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Official Hello From Me

Lindsey Sinopoli

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I wanted to take this opportunity to actually  introduce myself because i dont think i really did that. I’m from a small town in Texas. Im an actress in Dallas and Arlington and I paint surrealist art for fun. My favorite color is pink and like to collect tea cups and mika merch.





When I was little,  My grandmother used to play  these cds with yearly hits and kid songs on them. Grace Kelly was on one of the cds and i remember asking her to replay it all the time because I liked the opening conversation and when he went "kACHHHIINNGG". I then grew up to be obsessed with Michael Jackson and focused on his work for most of my life until i was in my dorm room last year trying to remember all those car ride songs. it took me 11 years to find the song again only remembering the words “ green” and “ mean”.  it was absolute heaven when I heard it after all those years. it was a rush of nostalgia and I’ve been in awe of Mika’s work ever since. his music is the majority of what i listen to now. I really wish to meet Mika one day or at least paint something for him . It would be an absolute dream come true.

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