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    New year, new thread! 🎉 Let's gather here Italian news & press 🇮🇹 ------------------------------- Mika in Italian Press 2018
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    Nuovo Anno, Nuovo Thread! 🎉 Un caldo benvenuto a tutti, Italiani e non! Avremo di che riempire queste pagine con in vista tante novità: musica, album, tour e collaborazioni! Buon divertimento! ------------------------------------------- Italian Press 2019 Italian Thread 2018
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    10 years challenge 2008 https://www.aceshowbiz.com/images/events/CSH-038508.jpg 2018 https://photos2.tf1.fr/660/370/mika-coach-ed3b56-0@1x.jpg
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    I have this song in mind all day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0LpUQaLpwk
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    Mika is like a drug, once you've tried you need more and more... It all starts with one song and then you end up here.
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    Hallo Mädels, ich wage es einen neuen Thread zu eröffnen und hoffe mal, daß wir diesen mit ein bisschen Leben erfüllen können in einem Jahr in dem wir ein neues Album, eine neue Tour und demnächst The Voice 2019 erwarten können. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn Ihr Euch hier meldet und diskutiert.
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    Hey Vivien! Welcome to MFC! I joined a little while ago but it doesn't take long to feel at home here. There's so much love, warmth and Mika-ness, it's crazy. I agree with you 100 percent! I absolutely love how he thinks. And I love Casa Mika. It showcases everything I admire about him. You can find yourself in him. You may be a misfit in this world, but you certainly belong in Mika's world. Listening to him, talk and sing, is a privilege. Also I am in love with those weird, out of control, "I am living in the moment" dances he does xD
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    Correct ! สนามบินแม่ฟ้าหลวง จ.เชียงราย
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    Jef Martens jefmartens ( wiki Basto) 7 years ago already @mikainstagram @alastairwebber and Louis Bloom at @metropolisstudios #London , minutes after Mika played me a demo version of “Underwater” for the first time. I was clearly still recovering in this photo. We should have formed a boy band though, no? .
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    We can keep on trying, even if I am not sure if people's suggestions are really taken into consideration
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    Hallo ihr Lieben, ist zwar schon eine ganze Weile her, dass ich im MFC geschrieben habe, aber ein neuer Thread im neuen Jahr und in gespannter Erwartung was Mika so in der nächsten Zeit neues für uns hat, freue ich mich drauf hier mit euch zu tratschen. Hallo Giraffeandy, schön, dass du da bist. Ich habe in deiner Bio gesehen, dass du aus Prag bist. Ja, Muttersprachler könnte in deinem Fall schwierig sein, aber wer weiß... Ich komme übrigens aus München, sind also gar nicht soweit voneinander entfernt.
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    Ich bin auch hier und freue mich auf alles, was das Jahr so bringen mag...
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    hallo, ja, ich bin dabei und ich freue mich auf das Jahr
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    tonight on Rai premium (ch 25) replay of "la compagnia del cigno bye
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    Hallo, falls es euch nichts ausmacht, würde ich mich auch gerne an der Diskussion beteiligen, es fällt mir immerhin einfacher auf Deutsch als auf Englisch zu schreiben und auf einen aktiven Thread in meiner Muttersprache kann ich kaum hoffen...
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    Ciao a tutte.Che sia un Anno Mikoso all'insegna di😍tanti avvenimenti per tutte noi!!! 😍 😍
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    Ciao a tutti! Anno nuovo e pagina nuova! 🎉🎉🎉 Tanta musica, album, tour, collaborazioni... non chiediamo altro! 😍😍😍❤✌
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    Ciao a tutti, perché sia un gioioso anno da passare assieme a voi e Mika🌹
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    Ciao a tutte......speriamo veramente queste pagine possano essere riempite di musica allegria colori e gioia come vorrebbe Mika... In tutta serenità e amicizia... Buon anno mikoso a tutte 💖💖😍😍🎹🎻🎺🥁🎶🎵🎤🔝🔝
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    Ciao @mari62! Le occasioni per non lasciare queste pagine bianche, bianche, bianche e di riempirle di colori non mancheranno e non vedo, anzi vediamo, perché sono più che sicura di non essere l'unica a sperarlo, l'ora di poterlo fare!
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    Ciao a tutti! il nuovo thread 2019 lo trovate qui Italian Thread 2019 Un po' in ritardo, ma si sà i Mikatempi sono questi e bisogna adeguarci 😎😄 Questo lo possiamo chiudere, ci vediamo di là!
