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I know that from time to time Mika uses to give a look here...


So I thought it would be nice to have a thread destined to collect what we would like to tell him...I'm sure he would be glad to read our thoughts


You can post what you like and how many times a day you want...I mean, sometimes I feel in the mood to write him a letter, but I can't give it to him, well, from now I'll write it here :wink2:


Do you like my idea?





I'll start:


Hi Mika,


today I've listened LICM no stop...I simply can't turn my stereo off because your music never bores me!!!


You express strong vitality and will and it helps me a lot when I go through dark moments...


So my message tonight (I'll have to get up between two hours :shocked: ) is THANK YOU!


with Love,





Ps. I was in Milan at your gig...you was simply amazing, I was on the cloud n.9...but I couldn't meet you...:(

Now my biggest desire is to see you again and talk to you...even only a word and I'll be the happiest girl in the world :wink2:

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oh mika,

how can i even put into words what you and your music means to me. you have literally changed my life in so many ways and i thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart. Please do a show in NYC or Philadelphia sometime this summer. preferably the middle, july would be fantastic.

:blush-anim-cl: i just have to see you live!! i'm not even trying to get my hopes up that i would meet you, but... my friend and i already have it all planned out, so now all you have to do is come! i'm bringing you a birthday present! once again, i just have to say thank you thank you thank you, for you are truly my role model and a life changer. i have been doing you justice! on our school's news program one morning, they played grace kelly and all day long i had people coming up to me and telling me that they thought of me while it was playing, so i've certainly been getting your name out there (but i refuse to copy your cd for people because that would be ripping you off). so basically, never stop doing what you do because i think i would cry a river of tears and wash the whole world into a flood.

i love you!!


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Dear Mika,

When I first heard Grace Kelly, I thought "Hey! What an awesome song!!!"

Little did I know that this song would lead to a changed life and more recently, a saved life.

You see, I became very depressed not so long ago and it got to the point where I was lying in bed wishing I could just go to sleep and never wake up.

Suddenly, I heard Grace Kelly in my head and I saw your face and I started to think clearly, I was so close to doing something so incredibly hurtful to myself and it was like everything was so peacful and time seemed to freeze for a lifetime and at the same time, only for a second.

This second was all I needed to throw all my sleeping pills down the sink and stop harming myself.

My family didn't help me at all through this experience and I didn't have any friends that cared about what happened to me and no matter what I tried (and believe me, I tried) Nothing could break me out of my endless spiral.

Nothing but you.

Thank you for your charming and totally adorable disposission, thank you for giving me a reason to exist :) and thank you for just being you.




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mika, i hope you come to germany/munich again soon. your concert in munich was fantastic, and your music is, too!! :thumb_yello: i'd love to meet you in person the next time and just talk with you for a while (if i'm not too shy to say anything, lol :wink2: ). go on making this wonderful music! :original:

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Mika for the 100th time come to Luxembourg lol

I just wanna see you live!! ok I'm already coming to paris to see you, but that's not enough! lol I love your music so much I have the biggest smile on my face everytime I hear a song of you... I'm really looking forward to seeing you!

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hey :D

i dont know if youre really reading this thread but if you do the first thing i want to say is-



your music is amazing! and it makes me so happy:blush-anim-cl:


My name is Tamar, im 17 y\o from Israel and i think you should definitely come over :biggrin2: you have tons of fans over here [ and i know cause i couldnt find your album- it was sold out so quickly!! and youre no. 1 with grace kelly for sooooo long here that MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE fans are starting to get really angry hehe :) ].


waiting to see you soon :wink2:


bye <3

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Wow. So.. Mika.. you might be reading this..



This makes me nervous.




If I met you, I think it'd go the same way it did when i met my other hero. I kinda went.. Uh.. uh.. uh... hi. Autograph? Thanks. -walks off and cries-


But the second time I met him, I talked.


SO. The plan is, this will be the awkward part, and when I actually meet you, it won't be awkard.


So.. uh.. I love you dearly. You're my medicine. Like, seriously. If I have any sadness or sickness or headache or cut or scrape or heartbreak.. I just listen to your music.


The best way for a girl to be happy is listen to your music. The best way for a girl to love herself is to have a major dance party in front of the mirror with your music on about four million buhjillion noisiness. Is that like.. decibals or soemthing? Yeah, I think..


