of having a lot of art and creativity, hearing new music and seeing where 2021 will take us and Mika, I wish you a beautiful new year


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  • silver changed the title to Hello from the South of Italy! Happy new year!

Hi Clelia! :bye:

I'm Gabriella and I live in Italy, in Piedmont, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC! :welcomeani:

I've found out Mika in 2007 with Relax too. :hi5:

We're waiting for you in the italian page... :mikadas:


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Clelia! What a nice surprise to see you here! I'm one of the girls you met in Livorno ^_^

I'm really glad you decided to join the MFC and I hope you're going to enjoy this place! If you need anything, we're here to help :D

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Hi Clelia! :bye:

I'm Paola and I live in Italy, in Piedmont, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC! :welcomeani:  non farti problemi a chiedere in questo meraviglioso forum siamo tutte persone molto gentili e simpatiche... qui ci aiutiamo e consigliamo a vicenda... qui ti troverai benissimo... io anche all'inizio ero spaesata ma ora qui mi trovo benissimissimooo.... Benvenuta 

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Hello Clelia and Happy New Year to you ! 

Welcome here. It's always nice to see new members ! I'm Florine from France :)

you're Italian and youAndy to learn French and I'm french and I try to learn Italian haha ! 

I'm not really good at forum and everything but it's a place when you can share your admiration for Mika and it's priceless. 

also, you said in your bio that you were a long time "discreet and silent" follower of Mika and I was too. Until I found the MFC! 


Hope everything is okay for you! Don't hesitate if you need help and welcome again ✌

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