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    Hello everyone! I thought I'd send a little welcome, since I'm new and have absolutely no clue where to start in this whole "Mika-Wonderland" 😅 So I'll just introduce myself! I'm Vivien, 22 years old and I live in Berlin, Germany! I kind of "rediscovered" Mika a few weeks ago, I've known his music for a long time but never really dealt with it more intensely. Until now. The urge of "listening to some old songs of Mika" crawled up on me and suddenly I found myself in a deep obsession with everything Mika-related! Since my well-being is not really that well, his music kind of holds me up and just gives me a lot of happiness, that I can't get from somewhere else at the moment! Also his view on life, all of his statements and messages he sends with his songs or during "Casa Mika" or at the middle of the stage, really give me a lot of hope and wrap around me like a big blanket of safety and a pleasant warmth that makes it able for me to feel calm! He really is the purest human being and he gives me the feeling that I'm ok as I am, that I have the right to be here on earth and that I don't have to be ashamed for being a little bit "weird" So ya, he gives a lot at the moment! Also, what I really want to say is that you all, all of the Mika-Fan-Family seem so loving and great and I'm really amazed what you guys did for him and also for each other! I'm happy to have found you!💚💚💚
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    Yeah! They say they do but of course you never know what happens behind the scenes... i do think we got at least 80 to 100 people to vote and you would think that's enough... but maybe in the end they decided that this is not what the Dutch audience would want to hear idk
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    I turned up the radio but as usual didn't really enjoy the music there so I was listening to Sinfonia Pop the whole evening... When both CDs were over, I was going to turn off the CD player but before that I decided to switch to the radio first. And guess what song I've heard:
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    Está callado porque está en Tailandia, vacaciones??
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    Feliz finde. Nuestro chico está muy callado, estará acabando el álbum? Esperemos.
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    Herzlich Willkommen in deutschen Thread, wir freuen uns über jeden der mit uns reden will.
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    In France, it's cold, there are " les gilets jaunes " . Fortunately, The Voice will start soon. I hope many of you will be able to follow itfrom where you are .
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    Hallo Graciosa, ich glaube wir sind uns hier in dem Forum noch nicht begegnet, schön dich kennenzulernen. Übrigens München mag ich sehr, als Kind lebte ich eine Zeit lang in Bayern und war auch später mehrmals dort.
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    Ich habe einen neuen Thread eröffnet und hoffe wir können den dann mit ein bisschen Leben füllen. Laßt uns zeigen, daß es uns noch gibt
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    Si hai ragione è sempre più accattivante, puntata dopo puntata! 😍😍
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    The dog was born dead but in the end... @miknikel
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    Questa sera, su RAI1 alle ore 21:25, andrà in onda la terza puntata de "La Compagnia Del Cigno"!
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    Hi Vivien! I'm Savannah, I'm 21 and I live in Florida, near Disney World. I love this intro. I agree with everyone else - I share so much of what you've said. Mika's world is so protective - such a nice, safe place to burrow down and stay. Mika tends to catch people like this - you just try to do a little research and he runs away with your heart ❤️ I know that's certainly how he got me! Sorry to hear that you're not doing very well at the moment but know that you'll always be supported here. This isn't just a fandom, it's a family, and a very warm one at that. I actually saw this post and recognized your handle and thought "...is that the person who just followed me on tumblr?" and it is! So we just followed each other on tumblr I'm sigynpenniman/londonmall1987/badbadmovies (I have too many tumblrs lol). I just followed you back on instagram as well lol. Welcome to the family Vivien!
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    Domani pomeriggio alle 17:35 su RAI 1, potremo vedere le scene inedite de "La Compagnia Del Cigno" in cui ha recitato Mika! http://www.spettacolinews.it/la-prima-volta-tre-nuovi-racconti-per-cristina-parodi-domenica-13-gennaio-su-rai1-20190181993.html Domenica 13 gennaio, alle 17.35 su Rai1, Cristina Parodi conduce "La prima volta" con tre racconti differenti, tre percorsi di vita: la storia di Rosetta, una mamma che dopo la perdita del marito ha cercato conforto nel cibo fino ad arrivare a pesare 150 kg perdendo la stima in se stessa e la voglia di fare qualunque cosa. Poi la sofferta decisione di sottoporsi all’intervento di chirurgia bariatrica, per riappropriarsi del proprio corpo e della propria salute. Per la Prima volta in studio si vedrà una Rosetta indossare finalmente un abito di una nuova taglia. Ospiti in studio durante questa puntata, i giovani e talentuosi musicisti protagonisti de La Compagnia del Cigno, l’ultima fiction di successo dell’autore e regista Ivan Cotroneo in onda su Rai1. I ragazzi racconteranno di questa loro Prima volta sullo schermo e insieme al regista sveleranno qualche aneddoto e retroscena divertente della popolare serie. Inoltre, si vedranno alcune immagini inedite di Mika, la star internazionale, che oltre ad aver scritto e interpretato il brano di apertura della fiction, si è cimentata nel ruolo di attore in una parte della serie. Dulcis in fundo, vedrete Emanuela Folliero, presentatrice tv amatissima dal pubblico, in una veste completamente nuova ed insolita confrontarsi ‘eroicamente’ per la Prima volta con la sua più grande fobia.