But seriously. You complete my world and make everyone happy. My goal in life is to be like you: to make everyone I know happy. And you do that.


I'm jealous, not gonna lie.


So, anyways, you're not gonna read this, but it's OHSOFUN pretending you will.




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Mika, if your reading this...


You music mean so much to so many people...its amazing. I can't even desicribe in words how I feel when I listen to your music (but I will try...). It sort of makes me feel like there is a bubbly joy erupting indside of me...kind of. Anyway, come to Melbourne, Australia!!!! You must! Must Must Must!!!!



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Hi Mika.

Before today I would never have dared write anything like this to you, but after meeting you (which again I would never have done if it hadn't been for Nel asking for her cards to be delivered, so I decided to take the bull by the horns and go for it) I found that you are so nice and it made me wonder what I was afraid of in the first place.

I guess it was because you were sitting down, I kind of find people a lot taller than me a bit intimdating until I get to know them, so that helped a bit.

And I think that just saying a few words was good, as I probably would have started babbling like an idiot if we had any sort of conversation, because of the nerves.

Anyway I really enjoyed the perfomance, even the bum note during Grace Kelly, and I was singing along to Billy Brown and Love Today, which I love so much, as anyone who sees me bouncing around in my van at traffic lights will testify to.

Can't wait until I see you perform in May at Birmingham.

Take it easy.


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Dear Mika,

You're delish! I want my babies to BURST through your manwomb. I can't go a day without your music!!! I first heard you on mtv hits because they had on this weird playlist of "new and different artists" or something and oh BOY did I fall in love! I got all my friends hooked on you and now we're Mika addicts. I take pride in being a Mika fan since you're one of the only musicians who is most like a normal human being; ya know, no rehab, no wild scandals... and all that jazz. Keep up the amazingly good work (which shouldn't be too hard since the music industry is your calling) and I look forward to seeing you live in NY- I hope!


Love, ThatPinkSock (Rachel)


PS: You are Mikagasmic!!!!!

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Hey Mika!

oo i really hope you get a chance to read this... and all of these for that matter. wow where do i start. First off thank you for putting such FANTASTIC music out there for the world. Before i heard your music, i was sooo fed up with all of the crap that they play on the radio these days. Everything is so "hollywood" and glamorized, and i just couldn't listen to another song about how many bitches or bling someone has. When i heard your music for the first time it was like such a breath of fresh air!!! I was immediatley hooked!!The lyrics are so real and they deal with realistic things that many people can actually relate to. You have no idea how much i appriciate that!!


Also I think its such a great message your sending out. It makes me just want to be "me times 100", and you show everybody that being yourself is definitely the way to go. As cheesy as it may sound, I know for a fact you and your music have left such an imprint on me. I can honestly say that since I started listening to your music, its pretty much the only thing i listen to.. LICM is constantly in my cd player and on my ipod. Your songs, especially Love Today, always get me in a good mood in the morning even when things are going horribly. My goodness I could keep on going but i'll leave it at that... for now at least :biggrin2: But i REALLY hope that you come to Edmonton, or anywhere near for that matter. I wouldn't mind taking a little road trip!! I would absolutely looove to see you live!!


love, Amanda :wub2:

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Hey Mika...

OK...how to say what I want to without seeming like a fool...mmm...


Love the music. Love your voice. I love your energy. My six year old son is inspired by you also. He started piano about five months ago and he can play the start of "Grace Kelly"--it's so cute. He's something of a prodigy. Isn't it fun that you are inspiring the next generation of artists already? He's fascinated with how you studied opera and play pop music, incorporating the two.


Your personality shines through in your work, and there is an honesty and childlike fun in it. A freshness, a kindness is there also. I hope you never lose this as you go on with your career. I hope you never become jaded. I've read some of the barbed, cruel things written about you. I think (I know) some people react to true goodness violently because it so absent from their lives it provokes hatred. It's almost a knee jerk reaction. It's pitiable really. It's why every truely good person in public life gets stones lobbed at them, are villified. I hope you are well protected for this, have a good support system around you, are strong in your heart and mind. I hope it doesn't ever stop you from being who you really are.


