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  1. That's great! I'm alright, haven't been doing too much though. I'm just waiting for summer!
  2. *dusts thread* How is everyone doing?
  3. If this means a new album and new tour coming soon....AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!
  4. Sounds like a really lovely dream Hahaha this dream made me laugh
  5. You and your vivid imagination! I'd love to have a dream like that. I haven't dreamt about Mika in a long, long time.
  6. Baby - Pixie Lott
  7. Hope everyone has a good Easter!
  8. It would be great if he did a show about his own music. Just imagine what stories he could tell!
  9. This episode was very good. It's always interesting to hear about Mika's musical influences; I could definitely see some similarities between Harry Nilsson and Mika's work. Very sad that this was the last episode, though.
  10. I really love Mika's radio shows, especially when they are in the UK! Very sad that was the last episode.
  11. That's great! Looking forward to reading your report. Mika's voice is very dreamy Oh no, that's terrible! Hope she gets better soon. Sending lots of love
  12. Thank you! Everything is okay now. Really looking forward to the Art of Song! I finally sent my message to the Yearbook as well. Thanks!
  13. How is everyone doing today? I've been feeling quite bad today, as I had an argument with my mum. We've made up again but I still feel really bad.
  14. Don't worry, I do the same thing every day! I'm going to ask about that in the Yearbook thread. I'm not doing much over the summer so I would probably be able to go. It would be ideal if he came to the meetup in London, but I don't know if he will. We'll have to wait and see...