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    Well no one comes to Pakistan but I can make it to China. So I really hope it's on his schedule. It would be truly divine to see him perform live.
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    Dios nos cria y el Mika nos amontona.
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    Ottimi ascolti per le prime due puntate de "La compagnia del cigno"! Cosa ne pensate? Vi piace la nuova fiction di Cotroneo? A me molto! Talento, bravura, ragazzi che non si arrendono alle difficoltà che la vita gli riserva, sentimenti, emozioni, musica, quella con la M maiuscola, la rendono un piccolo capolavoro italiano. Nell'attesa che si palesi il BOSS, non vedo l'ora di vedere la terza puntata!
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    @Paoletta, al momento non si sa se Sound of an orchestra e It's my house saranno inclusi nel nuovo album oppure no o se lo saranno in un'edizione speciale Deluxe e neanche in quale puntata andrà in onda il cameo di Mika. Sarà una sorpresa e come sempre varrà la pena aver atteso pazientemente. Prego @Rita70!
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    Here is my review. It won’t be very long because I don’t speak French so I don’t know what they were talking about but I can say what in general was going on. We sat in The Voice audience at around 7 pm and we were taught when we suppose to applause the contestants and other organizational things. Then Kendji Girac and Claudio Capeo were singing their song Que Dieu Me Padronne. Coaches appeared around 8 pm and they sang together Fench song, sorry I don't know the title. Then the whole show has began. First performing contestant chose Mika for his coach and Mika was so surprised and happy that he hit himself in the eye area. After the performing 3 girls came to him with tissues and poultice. It was really funny to watch like people are running around him many times. The girls with the tissues, makeup ladies, someone with a fan, new water, someone to fix his hair. Seriously, no other coach had such care around himself like Mika. Don’t know whether it’s the ‘star’ thing that everyone were jumping around him like puppies? One time someone from the staff brought Mika a pill, don’t know what for, was he ill or something? About the music. Some talents were better some have been worse. It was hard to concentrate while I’ve been watching at Mika all the time. By the way, me and my friend had really good seats because whether Mika was turned or not we could see him. I remember that there was a boy who came to The Voice 4 years ago but none of the chairs turned around and now every coach pushed the button for him. There was also a blonde girl called Coco who was talking with Mika a lot, there was a lot of laugh and she also chose Mika eventually (still don’t know what they were talking about. I will probably find out when the show appears on tv and our team translate it). The new button thing. As you probably already heard there are 3 buttons on each chair assigned to each coach. Every coach can use the buttons only once on the rest coaches for the whole blind auditions or for the whole season (don’t remember exactly). Pushing the button block the coach and the contestant cannot choose him. Mika already used his button on Jennifer but he still can use two other buttons on Soprano and Julien. During one of the breaks Mika started to talk to fans on the audience a little bit and this was our chance to be noticed by him. When he was asking where other fans are coming from I shouted Poland. He was really surprised where we are coming from because most of fans were from France or Italy. He looked like... After the recording we quickly got out from the studio to wait for our Mika outside. Fortunately, there weren’t that many people yet and we stood in the first row by the railings. While we were waiting other coaches were leaving the studio. Jennifer on motorbike just waved to us. We didn’t see Julien tho. Soprano stopped for a moment and took some pics but let’s be honest everyone were waiting for Mika. Finally he came and what happened next was pure magic. I was surprised that I didn’t forget how to speak standing in front of him. From this place I would like to thank to the other fans that they let us peacefully talk with Mika. There was no shouting, screaming, everyone was waiting calmly for their turn. So THANK YOU for that, it really meant a lot to us. The rest are just beautiful memories. That’s all I can say. I hope you like it.
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    Update on Repeat of Niet: SOAO didnt make it, a song by Bob Sinclair and Robbie Williams got chosen instead