Hope this doesn't sound stupid. I love your music. I think you are very special. Don't let the haters blow vapors on your dreams.



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Dear Mika,


today is a greeeeat day for me! I finally managed to solve that problem with myspace and you've accepted my friendship...:yay:


I know, I know... probably it wasn't you, but who controls your site everyday...and I know that probably this won't help me in anyway, because I won't meet you thanks to it, I won't keep in contact with you more than I did till today... You have an incredible number of friends...


Almost every people who is so lucky to hear your voice falls in love with your music and finally comes on your space hoping in some fortune: that you read one of their comments...someone dreams in an answer too...


Can you understand how much your music and way of thinking is influencing thousands of people ALL OVER THE WORLD???


I hope you'll enjoy what you had always deserved


I hope you'll have a great success, even if this will bring you far far away from us little fans :)


How can I explane what I feel?

I'm happy if I see you happy, because you really seem to be a wonderful person, who had to go through the same things I lived...I know what you felt and now you're receiving your sweet prize


I'm 21...at my age you were down...two years later you are climbing the world...maybe in two years I'll laugh thinking to the past as you are doing


In the meantime I wait...enjoying little things life gives me: you, your music, this lovely forum...


...oh no, I'm definately wrong...YOU ARE A GREAT THING!!!


Thank you again :)


Love, Eir

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woa if you are reading this mika! im gonna burst into tears!!


i just want to tell you how amazing you are! never let anybody get you down...haha even though i dont think its possible for them to do that to you! your bubbly personality and cheefulness make me wanna act like that and be a better person!


your music inspires me and makes me feel better about the things that are going on in my life at the time! sometimes i take breaks at school go to the bathroom and listen to you on my ipod to make me feel better about something thats getting me down! (i only go to the bathroom so i dont get my precious ipod taken away) dont worry im not crazzzzy! haha


I had quit piano lessons when i was nine and after hearing your piano playing i really regret this decision....ive told my mom i would like to take lessons again and she told me i could! this is all because of you! im gonna practice every day and learn how to play all of your songs! and i know i wont loose interest because i have you for inspiration!


i wanted to say all of this before i meet you in person...if my parents ever let me... because i know that i will just freak out when i meet you in person! you will probably see me at my worst..crying hysterically, screaming and jumping up and down! i hope this doesnt happen so i can actually maybe make out a few words to you! but unfortunatly it probably will...or ill just pass out! haha much love mika~


Your voice is amazing! never stop making music and brightening the lives of people all over the world!


ps because of this post i am now a mika obsessive! that title suits me more than groupie! haha love ya mika and i really hope you do read these posts because we all really want you to know how much we love you and how much you inspire us...even though sometimes it may come off as a lil obsesseive and wierd!!! haha lovezzzzz elizabeth~~~~~

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Mika, my love, if you are reading this,

I just want to let you know that you have the best voice I have heard in my life. Your music is amazing. Everything about you is lovely. I want to thank your mother for giving birth to the most amazing human being. God Blessed you!!!!!!!!

By the way, you are hotttttttttttttttttttt, cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee, adorableeeeeeeeeee

I send you kisses in every part of your body.

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Ello, darling,

You are so amazing. You've completely lifted up everything in my life, and yes it sounds corny but it is tres tres true! I'm a happier person now, and I bet the others on here can say the same. I can't wait to see you in DC! Jeez, I just know I'll say something silly and girlish that probably sounded good in my head, but the moment I actually say it I will sound like a such a dork...which I kind of am but hey, it's still a good life! Live, laugh, love, and dance like a loon. It's the best way to be. Love you with everything in the world.



P.S. Gah, I have to say it: you're gorgeous!

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alrighty then.........soooo..............mika.........what to say, what to say.....


OK MIKA, you are such and inspiration to me and i just feel so happy and refreshed and pumped when i hear your voice and music!!! I just dance like no ones watching wherever i am!!!!! so i thank you so much for bringing your music to us and your music saves me whenever i fell like i cant be saved. You have such an amazing personality and just vibe and stuff and you just amaze me every single day. its like when i wake up in the mornings, its as if i just discovered you and your music and i feel like ive never heard it or anything like it before!!!! it makes me feel not as alone in this ginornous, but still small, strange, and amazing world!!!!! U rock my sox mika!!! i will support u no matter what, forever, and keep up that amazing talent that makes you....you!!!!!!! You are so amazingly unique and different and just delicious and... well...... i love you<3 and your musica<333 and yes...... everybodys gonna love you today and forever........ <33 xoxoxox kisses and hugsies!love love u


P.S.: cant wait to see and meet you on June 8th, untill then, tata for now!

