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Happy 2nd Birthday MFC !


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Well we are two years old soon! , actually the 5th January we were born but around this time some serious labour pains were happening :roftl:


And what a journey ! this time two years ago Mika was a relative unknown , tipped by many to be a huge star he soon got one the biggest selling singles with Grace Kelly and LICM as an album .. from playing to a few hundred people now he is a superstar playing to 50,000!!! :wub2:


And as for the MFC it's quite amazing .. from a handful of members to nearly 13,000 :shocked: ... many of us have met , many of us will! and 2009 is sure to be an interesting journey


I just wanted to thank everyone for making MFC the place it has become



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Happy Birthday MFC, I'll have been here two years on February 17th I believe...not long to go!!




Shouldn't this be on the main page?

This is quite the achievement! I'm sure several people though Mika would be a one-hit-wonder and now look where we are two years later! We're going strong baby!


The last thing on my mind is to leave you

I believe that we're in this together

Don't scream, there are so many roads left!

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Wow 2 years already!

And I have only been member for half a year!


I want to say that this place is awesome. It's great to meet people online who are also fan and don't think you're weird when you start wearing all sorts of rainbowcoloured stuff:naughty:

And who also appreciate the things Mika does for us and see what a lovely person he is.

It's great to have a spot on the internet to gather!

It's been even more awesome to meet some of you and to have a good time together.


I can't wait for the new gigs and meet up with MFCers again!:thumb_yello:


I love the MFC!:wub2:

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It's quite a sentimental moment... Two amazing years... will be two

for me as well, next month... it hardly seems possible!


Life since Mika and the MFC has been rather like stepping into the

bathtub with a plugged in radio -- electrifying! :naughty: And I

wouldn't have it any other way! Can't wait to see what the coming

year has in store for us!


Thanks, FD, for all you've done, and all you continue to do, for the MFC :huglove:


And thanks to all the members for making this place such a wonderful

place to hang out! You're the best! :wub2:


Here's to the past two years... and the next two... and the two

after that... :drinks_wine:

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So MFC has reached the terrible 2s, ha ha!


It's great that what started as a handful of people, has built up into a global community, supporting an amazing artist who in turn shows his appreciation time after time.

As Mika himself is about to embark on his journey with his second album, we are about to embrace a whole new crowd of people, who will hear his new material and grow to love him as we do.


So Happy Birthday MFC, lets celebrate the old and the new coming together.

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I'll be a year old on the 15th of this month.... and finding Mika and discovering this place is the best thing I could have done in 2008.... :wub2: and I really mean that.... you know at 34 I thought I was past all this, and it's so nice to find others who share this passion with me, regardless of age, gender, or nationality... :blush-anim-cl:


Am looking forward to what 2009 brings - new album, being able say hopefully that I've been to more than one gig.... I can't wait - and Mika... I really can't wait... so get your skates on ..... at least with the latter.... :naughty:


God... why does a curly haired guy and a orange coloured forum make me so soppy..... :thumbdown:



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