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hello mika, how can i start?....as i told you on your space, thank you for giving us good music!!, really, i'm very special about music,i don't usually like any bands!


and about the Freddie subject again.., just know that i have considered him the love of my life forever (i even talk to him hah:blush-anim-cl: ) and when i heard you on tv the first time i was like....oh god, it can't be true,he sounds really close to him!, and that was just so amazing for me... you know? i really apreciate that you didn't let my parents generation be the only one with good music, thanks for letting me live the "mika revolution" in my 17s


now i just hope to talk to you some day...may be in madrid sumercase?that would just make me happy forever, i would never be sad again!!!:biggrin2: you have some special aoreola (i dont know if that is a word, sorry.. :) that make everyone feel good, feel alright, you are like an angel sent by the gods may be, we could consider you... "the hero" (as Frank S was the "voice", Elvis "the king", Bruce S. "the boss" etc) what do you think?



well may be i made this too long, i hope you didn't get tired of reading if you are reading still hah:biggrin2: those were my true true feelings, i feel kind of embarrased for that, or for giving them to nowhere...



PD:if i ever get to talk to you in my life don't think i'm retarded,ok? it would be the effects of the shock, my face would be like this :shocked: but i'm a normal girl, really....



bye imagine lots of kisses!




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Hello Mica,

I don't know where to start...

First of all, Mica darling, I love you, and I'll love you forever. This love is not just a fan obsession love its the true love, the kind of love that makes your mind run wild, the one that lifts you off your feet and feel like your flying, the feeling where you look deep into eachothers eyes and you see something, that sparkle in your eyes... the feeling I cannot explain, my heart tears not to be with you, it tears that I'm invisible to you, but its held together by my love for you, because you take up my whole heart, i only have the eyes for you, never I have felt this love before, like a candle light that will never go out. My life ambition is to meet you, to be always there for you, to stand by you through the bad times in life and most of all, to love you for who you are, not for your fame and looks, but for your personality, your soul, your heart and for that person inside you, the person that I can't stop thinking about. I hate to find myself wake up from a dream of a happy life with you, to know that you can't feel my kisses for you that I blow to you every night.

I have drawn loads of portraits of you, each one has to be perfect, but I never seem to be able to get it perfect, because I love you and it will never be perfect. This might be soppy and stupid to you, but Mika I want you to know, and always remember I'll love you, and really I will always will, I wont love anyone else and Im going to keep that promise.

Love you with all my heart,

Love Victoria


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:wink2: Hi Mika, I love you so much and I want to congradulate you on all your success so far, I'm glad you didn't let people knock you down, you are a real inspiration to all of your fans, I love LICM and my mum and dad are even starting to learn the words (It's on all the time) I think it was on the radio when I first heard Grace Kelly, and wow was all I could think, my favourite song is Happy Ending and I love the video, wow you can fly aswell, is there anything you can't do? Your amazing and I love you.Please come to Yorkshire soon I am desperate to see you..Oh and if I meet you can we play Chubby Bunny? Take care Mika keep up the good work, Bethanie XxXxX:wub2:

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Hey there big guy, it's been almost a year since I wrote a note othis thread, so I thought I'd update.

The UK shows and Munich were probably the best experiences of my life, you and the band are fantastic people and it was a pleasure to have met and hung out a little bit with you all.

I really wanted to thank you for picking me as a subject for your little film project, it was fun once I got over the shyness and nerves, and the blinding light of Andy's camera, ha ha. I hope my dressing like a penguin didn't scare you at all, and I promise you I haven't worn it since Brixton in December, I do wear proper clothes, ha ha. Although I will have it for the last 3 UK shows in February, after that, it's going into retirement. I want to do something new for your next lot of shows.

Anyway, I hope you are well if you are reading this, and looking forward to the shows in February.

Stay safe and take it easy.


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